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Cup (Kent Mixed Pairs Championship), The 2012 AGM was held in June. The 1. M. Waters – D. Page, 2. M. Ladlow –

Landmark 11am, Tunbridge Wells. Oct 27-28, Swiss committee reports were heard and M.Parsons, 3. R. Hughes – D. Mellor.

Promotions Pairs/Green-pointed Swiss Teams in the

53nd Kent Congress, Tunbridge Wells.

adopted, and officers were elected as

follows: Chairman: John Wilcox; Trea-

Pairs Final: 1. M. & V. Llewellyn (Arthur

Wilson Trophy), 2. A.Green – N. Dyer,

surer: Henry Cooklin; General Secre- 3. M. Ladlow – M. Parsons. Consolation

Hants and I.O.W. tary: Robert Northage; League Secre- Pairs: 1. R. Wall – B. Smith (The Bell

Life Master Lancashire tary: Richard Smith; Fixtures Secretary: Trophy), 2. D. Burton – J. Gaunt, 3. K.

Mrs C Fearon Dick Pathan; Membership Secretary: Pat Stewart – I Ridgewell. Teams Qualifying:

Mr I Fearon Beasley (also acting Minutes Secretary). 1. M. Ladlow, M. Parsons, R. Wall, B.

Regional Master IN the Pearse McNamara

Trophy match against Cum- The guest of honour was Peter Smith. Teams Final: G. Elwick,

Mr CG Ashton Harvey, who has played bridge in D. Caldow, M. & V. Llewellyn (Dutton

bria, Lancashire won by 168

Master Leicestershire since the 1960s. Peter Trophy). Teams Consolation: 1. B. Hughes,

IMPs. The winning team

Mr R Brown entertained the meeting with remini- S. Wimbles, T. and B. Goodacre (Turner-

Mrs Filomena Navarro

was David Pendlebury, Judy

Brearley, Ewart Evans, David Briggs, scences about his experiences, and then Brumpton Cup). Other awards – Lucy

Mr MF Saunders presented trophies to the competition Osbourne Cup (Over 60s Pairs):

Mr B Thomas

Duncan and Diane Ault, Mike Cragg,

Barbara Heaton, John and Ros Halliwell, winners. These included: Samani Salver M. Ladlow – M. Parsons; Non-expert

Mrs JM Vinnicombe (Handicapped Teams of Four Knockout), Plate: B. and S. Keast.

Clive and Barbara Henderson, Barrie

Herefordshire and Julia Newall, Bill and Liz Wattle- won by Clarendon 1; Stanley Trophy Louth Duplicate Bridge Club mem-

Master worth, Mike Tomlinson, Des King, Brian (Butler Pairs Championship), won by bers enjoyed a bridge holiday to

Mrs JE Hardy Dormand and Angus Kirby. Tim Glover – Peter Neville; Joseph’s Bowl Warwickshire in April, and they are

Mr JH Meredith Doyle Cup: 1. Tracy Capal, Boris (Teams of Four Knockout) won by Tony hoping to make it an annual event. After

Mr AT Shadforth Ewart, Alan and Kath Nelson. Sowerby Odams, Nick Stevens, Duncan Happer, last year’s great success, Andrew Robson

Mrs EM Walker Cup: 1. Alex Wilkinson – Colin Mitchell. Jim Mason and Paul Bowyer; Butter- is returning to Louth for another

Mrs Y Wilken Madeline Berney Swiss Pairs: 1. Bill worth Trophy (for first-round losers in ‘Masterclass’ on January 15, 2013; tickets

Mrs CJ Winney Alston – Andrew Petrie. Blackburn Swiss the Joseph’s Bowl), won by Alison £12; ring Martin Sizer ( 01507 602249.

Hertfordshire Pairs: 1. Roger Smith – Lynda Yates. Nichols, Brenda Coltman, Keith Preston In the first round of the 2012-2013

Grand Master Bolton Bank Holiday Swiss Teams: 1. and Ken Vernon; Gimson Trophy (Pairs Champion Pairs League held at Lincoln

Mr DF Eddleston Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, Irving Championship) won by Jim Mason – (Eastgate) Bridge Club in June, the

Mrs QTJ Harding and Joy Blakey. Nick Stevens; Leicestershire Cup, won by result was: 1. M. Ladlow – M. Parsons,

Life Master Diary dates: Aug 4, Northern Bridge Mick Mahoney, Peter Halford, Trevor 2. M.Perry – N.Dyer, 3. A. Green –

Mr RL Shadbolt League, Round 1. Aug 5, Preston Pairs, Barrett, John Milne and Brian Marlow. J. Longmuir; fifteen pairs competed.

