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Director Please! by Mike Swanson

Unlucky at Cards . . .

‘OH JOHN, how could you manage to the end of the auction. There are no instead. If East gains the lead while the five

revoke yet again!’ said Julie. bidding restrictions (Law 24).’ of spades is still exposed, there are no lead

‘I know but at least I was lucky, there ‘Do I now have to bid 2t?’ asked John. penalties, but any information gained

was only a one-trick penalty and we ended ‘No, you can bid what you like, but any through seeing it is unauthorised (Law 50

up with a normal score,’ pleaded John. information gained from seeing your t2 B & C).’

‘Well, all I ask is that you manage to is unauthorised for Julie,’ replied the John took the first trick in hand with the

follow suit from now on and then perhaps Director. jack of spades and ran the queen of hearts

it will be the opponents who make the John started to wonder whether bidding round to East’s king. East now played

next mistake,’ replied Julie hopefully. 2t was the right thing after all and so another round of spades and West, slightly

decided to try 1´ instead, without giving confused by all that the Director had said,

any thought to what he would bid next if decided to play his five of spades (he could

Love All. Dealer North. Julie rebid 2™. Fortunately for him Julie have played the ace of spades instead if he

´ Q2 bid 2®, over which he was able to try 2NT, had wanted), which fortuitously for the

™ A J 10 6 4 raised to 3NT by Julie. defence was the winning play. John now

t 87 Despite John having bid spades, West tried a heart to his eight of hearts and took

® AQJ7 decided to start with the ten of spades; the losing club finesse. Now another spade

´ A 10 9 5 ´ 764 unfortunately, as he pulled it out from his from East gave the defence two spade

™ 9 N ™ K7532 hand, the five of spades dropped to the tricks and the ace of diamonds to defeat


t AJ654 S t 3 table as well, much to the delight of John the contract.

® 10 9 4 ® K652 who was so pleased that someone else was ‘How ironic that an infraction by our

´ KJ83 at fault for once. opponents would ultimately lead to you

™ Q8 The Director was called and informed going down in your contract. Your luck at

t K Q 10 9 2 them: ‘The ten of spades is the played card cards seems to be deserting you,’ observed

® 83 and the five of spades becomes a minor Julie.

penalty card which does not have to be ‘Well you know what they say, unlucky

played at the first legal opportunity; how- at cards . . .’ said John hopefully, but

West North East South ever, West must play it before any other looking across the table at Julie’s expres-

Julie John spades below the rank of an honour, but sion he could see that at the moment he

1™ Pass 1´ he is entitled to lead spade honour cards was fighting a lost cause. r

Pass 2® Pass 2NT

Pass 3NT All Pass

After Julie had opened 1™, John dithered


over whether to respond 1´ or 2t and, CONGRATULATIONS TO Scotland on winning the Lady Milne. The team (photo below)

still being in a state over his previous were Sheila Adamson – Anne Symons, Liz McGowan – Sam Punch, Fiona

error, when he decided upon 2t he pulled McQuaker – Yvonne Wiseman;

out his t2 playing card and put it on the NPC: Brian Short.

table. The final table reads:

‘You can’t lead, we are in the middle of 1. Scotland 194 VPs

the auction,’ said West. 2. Wales 96 VPs

‘I haven’t, I have bid,’ replied John 3. Ireland 71 VPs

before looking down at the table and 4. England 69 VPs

realising what he had done. 5. Northern Ireland 65 VPs

The Director was soon at the table and 6. WBU 38 VPs

couldn’t help but smile. ‘I thought I had England was represented by

seen everything but yet again John has Gillian Fawcett – Jane Moore,

surprised me. The t2 becomes a major Frances Liew – Belinda Bridgen,

penalty card but if John becomes declarer Nicole Cook – Christine Duckworth; NPC: Sally Brock.

or dummy, it is restored to John’s hand at June 2012 English Bridge 13


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