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English Bridge

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Broadfields, Bicester Road,

Aylesbury HP19 8AZ Sally Bugden, Chairman

( 01296 317200 Fax: 01296 317220

Web site:

________________ I WAS DELIGHTED to be able to attend working together to provide information

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis the inaugural meeting of the newly elected to clubs that are interested in taking part

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR National Club Committee on the 29th so please make contact via the NCC

( 0118 926 2602 November last year. We are all very proud section of our website. Krys will also be

to have come so far since 2005 when there working closely with John Pain and Lisa

Editorial Board was no club representation at national Miller in the education department to

Sally Bugden (Chairman),

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis level. You will remember that our first club ensure that clubs get the very best out of

________________ committee members were appointed in this project.

2008 to help us through the implementa- I would like to thank all those clubs that

Advertising Manager

Chris Danby at Danby Advertising

tion of universal membership, and I thank have taken part in the test run we did in

Fir Trees, Hall Road, Hainford, them all for the extraordinary contribu- December for the EBU run Simultaneous

Norwich NR10 3LXY tions they made during that period. And Pairs – we had some really productive

( / Fax 01603 898678 today, you all have the right to elect your feedback. There is another free test run

________________ Club Committee representatives yourselves taking place on Monday 27th February.

via your counties. But enough of the From April 2012 the cost of the Sim Pairs

Printing: St Ives Web Limited background – I am writing this editorial will be greatly reduced at just £2.50 per

in response to the request from your five player for the purely electronic service. If

regional club representatives. clubs wish to have hard copy booklets of

INSIDE GUIDE How is your club doing? Is it successful? all the hands to distribute to their mem-

Could it do with some new members? If so bers, this will cost £8 per pack of twenty.

Pairs Tactics 5 n the Club Teacher initiative can deliver For further information and to book your

Bridge Fiction 7 n these new members into your club ses- club in to any of the Sim Pairs events from

Heather’s Hints 9 n sions. We set up this initiative in April April 2012 onwards, please ring Krys at

Director, Please! 11 n 2010 to demonstrate our support for our Aylesbury on 01296 317206.

Traps for the Unwary 13 n clubs – providing free teaching and Another exciting development that I am

Premier League 2011 15 n recruitment ideas to help clubs gain very proud to announce to you is the

Defensive Bidding 16-17 n members, who in turn are members of the National Grading Scheme which will be

Club Bidding Quiz Test Hands 17 n EBU and who in turn contribute to the going live within the next few months. We

Bridge with a Twist 19 n development of bridge in England, and so have an extensive article written by Barrie

Teams Tactics 21 n it comes full circle. We review our activ- Partridge on page 30 of this magazine.

Gold Cup 2011 23 n

ities and projects regularly, taking into Barrie is part of the dedicated team of

account the feedback and comments we volunteers that has delivered this service

Christmas Quiz Answers 24-25 n

receive from those who have already taken which will truly enhance so much of our

Ask Jeremy 27 n

part. And we’ve remained true to our bridge playing. For all the detail and the

EBU News and Diary 28-30 n

word. To make it easier for our clubs and lowdown on what it means to you, please

Bidding Quiz Test Hands 31 n their teachers, from here on in we have read Barrie’s article and the explanation in

Letters to the Editor 33 n streamlined the administration, effectively the inset on the same page. Once again we

Prize Leads Quiz Answers 34 n dealing directly with clubs and making it have benefitted from the extraordinary

Prize Leads Quiz Questions 35 n much easier for them to manage their skills of a group of people who are willing

Around and About 36-37 n students’ membership and leaving the to give freely for the good of all. We are a

Bidding Quiz Answers 38-39 n teachers to teach. We are also really truly lucky organisation to be served by

The Debate 40-41 n pleased that Krys Kazmierczak and all the such dedicated individuals.

Better Defending 42-43 n regional club representatives will be Until next time, enjoy your bridge. r

In a Nutshell 43 n

Club Bidding Quiz Answers 44 n


County News 45-50 n

Local Master Promotions 51-52 n Instruction EBU News Features Laws & Ethics Reports

Bridge History

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