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The EBU and

Charity Registration

Sally Bugden, Chairman

SINCE 2008 the Board of the EBU has been Registration as a charity will allow us to the Selection Committee of the EBU, it will

working to demonstrate the benefits that continue our work demonstrating the be the Selection Committee of BEL.

playing duplicate bridge can bring to its public benefit to all those who play bridge The EBU will regulate the operation of

membership and to society as a whole. It is throughout England. BEL through various procedures, processes

a wonderful game that provides enjoyment and licences established through a Memo-

to many. It also aids learning in schools and ENGLAND’S INTERNATIONAL randum of Understanding.

helps older people continue to socialise BEL will be a single member, not-for-


while taking part in a stimulating game. profit company, constituted as a Company

England’s representation in international Limited by Shares. The sole shareholder and

WHAT REGISTRATION MEANS duplicate bridge competitions is an impor- voting member will be the EBU. The EBU

TO YOU tant part of the EBU’s activities as a Board will manage BEL on behalf of the

national bridge organisation. It provides EBU and its shareholders.

As a member of the EBU you are an us with an international profile in the The Board will appoint three directors

important part of the national body that bridge world and it also brings voting from amongst its number – these will

exists to develop duplicate bridge and power within the European Bridge League include the Chairman and Treasurer. The

support the infrastructure of duplicate (EBL) and the World Bridge Federation Board will also appoint three directors

bridge-playing in England. (WBF) – this gives us a stronger voice who are independent of the Board of the

You can take advantage of playing when participating at EBL and WBF Directors of EBU. These directors will

bridge in your local club or at county or general meetings. demonstrate that they have experience in

national level, you receive English Bridge Currently the Charity Commission does matters of international representation.

and are part of the Master Point and not recognise our international representa- The Selection Committee Chairman will

National Grading Scheme framework but tion as a charitable objective but they un- always be a director of BEL.

importantly we hope you enjoy being part derstand that this activity should continue BEL will raise funds through various

of your own community of bridge playing and the following structure is within our activities and can Gift Aid surplus income

friends. The EBU’s registration as a charity application to register as a charity. to the EBU. It will have an arm’s length

will help us create larger communities of commercial relationship with us and will

bridge players throughout England. It will BRIDGE ENGLAND buy staff time, resources and support from

help us to develop beyond that which we us at a commercial rate.

have already started. We will: We will set up a company called Bridge The final decision on the EBU’s regis-

England (BEL) which will have only tration as a charity will take place at the

• be part of a charity framework

within which we can achieve more

one purpose – to fund international


Annual General Meeting in October after a

consolidated consultation with our coun-

for duplicate bridge in England; The Selection Committee will continue to ties. If you have any questions about the

• be more easily recognisable to those

who may fund projects and thus:

be elected by the EBU’s shareholders in the

same way as at present but rather than being

EBU’s charity registration, please contact us

at r

• be able to get more people to

learn to play duplicate bridge

whether they are young, in their

middle years, or older;


• be at the forefront of research in CONGRATULATIONS to Richmond Bridge Club for coming top in the list of most

benefits of playing bridge to popular clubs in England for the second consecutive year. The list is in order of player

society; 1

sessions over the year April 1st 201 – 31st March 2012, and the top ten clubs are:

• be aligned with the Charity Com- 1. Richmond 6. Bristol (down 1 place)

mission demonstrating our com- 2. Wimbledon 7. Welwyn Garden City (down 3 places)

mitment to transparency, account- 3. South Bucks 8. Tunbridge Wells (down 1 place)

ability and openness in all that we 4. Kenilworth (up 8 places from last year) 9. Deva

do; 5. West Midlands (up 1 place) 10. Bolton (down 2 places)

• have charitable purposes in line with

the Charity Commission’s promo- A more extensive list can be found on the EBU website.

tion of amateur sport and education. June 2012 English Bridge 3


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