Mr H Silverman Preston BC, Aug 25, Northern Bridge Diary dates: Sept 16, Midland League

Mrs R Tiplady League, Round 2. Sept 3, LCBA Council, v Warwickshire (away). Sept 29-30,

Mr AH Williams Bolton BC. Sept 7-9, Bolton Congress, Green Point Swiss Pairs/Teams, Spondon. London

Bolton BC. Sept 16, LCBA Mixed Pairs, Oct 3, Stanley Trophy Round 1. Oct 14,

Regional Master

Mrs SJ Barnett Bolton BC. Sept 22, Northern Bridge Midland League v Staffs & Shrops

(home). Oct 17, Otto & Edith Bowl CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr E Cirket League, Round 3. Sept 29, Pendle Witch David Bakhshi, David

Pairs, Brierfield BC. Mixed Pairs, County BC. Oct 28, Pairs

Master Gold and Tom Townsend

League Round 1. Oct 31, Stanley Trophy

Mr JA Charters for coming 4th in the

Round 2.

Mr David Ellam

Mr D Evans

Leicestershire Open Series at the Euro-

pean Teams in Dublin. Well done also

Mr C Haywood Lincolnshire David Gold and Andrew Robson who

Mr RC Keech

CONGRATULATIONS won the Crockfords Cup and were

Miss M McAvoy

to Susan Stockdale SCUNTHORPE Bridge runners-up in the Spring Foursomes; also

Mrs F Stoker

and team-mates on Club members were sad to Tom Townsend, Bernard Teltscher,

Mr Phil Taylor

win ning gold at the to learn of the death of John Matheson and Willie Coyle, losing

Mrs L Weston

Euro pean Women’s Len Middleton in March. semi-finalists at the Spring Fours, and to

Isle Of Man Teams in Dublin. He was an enthusiastic Tom Townsend, David Bakhshi, Nick

Regional Master The Barkby Bridge Club in Leicester- club member, and a valued former com- Irens and Espen Erichsen, runners-up in

Mrs AG Kissack shire has now unfortunately closed mittee member. Crockfords. At the Spring Congress,

Mr JF Kissack because of lack of players. The Club has The County Championships were held David Gold won the Pairs A Final with

Master successfully run an Annual Charity Swiss in April at the excellent venue of the Rob Cliffe and Millie Jones 3rd, while

Mrs YM Bain Teams raising thousands for local Festival Hall, Market Rasen; regrettably Nick Boss – Richard Johnson were 3rd

Kent charities and next year will be the 25th this did not reverse the trend of falling in the B Final and Simon Pollack won

Grand Master and last event. attendances. Results – Pairs Qualifying: the Swiss Pairs with Roland Gronau –

Mr J Amor David Wing 3rd. In the Swiss Teams,

Life Master Helen Erichsen, Fiona Huthchison, Guy

Mrs N Adamson Hart, Heather Bakhshi were 1st=. The

Miss FAL Connell YCBC team of Anne Rosen, Heather

Mr E Richart Dhondy, Anthony Golding, Francis

Regional Master Morton, Chris Duckworth, Brian

Mrs CJ Whyman Callaghan, David Burn, Rob Cliffe won

Master the Garden Cities Regional Semi-final. In

Mr D Andrews the Jersey Swiss Pairs, Alan and Olivia

Mr A Kinchin Woo were 1st with Mike Fletcher 2nd. In

Mr RS Lambert County Swiss Teams, Marc Smith won in

Mrs H McNeil Hants and Alex Hydes won in Kent, with

Mr M Mortimer Tim Chanter, Helen Wildsmith, Mandie

Mr N Roach Campbell, Benjy Hackenbroch 3rd.

Mr Terry Smith County results: Garden Cities Heat:

Lancashire 1. YCBC. Café Bridge: 1. Jan Malcolm –

Life Master Theresa Smith. Fox Shammon Trophy:

Photo: Chris Duckworth

Mrs JM Brearley 1. Mark Davies – Julia Holland. London

Mr JB Brelsford Trophy: 1. CMC Cameron McKenna;

Mr BC Irlam Della-Porta Plate: 1. HM Treasury. Full

Regional Master Chris Duckworth (rght) and James Smith of London MBA hand over a cheque

results can be seen at the LMBA website.

Mrs L Hepworth (for £635) from the Café Bridge event to Rachel Corry of Age UK Wandsworth.

Diary dates: Sept 6, AGM, YCBC,

7.00pm. Sept 18, Café Bridge in Clap-

46 English Bridge August 2012


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