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2. Rosemary Pallot – Marion Miles. 7th in the Pachabo Cup. Alex Hogg also Ron and Lynne Heath.

Landmark Upper Restricted Pairs: 1. Howard Basden- led the team which won the Swiss Teams Western League: Dorset have won the

Promotions Smith – Marion Miles, 2. Carl Harrison –

Robert Brouard. Highfield Men’s Pairs:

Championship at the Summer Bank

Holiday Congress.

overall league with the A team finishing

3rd and the B and C teams finishing

1= Graham Boxall – Eric Todd, Robert Margaret Watson – Don Smedley 2nd. Well done to all players who have

Avon Brouard – Carl Harrison. Ladies’ Pairs: won the Bill Pratt Trophy for Mixed represented Dorset this season.

Master 1. Jane Knight – Catherine Rynd, Pairs. Amanda and John Sowter were the Other notable results: Janet Smith –

Mr P Bennett 2. Fiona Honey – June Le Blancq. runners-up. Alan Wilson, 5th in the Corwen Trophy.

Mr M Brady Guernsey results: District Individual: Diary dates: Aug 16, Second Round Allendale C (Kelly Courtney, David Gill,

Mr C Bushby 1. Robert Plumley, 2. Sylvia Lawrence- of the Two Counties. Aug 29, Final Chris Guy, Hugh Kevill-Davies, Eugene

Mr J Buxton King, 3. Ralph Laski. Island Bridge Club Round of the Summer Pairs. Sept 5, Sheehan) reached the quarter-finals of

Ms S Lawson Individual: 1.Robert Plumley, 2. Liz Final Round of the Summer Swiss. Sept the NICKO. Chris Stevens – Hilary Brain

Mr C Oakley Thompson, 3. James Fattorini. 12, India Cup. Sept 13, Final Round of won the Teams at the Cornwall Congress

Vanessa O’Callaghan Diary dates: Sept 21-30, EBU Guern- the Two Counties. Sept 19, First Round and finished 3rd in the Cheltenham Mid-

Bedfordshire sey Congress. Oct 3, Start of Guernsey of the Brigden. Sept 26, First Round of week Congress.

Regional Master Winter League (a new event). Nov 2-4, the Winter League. In the Spring Bank Holiday Congress in

Mr RE Brown Interisland weekend in Jersey. Derbyshire and Leicestershire Green- Bournemouth, Martin Brook – Helen

Mr AD Mason pointed Swiss Weekend is on Sept 29 Ackroyd reached the A Final; David

Mrs PM Smith and 30. Entry forms are on the DCBA Gill – Mike McMorran, Krzysztof

Cornwall website. All entries and enquiries to Mrs Ginda – Jacek Skora and Robin Wright –


Mr K Jani Amanda Sowter, 30 Park Grove, Derby Matthew Phillips reached the B Final;

Mr B O’Connor CONGRATULATIONS to DE22 1HD. ( 07812 369243, email Chris Stevens – Hilary Brain and Mark

Viv Mably and Richard Hooper – Jon Holland finished 5th= in

Berks. & Bucks.

Lingham, runners-up in the Swiss Pairs; Janet Smith, Harold

Regional Master the Pairs at the Cheltenham Devon Wayne, John Gardner, Margot Wilson

Mr G Brisbourne Mid-week Congress. and Ann Sharples finished 5th in the

Mr L Duff The Jo Brown Memorial Swiss Teams.

Mrs BM Hughes was won by Brian Colvin – CONGRATULATIONS In the Hampshire Green Point event,

Master Monica Gumb, from Margot Wilson, John Gardner, Janet

Mr LF Andrew

to Joe Fawcett on being

George and Sheila Norman. £165 was in the winning team at Smith, Alan Wilson came 2nd; Nick

Mrs V Astles raised for Cornwall Leukaemia Trust. the Schapiro Spring Four- Forrest, Sally Cairns and team-mates

Mrs S Bell The Shufflers (Wendy Miller, Jo somes and on reaching 3rd; and Robin Wright, Andy Kittridge,

Mr AP Cohen Bryant, Wally Heaton, Wendy Thornton) the Crockfords Final. Also to Warner Eugene Sheehan, David Gill were 7th.

Mr P Dolphin have again won the Western League, and Solomon who played in the England team Diary dates: Aug 26, Weymouth Cup,

Dr DE Freedman Jo and Wendy Miller (playing with Jan that came 3rd at the Seniors Camrose. Multi Teams, Dorchester. Sept 9, Men’s /

Mrs LA Higham and Ken Keast) won the Green-Pointed Ladies’ Pairs Championship, Christ-

The Devon Teams (WMN) was won by

Ms E Howe County Knockout, beating Rod Bell, church Bridge Club. Oct 14, Simeon

Stefan Lindfors, Jim Grant, Joe and

Mr CPD Johns Owen Prior, Stephen Crouch and Ian Cup Pairs, Allendale Bridge Club.

