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The Swiss Pairs, which includes the Pairs by Ben Green – John Holland, and Division winners were Keith Williamson, with Joyce Skelton, in the County

AGM, will be held at the Peace the Jaguar Swiss Teams by Roger Bryant, Pat Davies, Valerie Austwick, Kathy Championship Pairs, David Thomas –

Memorial Hall, Ashtead, on Sunday July David Kenward, Adam and Paul Jones. Hodgson, Chris Dixon, Keith Sharp; in Jimmy Ledger finishing as runners-up.

15 at 2pm. Ashtead is one of the venues A Swiss Pairs competition for novices 2nd place was James Dunlop’s squad. Georgina and Ian Lineker won the

we are considering for next year’s was held recently. Congratulations to Second Division winners were Chris Starr, Veteran’s Pairs. Sue Evans – Dennis

events, so feedback would be useful Alan and Vicky Greggs from Northfield Reg Thorpe, Peter Edwards, Peter Chap- Loynes won the Phillipps Heats and we

Entries via the website or to Frances BC who won North-South and to pell, Chris Booth, Mo Turner; runners- will report on the final being resolved

Trebble ( 01252 679883. Hilary Lord – Val Young from Stratford up were Cooper. Third Division winners this coming weekend.

BC who won East-West. were Don Hodgson, Rod Johnston, Finally, Worcester A won the Ron

Sussex A varied programme of events for Mike Cripp, Jo Seddon, Helen Holden, Allen Cup, which is the Garden Cities

players of all levels is incorporated in Pat Lewis; 2nd were Wright. Qualifier, and we wish them luck in the the West Midlands BC Congress to be The Wiltshire Knockout events have Regional Finals.

134 PAIRS took part in the held on June 8-10. Details on the W.M. not quite been completed, but I can The Grand Prix Teams starts again

Senior Simultaneous Pairs: 1. Website. report that the Plate competition has on July 11 – don’t miss it!

Tilly Hennings – Jack The County AGM is to be held at been won by Richard Gwyer’s team.

Woodard, 2. Joan Levine – Cov. & N.W.B.C. on Sunday June 24; The Non-Expert Teams was won by

Chris Starr, Kathryn Footner, Peter


Shirley Halmer. Sussex Indi- everyone is encouraged to attend. The

vidual: 1. Reg Underwood, Chick O’ the County (a one-session Edwards, Peter Chappell; 2nd were Ian

2. Bob Turvey. Mixed Pairs event) starts at 1.30pm; this event is free Lund, Gerry McAinsh, Anne Hall, Emma AT the EBU’s Northern

Final: 1. Neil Watts – Chris Jepson, 2. Liz of charge. The Cock O’ the County (a Jackson. Easter Festival – played at

Lancaster – Gerry Stanford. two-session event) starts at 1.45pm; the The Wilts / Avon Green-point Event York and hosted by the

Ranked Masters competition: in the charge, including tea, is £12 per pair. was very well attended but success for YCBA – Yorkshire players

Life Masters section Dave Nastaszczuk – The A.G.M. wil be at 5pm. Wiltshire players was limited to the took the first three places in the Swiss

Philip Roxburgh were 2nd and in the At the Easter Bridge Festival in teams event. Colin and Gayle Webb Pairs: James Thrower – Rob Myers,

Masters section William Bourne – Nick London, Simon Creasey – Mike Bell were the highest-placed in the Pairs, but Mark Bratley – Liz Reese, and Paul

Levine were also 2nd. Well done to all of headed a field of 148 pairs to win the prizes went to the quartet of Diana Brereton – Frank Dixon. Annette and

them. Swiss Pairs event. King, Phil Green, Norman Botton and Mike Jackson, John Kimpton and Philip

Sussex Pairs Final: 1. Andrew South- Diary dates: Thurs July 5, Seniors Richard Samter who were runners-up Mason were the winners of the Swiss

well – Ian Lancaster, 2. Dave Franklin – Teams event to include afternoon tea, in the Teams. Teams.

Gerry Standford. Championship Teams 1.30pm, W.M.B.C. July 15, Stratford The Wiltshire teams are in mid table In the Northern National Pairs, Alan

Final: 1. Mike Keeping, Matt Read, John Shakespeare Swiss Teams, 12 noon; in the Western League. Brosgill – Robin Jepson were 2nd and

Williams, David Benjamin; 2. Duncan details from And so ends a county season where David Waxman – David Fletcher 3rd.

Curtis, Andy Morris, Malcolm and more events have been held and more Patrick Trevanion – Stuart Barrett were

Karen Pryor. people played than for some years – a 2nd in the National Pairs B Final.

Spring Congress: Mixed Pairs: 1. Joy Westmorland successful season. Yorkshire Junior players Rhys Munden

Mayall – Malcolm Wright, 2nd= Simon and Laura and David Fennimore were

Fishburn – Diane Johnstone, Jill and Worcestershire members of the winning team in the

David Armstrong. Basic Bridge: 1. Barry THE AGM was held in EBU’s Harry Scully Trophy event.

