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English Bridge

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Without Tears

Broadfields, Bicester Road,

Aylesbury HP19 8AZ Ian Payn, TC Chairman

( 01296 317200 Fax: 01296 317220

Web site:

________________ FEEDBACK TO the extra events and Similarly, the revised timings of the mid-

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis timing changes at the forthcoming week evening events (and the introduc-

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR Brighton Congress has already been tion of early sessions) is designed to allow

( 0118 926 2602 encouraging. The combination of people to play without the prospect of

increased choice and more flexible timing arriving home in the small hours. Ideal for

Editorial Board seems to be particularly attractive to those locals, or near-locals.

Sally Bugden (Chairman),

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis who live in the South East, who can now These changes have been implemented

________________ take part without quite as much after a great deal of thought, and as a

commitment in terms response to the de-

Advertising Manager

Chris Danby at Danby Advertising

of time, travel and mands of the market

Fir Trees, Hall Road, Hainford, accommodation but (or, to put it in English,

Norwich NR10 3LXY still feel as though we think we’re doing

( / Fax 01603 898678 they’re getting a de- what the players want).

________________ cent few days of bridge Those end-of-congress

on the South Coast, at surveys that we’re all

Printing: Wyndeham Group a time of year when a asked to fill in (and

walk along the prom- sometimes do) are in-

enade during a break valuable, but there’s no

INSIDE GUIDE is a real possibility substitute for the

(mine’s a 99, with an personal touch. Even if

Charity Registration 3 n extra Flake™, please). it’s my personal touch,

Brighton News 5 n The way to remem- which is famously

Pairs Tactics 7 n ber what the extra lacking. That’s why, as

Bridge Fiction 9 n events are is easy – it’s I’ve mentioned in the

Heather’s Hints 11 n just the reverse of the last issue, I’ll be hold-

Director, Please! 13 n main format. On the ing an open meeting

ETBB News 14 n first weekend there are on each Saturday at

Traps for the Unwary 15 n two separate one-day Brighton, where you

Bridge with a Twist 17 n Swiss Teams, on the can put your views to

Teams Tactics 19 n second weekend, a me and my colleagues

Basic Cardplay 20-21 n two-day stratified as to how best improve

In a Nutshell 21 n Swiss Pairs. All these the congress, and en-

Ask Jeremy 23 n start at noon, so you sure that it remains the

Stage Two Conventions NEW 24-25 n can even attend the Expert Seminars flagship event of the EBU calendar. Mind

Caption Competition 25 n beforehand, and finish mid-evening, you, my so-called colleagues are proving

Prize Leads Quiz Answers 26 n giving plenty of time for a relaxed evening to be a bit thin on the ground at the

Prize Leads Quiz Questions 27 n meal, or simply to go home if you’re moment. They’re all up for it until I tell

Ask Heather 28 n commuting. them that it’s at 9.45 in the morning, at

EBU News and Diary 29-30 n I’d have thought that these events would which point they start mumbling excuses

Bidding Quiz Test Hands 31 n be attractive to relative newcomers to the and looking the other way. Rest assured,

Letters to the Editor 33-34 n game, as well. You can be part of a major though, come August I will have sorted

Club Bidding Quiz Answers 35 n tournament without being in quite the that one out. If blackmail doesn’t work,

Bidding Quiz Answers 36-37 n hothouse atmosphere of the main I’m sure begging will. It always has before.

The Debate 38-39 n competitions. I hope to see you there. r

Better Defending 40-41 n

Top Table 41 n


Around and About 44-45 n

County News 47-52 n Instruction EBU News Features Laws & Ethics Reports

Local Master Promotions

Bridge People




n n n n n n June 2012 English Bridge 5


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