Gillian Fawcett, who went on to represent

Mrs CA Joss Macfarlane in the final. Devon in the Pachabo. Congratulations

Maura Manocha Pauline Deal is stepping down from to Stefan Lindfors, Alex Maddocks, Rob

Mr P Rackstraw the post of Tournament and Entries Lawy, Alex Hogg, joint winners of the


Mr D Salmon Secretary, after five very busy years

Swiss Teams at the Spring Bank Holiday

Mr K Sheppard planning of the county programme, and Congress. Phil Palmer – Jenny Flood won IN the Essex Expert Event

Mr Ilan Sirkis has had a major role in seeing that it the Open Swiss Pairs and came 4th in the for the Warboys Cup,

Mr William Smyth runs smoothly. Her efficiency and calm Seniors Swiss Pairs at the Welsh Seniors the winners were Sandy

General MT Tennant will be greatly missed. Rod Bell is also Congress. Riach – David Clark, 2nd

Mrs HJ Tennent giving way, to Chris Nichols, as Chief Well done to the winning teams in the were Yvonne Dias – Alan

Mr RK Wilkinson Tournament Director but this is a more following competitions: Devon Knock-out Greenstein, and 3rd Val

Mr KDB Williams gradual process and he will still be Teams: Lindfors. Devon Knock-out Teams Mollison – Brian Davies.

Mrs EM Wilsey running five county events this year. Plate: Quinns. Inter-Club Teams: Barn- The Essex League First Division

Cambs & Hunts The Falmouth Beach Hotel, where the staple (Marsden). East Section League: champions are: South East Essex – May

Grand Master annual Cornwall Congress has been held Div. 1: Glenday; Div. 2: Hamlyn; Div. 3: and Baker (Jill and Roger Tattersfield,

Dr N Stelmashenko for the last three years, was destroyed by Lake. South Section League: Div. 1: Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey, Ted

Life Master fire in April. It will be rebuilt but will not Walton; Div. 2: Nelson. North Section Cockle and Martin Smith); West Essex –

Mr P Barden be available for the 2013 Congress, League: Div. 1: Ritzen; Div. 2: Boxall. Waltham Foresters (Tony Verran, Stuart

Mr TR King which will be held at the Falmouth The Kevin and Ann Slee (Victor Lud- Dunstan, Remi Tatur, Phil Mattacks and

Dr JW Liebeschuetz Hotel on the dates already fixed, Friday orum) Trophy was won by Ian Walsh. Andy Barker).

Regional Master March 1st to Sunday March 3rd. Please Ann Slee, Alison Pollock, Ruth Edmond- Results of other recent Essex compe-

Mr JG Haslegrave contact the Congress Secretary, Jenny son and Brigid McElroy won the AGM titions are as follows: the Essex Jubilee

Ms SP Mealing Cant ( 01726 852182 or jennycant@hot Teams; only eight teams took part, so let’s Bridge Triathlon was won jointly by

Master for further details. hope it will be better supported next year. Graham Foster and Alan Aylott. Essex

Mr J Cairns

Diary dates: Sept 16, AGM and Indi- £1,350 was raised for the Devon Air Mixed Teams of Four: Audrey Hartley,

Mrs C Graves

vidual competition, Ladock. Sept 23, Ambulance by the DBA Simultaneous Alison Spencer, David Cooper and John

Mr IA McWhinney

Falmouth Swiss Pairs, Falmouth BC. Pairs. Thanks are due to all the clubs that Williams. Essex Pairs: 1. Tony Philpott –

Sept 30, Green-Pointed Swiss Teams, took part over the last year and to Paul Nigel Bardsley, 2. Peter Oake – Simon

Mr PA Watson

Wadebridge School. Ainsworth for all his hard work organis- Moorman, 3. Ted Cockle – John

Channel Islands

ing these events. Williams. Consolation Final: 1. Rod

Regional Master

Mrs PA Self Derbyshire Hudson – John Birch, 2. Anthony

Dorset Verran, 3. George Wilcox – Alan Cohen.

Master Eve Goblets: Ladies: 1. Sue Taylor, 2.

Mrs S Corbet

THE highest placed Derby- Margaret Curtis, 3. Winnie Godber;

Mrs VL Rose

shire pairs in the Midlands GEE Trophy: 1. Helen Men: 1. Chris Megahey, 2. Alaric Cundy

Cornwall Flitch and EMBA Plate for Ackroyd, Ann Sharples, 3= Chris Taylor and David Sherman.

Life Master Mixed Pairs were Beth Tim Dunsby, Krzysztof In the Corwen Trophy, P. Oake –

Mr RJ Mabley Wilson – Adrian Pilling in Ginda; 2. Janet Smith, S. Moorman came 6th and M. Curtis –

Regional Master 3rd place, and Jayne and Matthew Phillips, Doris Hutchinson, D. Sherman were 10th.

Mr B Relton Graham Burgess in 4th. Alex Hogg, David Gill. Udall Trophy: 1. Tim Dunsby, Robert Elliott – Sandy Riach came

Mrs EM Relton Peter Kelly, Don Smedley and John Krzysztof Ginda, Mike McMorran, David 2nd in the EBU 75th Anniversary Sim

Griffin, representing Derbyshire, ended Gill; 2. Stephanie Donner, Roy Riley, Pairs.

44 English Bridge August 2012


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