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Director Please! by Mike Swanson

John Puts the Director Right

‘IT’S REALLY going well in this evening’s what Julie’s double actually means I can beat John’s two of clubs with his three of

Mixed Pairs,’ commented John. send John away from the table and Julie clubs. Then of course East was able to lead

‘Now don’t tempt fate, there’s still plenty can offer an explanation; then when John a diamond for his partner to take four

of time to forget the system! After all you returns to the table, three of you will know diamond tricks (she had not surprisingly

seem to have forgotten the real signifi- what is going on but John won’t.’ thrown two diamonds away).

cance of February 14th’ replied Julie. ‘Nothing new there then,’ said someone John was pleased to be able to call the

‘It’s not your birthday as well as the under their breath but John couldn’t work Director when for once it wasn’t his fault;

Mixed Pairs?’ said John worriedly. out who it was. however, he wasn’t smiling for long when

Julie just shook her head in despair. John left the table as the opponents felt the inexperienced club Director gave his

almost obliged to ask after all the fuss and ruling.

Julie explained that they played all doubles ‘It would seem that, whilst East has

N/S Game. Dealer East. of overcalls up to 3´ as for take-out. John revoked four times, it is only the first

´ K 10 6 2 then returned and the bidding continued. revoke that is subject to penalty and, as

™ KQ6 John tried his heart suit and over Julie’s 3´ East didn’t win the revoke trick it is just a

t 86 he agonised an age before bidding 3NT. one trick penalty.’

® KQ54 Julie wanted to try 4® over John’s 3NT John remained calm, but said firmly:

´ 3 ´ J9875 but she was worried that he might pass ‘Since I would have made all thirteen

™ J9 N ™ 10 8 7 5 and also she felt that his slow 3NT had tricks without the revoke (East being unable


t KQJ5432 S t 10 9 7 told her that it probably wasn’t the right to guard both majors when the clubs are

® 10 9 8 ® 3 contract and she didn’t want to take run), perhaps you could consider Law 64C

´ AQ4 advantage of what undoubtedly was un- as it is your duty to restore equity when

™ A432 authorised information. the prescribed penalty does not at least

t A When West led the king of diamonds achieve it.’

® AJ762 John could see that they weren’t really ‘Ah yes, I hadn’t noticed that bit as it is

high enough but at least he thought they on the next page. You are right, John, in

would beat those who were languishing in that case I shall adjust the score to +720.’

West North East South 5®. After taking his ace of diamonds he ‘I knew all these calls for the Director

Julie John decided to cash his club tricks: he didn’t would come to your aid one day; a shame

Pass 1® really register that East had thrown a it has taken so long,’ observed Julie with a

3t Dble Pass 3™ spade on the first round of clubs; East wry smile.

Pass 3´ Pass 3NT then threw hearts on the next three John just sat there agonising about the

All Pass rounds but on the fifth round East significance of the date but all that came

suddenly noticed a club lurking in with his to mind was something to do with Al

When Julie doubled West’s 3t, John spades and sheepishly apologised as he Capone. r

turned to the opponents and said: ‘I am

not really sure whether I should alert

partner’s double or not.’ BRIDGE ENGLAND SIM PAIRS

‘What do you mean?’ asked East.

THE 2012 Bridge England Simultaneous Pairs will take place on

‘Well, I know we play doubles of jump

February 7th and 8th in clubs all around the country.

overcalls for take-out, but this is a pre-

Green points will be awarded and participants will receive a booklet containing

emptive jump and I just can’t remember

commentary from the country’s leading players – and lots of top tips! Sally Brock,

whether the double is for take-out or Michael Byrne, Heather Dhondy, Tony Forrester, Paul Hackett, Sandra Landy,

penalties.’ (Note: This information was un- Andrew Robson, Nevena Senior and Tom Townsend are among the contributors.

authorised to Julie and John should not have The money raised will be used to help fund our Camrose and Lady Milne

made any comment.) teams, as well as provide essential training and practice for England’s national

The Director was called to the table: ‘It teams in the run up to the 2012 European Championships.

would seem that John and Julie have an Support your national teams – get your club to hold a heat and put February 7th

agreement but John just can’t remember and 8th 2012 in your diary now!

what it is. If East-West would like to know February 2012 English Bridge 11


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