Sowton – John Watling, 2. Katharine April and the trophy Sheffield A were winners of Division

and Stephen Kennedy. Welcome Pairs: winners in the Champion- THE end of the season 1 of the Yorkshire League.

1. Susan Napper – Katherine Holdbrook, ship Teams were Babs and and lots of competitions County and club event successes:

2. Bruce and Pat Barrett. Swiss Pairs: Tim Matthews, John resolved – even if many Doncaster Swiss Pairs: Dave Butler –

1. Andrew Cairns – Espen Erichsen (25 Farmer and David of them went down to Bob Brown. Waddington Shield: Sarah

VPs ahead of field), 2. Amanda Bolton – Strawbridge. Winners in the Champion- the wire! Teshome, Richard Winter, Tony McNiff,

Jeanne Boydell. Swiss Teams: 1. John ship Pairs were John Farmer – David First off, congratulations and good Bill Townsend. Seniors Knockout: David

Jackson, Leon Northeast, Yves Le Brec Strawbridge. The County Individual luck to Nick Forward, Steve Allerston, Musson, Graham Jepson, Sandy Davies,

and Peter Brown; 2. Per Lindsten, winner was Alan Farmer. The County Brett Welsh and Clive Finney, who won Tom Gisborne. Peter Littlewood Seniors

Richard Newton, Giles Faulkner and Nights Cup was awarded to Robin Rose the Closed Teams and will represent Pairs: John Kimpton – Dave Robinson.

Andy Ryder. and John MacLachlan. Worcestershire in the Pachabo. Nick and West Yorkshire Swiss Teams: Steve Haley,

The Gladys Hakki Trophy for services Congratulations to Westmorland’s Steve have also won through to the Mike Nicholson, and Paul and Hilda

to the county was awarded to Julia Master Point Trophy winners 2011, Crockfords Plate Final with Stewart Williams. Yorkshire Improvers Pairs:

Simpson for her sterling work as John Ellwood, John Morrell, Peter Fishburne, Mike Willoughby and Ian 1. Maxine and Trevor Lazenby, 2. Tanis

Secretary for many years. After five years Thornton. Thompson, so more good luck to them! Jackson – Gillian Emerson, 3. Jackie

of consistently hard work as County The Kendal Club are preparing for The County Leagues proved close, Roberts – Pauline Stout. Golf Clubs

Chairman, Jackie Clinton has been made their 50th anniversary celebrations in with the Grumpy Old Men prevailing in event: Wakefield GC (Dennis Thomp-

a Vice-president. We wish Joy Mayall, the October, where they are looking to the final match in the First Division and son, Ann Carrington, Roger and Pauline

new County Chairman, a very successful arrange various handicap competitions Split Menaces doing the same in the Parker).

term of office. culminating in a dinner event. Second Division. The Bandits have won Diary dates: June 8-10, Yorkshire

Diary dates: June 10, Novice Swiss Following up on the Northern Coun- the No Fear Division but the Third Divi- Congress, Cairn Hotel, Harrogate. June

Teams, West Sussex. June 24, Green ties EBU meeting, the Westmorland sion has yet to be decided. 13, Affiliated Clubs Teams, Tickton.

Point Swiss Pairs, Ardingly. July 15, committee is well on the way to estab- The Grand Prix Teams also produced June 14, John Gerrard Simultaneous

Venture Pairs, Henfield. July 22, Green lishing a bank of bridge teachers to build a tight finish, Unquote narrowly edging Pairs. June 15, YCBA AGM, Doncaster.

Point Swiss Teams, East Grinstead on the fine work done by Philip Wraight out the holders, Worcestershire Grant. June 17, Castle Swiss Pairs, Hudders-

Hockey Sports Centre. over the last ten years. Mike Theelke – James Taylor won the field. June 24, Malton Swiss Teams,

Diary dates: Sept 30, Open Swiss Ladder with a session to go, leaving York. June 30, Yorkshire Schools Cup,

Pairs, the Castle Green Hotel. Enquiries Stewart Fishburne – Mike Willoughby to Harrogate. July 1, Flitch, Harrogate. July


to win the race for second place. Mike 8, Waddington Cup Final, York. July 15, Theelke was also victorious, playing Newcomers Pivot Teams, Doncaster. r


Pete Nicholds and Jim

Wortley from Kent for

winning the National THE county had more June 20th is the closing date

Masters section of the teams in the League than for the submission of county reports

Ranked Masters. in previous years, which,

The Fledgling Pairs at the Coventry coupled with the fact that each division for the next issue of English Bridge.

Congress was won by Anca Kranenborg

– Janet Giles; the Binley Bowl by Prue

went to the final round of matches

before the winners were decided, meant

Please e-mail:

and Adrian Knight; the Godiva Swiss an enjoyable season all round. Premier

52 English Bridge June 2012


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