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4. E/W Game. Dealer West. their Premier League in effect. suit. Nicolas Roussel then bid a fast-arrival

What rebid would you choose on the 5® to show no interest in a slam. Jean-

´ QJ9 ´ 10 4 West cards? In Acol a jump shift by the Christophe Quantin (North) was not

™ A N ™ QJ654 opener (such as 3® here) is forcing to game. pressed to find a spade lead from ´K-8-5-2


t AKJ854 S

t 9 It is a common mistake among inexperi- and the defenders scored the first three tricks.

® K 10 4 ® QJ963

enced players to make such a rebid just West should have rebid either 2NT or 3t.

because they hold 17 or 18 points. You can- At the other table Fantoni and Nunes fol-

West East not guarantee game on most such hands lowed an artificial sequence to 3NT and

Laffineur Roussel and should look for a game-invitational bid were somewhat fortunate to make this con-

1t 1™

3® 5® instead. Alternatively, you can rebid at the tract when spades broke 4-4 and South held

minimum level in a new suit, which partner tQ-7-2.

will rarely pass.

Next we see a deal from the final of the Here Guy Laffineur not only forced to n Awards: Part-scores (10), 3NT (6), 5® (3).

French Division Nationale, the climax of game with 3®, he did so on a three-card

5. Game All. Dealer East. days usually played as forcing to game. (It and led a club, the defenders scoring two

makes little sense to bid it on 10 or 11 points black-suit tricks.

´ A65 ´ 10 2 with no fit anywhere and no stopper in the There was actually a play for the slam, even

™ 52 N ™ A K Q 10 8 unbid suit. Such hands are poor value for after a spade lead. Can you spot it? If North

t AK7 W E t Q J 10 9 4

S their point-count and should be bid as if they holds three trumps and J-x-x-x in hearts, you

® KQJ93 ® 5

contained a couple of points fewer). can draw two rounds of trumps, finesse the

When Miklos Dumbovich rebid his dia- ™10 and discard dummy’s spade losers on

West East monds, Szots bid 4t. Not only did this agree your heart suit. A spade ruff followed by the

Szots Dumbovich diamonds, it was also Roman Key-card concession of a club trick would allow you to


Blackwood. According to the local commen- draw the last trump and enjoy the thirteenth

2® 2t

2´ 3t tator, 4NT ‘shows one key-card and that he heart. The cards did not lie in this fashion but

4t 4NT likes his hand’. West’s 5® asked for the trump it would have been good to see declarer head

5® 5™ queen, East’s 5™ showing that card and the for this chance.


™K. At the other table North made a lead-

It was not a good hand for the Blackwood directing double over 2´, which made it

Moving rapidly on, we will watch a board at sledgehammer and 6t was speedily dis- somewhat easier for East-West to stop in 5t.

the Hungarian Championships. Gabor Szots patched by a lead in the unbid spade suit.

bids 2´, fourth-suit forcing, which is nowa- Declarer simply drew trumps in three rounds n Awards: Games (10), 6t (6), 6™ (3).

6. Love All. Dealer West. Fiona Brown’s 2® was forcing to game. Tips to remember

Susan Stockdale bid her hearts, rather than

´ AQ876 ´ K raise clubs immediately, and Brown’s 3® • Play ‘fourth suit forcing’ as forc-


ing to game.

™ Q972 ™ K J 10 showed a fifth club. Stockdale agreed clubs

t Void




t KQ86 and after two cue-bids, 4NT asked for key- • Do not make a game-forcing

® K643 ® AQ985 jump shift rebid (such as 1t –

cards. 5NT showed two key-cards (the ´A

1´ – 3®) just because you hold

and ®K) plus a ‘useful void’. In this way the

17-18 points.

West East excellent small slam in clubs was reached

Stockdale Brown despite the opponents holding two aces. Well • Do not redouble a high contract

1´ 2® that you expect to make unless

2™ 3®

bid! South led the ™A and declarer could

you are happy to double any

4® 4t draw trumps, discard three diamonds and

retreat by the opponents.

4´ 4NT ruff one.

5NT 6® • Do not chicken out of bidding a

slam solely because it is possible

n Awards: 6® (10), games (6).

that there are two top losers

Our experts have produced an embarrassing- somewhere. If there was no

´ ™t®

ly moderate performance. I’d better look for space to cue-bid satisfactorily

some top-class pair who are likely to hit the Our experts score only 31/60 and I apolo- and it is likely that partner con-

bull’s-eye on our final hand. Ah, I see that the gize on their behalf. Do not expect immedi- trols the relevant suit, bid the

heavily-medalled England Women’s Team are ate international call-up if you managed to slam ‘on values’. Partner will

playing in the NEC Cup in Yokohama City. beat their total. Let’s look for some useful understand if they then cash an

One of their pairs will do nicely! bidding tips. ace-king! r June 2012 English Bridge 37


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