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March – April 2012

Staffs & Shrops Pamela Green Sue Goodall Yvonne Gibbons Christine Johnson Ray Ford

Mr Martin Aherne Mrs Sallie Greene Kevin Greeley Mrs Janet Giles Barbara Lister Rita Garside

Tracy Aherne Veronica Grote Mr Tony Hammond Mr B Gould Dr J Russell Lesley Gray

Mrs Diane Biddle Mrs S Harrison Mr Peter Harrison Nick Hall Mr R Sorrill Mr J Heppenstall

Mr Kenneth Davies Mrs Joan Heagin Mrs Jean Hart Mr Keith Hands Mr R West Penny Hepworth

Mrs Sylvia Hilton Margaret Highton Mrs Denise Hodd Bill Henson Worcestershire Mrs Lesley Holroyd

Mrs Anna Lis Mrs D Hiorns Rita Kay Mr David Ian Heron Mr R H Andrews Mrs Winifred Honor

Carol Marsh Mrs Elza Hollands Mrs Caroline Kemp Mrs E Jeffrey Mr Paul Brenda Roni Kessler

Mr K Howard Mrs Mary Kidman Ms Anca Kranenborg Mrs H Knapp

Mr Norman Martin Mrs Barbara Carrurthers

Mrs Angela Hughes Vicki King Sam Lam Lok Hin Isobel Lester

Mr Jim Palmer Mrs Lorraine Matthews

Ms Gail Jarrett Mr Dudley Knowles Mr Derek Liggins Mrs Dorothy Michell

Joyce Renshaw Mrs Dorothy Sealey

Mrs Barbara Jones Suzanne Malley Mr John Maginnis Michell Merlo

Mrs Pat Silk Mrs Joanne Shone

Maureen Kulik Mrs Hamako Martell Mr Michael Mcveigh Mrs Lesley Millard

Mr Martin Tinson Yorkshire

Mrs Nicole Lambourne Mrs Penny Mitchell Mr David Nicholls Mrs Eve Milling

David Wright Mr John Adshead

Mr Tony Love Boyd Pendennis Ann Rudd Mrs Santosh Minocha

Suffolk Mrs KV Lovelock Mrs Adele Percival Mr James Seddon Mrs Judith Andrews

Mrs Marjorie Newby

Dr Martin Bartlett Mr John Mansell Mrs M Petitpierre Mr Richard Simmons Mrs JE Arecco

Mrs E Nimmo

Mrs Penelope Bartlett Mr Rod Mather Mrs Barbara Pharoah Mr Barrie Stokes Mrs Valerie Askew

Anne-Marie Norman

Marian Dorey Elisabeth Mathison Mr Richard Powell Mr Chris Sutcliffe Mr M Baron

Mrs SIB North

Mr Roy Dorey Mrs Julie Minards Mrs Rosanna Stevenson Helen Thompson Mr Chris Baxter

Mr Jan Novy

Mr Gerry Ford Mrs Diane Paler Mrs Pat Tucker Mr Michael Tongue Mrs Kathleen Bell

Mrs S Binns Gordon Peckitt

Ann Good Liz Phipps Mrs Caroline Vickers Mr Stephen Yardley

Celia Bishop Mr Richard Rae

Delia Hammerton Mrs Marian Reardon Mrs Margaret Wearing Westmorland

Mrs Sylvia Broughton Mr S Rich

Mr Marcus Hopkins Robert Smith Mrs Joan Webber Mrs M Mason

Mr Stuart Brown Liz Sayner

Mrs Bette Mcwilliam Mrs Valerie Stainer Phil Whipp

Wiltshire Liz Cairns Freda Scarr

Mrs R Pemberton Mr John Startup Mrs Florence Whittaker

Mary Bryan Mrs Ann Calvert James Scarr

Mrs Eileen Sallis Anna Stokoe Mr Geoffrey Whittaker

Mrs Debbie Caiger Mrs Janet Carling Mrs Ann Shaw

Mr Ivatt Sallis Alan Windle Mrs Mary Winward

Mr David Clayton Mr B Cavill Mrs Ruth Shoesmith

Mr P Stansfield

Sussex Warwickshire Mr Graham Cogswell Mr Neil Cheetham Marion Simpson

Diane Whitley

Alan Bristow Mrs Sushi Abercrombie Mrs Joyce Court Mrs Christine Clappison Mrs Ann Spink

Surrey Ms L Brodbin Mrs Angela Adams Emmie Crozier Tina Conway Mr Richard Spink

Mr Robert Appleby Mrs Adele Brooks Mrs Sarah Andrew Ms Tilly Dale Mr Roger Cook Mr Paul Steele

Vanessa Barnato John Budleigh Mrs Jennifer Beckett Mr D Davidge Mrs MM Coverdale Margaret Steen

H Blackith Mr David Buley Ann Botting Mrs J Deacon Jean Crabtree Mrs Wendy Steen

Mrs Norma Davis Mr John Cant Linda Cartwright Mr Colin Diaper Mr Ray Crabtree Mr Bill Turner

Judy Dennis Hilde Collins Mr Bill Coling Mr Neil Dutfield Kayode Decker Mr S Usher

Mrs Doreen Edmonds Mrs Jean Dewell Lesley Cordery Mrs B Hall Mrs D Duree Mr Graham Wadeson

Mr Robin Gilbert Bill Edghill Mr Michael Drake Mr David Hewitt Mrs M Edwardson Mr J Walford

Jean Gill Brian Emmett Mr Brian Dunkley Mrs E Hutchison Dr S Edwardson Julia Waring

Mr Philip Goldenberg Mr Eric Finney Mr Ron Feather Mr Peter Jackson Mrs Janet Emmett Mrs F White

Bridge People


MAURICE COLLETT was born in 1923. It was in Grantham, where his father was in the air force, that

he lost the use of his right arm when he contracted polio at the age of two.

Maurice has been selected to be a torch bearer in the 2012 Olympic torch relay in recognition of his

work and time given to the athletic community. In 1949 he started the Kendal Athletics Club, which is

highly respected for its fell runners. He was also co-founder and Chairman of the Westmorland Schools’

Athletics Association, which enabled youngsters from a small county to compete at national level. At

the age of 41 Maurice took up orienteering; he has held the British Orienteering Champions title for

50-, 65-, 75- and 80-year-olds (he came ‘only’ second at 85!).

Maurice has played bridge for over forty years and started regular duplicate at the Kendal Bridge Club

over the last four years. He plays at least three times a week; he likes the challenge of duplicate and the

social aspect of belonging to the club.

Maurice has spent most of his working life as a teacher. He was a headteacher of a school in the

Bahamas, then came back to Kendal where he taught mathematics at a local secondary school for twenty-

one years. It was as a teacher taking school parties to Europe that he developed an interest in collect-

ing playing cards in the 1960s. This led to Maurice being instrumental in establishing the

International Playing Card Society following its first meeting in Kendal in 1971.

On 20th June 2012 Maurice will carry the Olympic torch in Aysgarth and the Kendal Bridge Club are intending to buy the torch

and establish it as a trophy to be awarded in Maurice’s name in recognition of his achievements.

And finally, as if this man weren’t inspirational enough, he discloses that he has been in a very successful local quiz team for the

last forty years. Not bad for an 89-year-old! (Wendy Ellwood)

54 English Bridge Juney 2012


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