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Richard Edwards were first E/W. Torquay Bridge Club. He will be sadly Flitch winners were Chris and Sue

Cumbria Diary dates: Mar 10-11, Green Point missed; our thoughts are with Joy and Taylor.

Weekend at the Rothley Centre, his family. Diary dates: Feb 19, Helliar Trophy. Leicester. Mar 21, Final Round of Diary dates: Sun Feb 26, Devon Mixed Mar 16, Essex Spring Seniors. Mar 23,

TWO new events were held in the Winter League. Mar 28, Final Round of Pairs final; contact J. Keith ( 01404 812 Gwen Herga Trophies.

county recently. The Multiple Teams of Eric White and Winter Plate. 2011. Mar 2-4, North Devon Weekend;

Four event was won by Ken and see

Christine Johnston, Rosemary Jackson Gloucestershire

and Marjorie Swan. A very close 2nd



were Peter Boardman, Glenda Lloyd,

John MacLachlan and Bruce Denwood, THE first half of the

TORQUAY Bridge Club County Leagues finished

a single VP adrift. held another successful Knight Cup Qualifier at

The inaugural Simple Systems Pairs with Kambites, Chamb-

Congress at the Palace Weymouth: 1. Bob erlain, Butland, Denning

event proved to be very popular. The Hotel; thanks to Joy Mott – Ann Sharples,

winners were Marian Greenhow – and McIntosh winning

Murray Brown and 2. Hilary Cox – Joan Div. 1; Simons, Phair, Croot, Downes

Carole Nichol with Rosemary Jackson – Chris and Joan Ley for organising the Meech, 3. Clive Russell – Avis Robertson.

Marjorie Swan runners-up. and Edmundson winning Div. 2; and

event; also to Chris Sumners, hotel Knight Cup Qualifier at Christchurch: Lewis, Green, Smith, Councer, Ferguson

Diary dates: Feb 26, Championship general manager, for providing an 1. Tim Dunsby – Krzysztof Ginda,

Pairs, Eden Bridge Club, Carlisle. Mar and Cope winning Div. 3. The winners

excellent venue and a major prize for 2. Lynne and Ron Heath, 3. Roy Riley – of Divisions 2 and 3 get promoted for

16-18, Cumbria Congress, Windermere the Friday competition. Thank you to Stephanie Donner.

Hydro. Mar 25, Inter-Club Teams of the second half of the competition.

the directors, David and Marilyn Jones, Flemmich Cup: 1. Inga-Lill Button, The Bredon Vale Cup was won by

Eight, Barrow Bridge Club. Neil Morley and Steve Quinn. Congrat- Peter Craven, Robin Wright, Tony Law- Winchcombe A (Mary and Ken Fillmore,

ulations to the winners: Championship rence; 2. Roy Riley, Doris Hutchinson, Rolph Brooks and Chris J. Smith); 2nd,

Derbyshire Pairs: David Southcombe – David David Gill, Eugene Sheehan; 3. Helen 2 IMPs behind, were Stroud (Dave

Woulds; Swiss Teams: Warner Solomon, Ackroyd, Martin Brook, Hugh Kevill- Athey, Nigel Pitel, John Councer and Mike Fithyan, Christine and Richard Davies, Jon Holland. Angelos Agathangelou).

THE 2011 DCBA’s Invita- Ray; Prographica Printers Trophy: Tim Chope Salver: 1. Aidan Schofield – Diary dates: Mar 11, Inter-club

tion Pairs was won by John and Pat Mantle; Consolation Pairs: Sally Cairns, 2. David Berwitz – Ann Teams of Eight, open to all clubs but

Squibb – Paul Madden; David Stone – Val Pitman; Marjorie Sharples, 3. Mary Stebbing – Alan please let the Chief Tournament

runners-up were Steve Bean Cup: Rod Bell – Stephen Crouch. Wilson. Director know as soon as possible that

Cave – Derek Brooks and Mixed Pairs: Vivienne Mabley – Richard Diary dates: Feb 26, Weymouth Col- you are intending to enter. The Ace of

close behind in 3rd place Lingham; Open Pairs: Sarah Cavan – lege Trophy – Teams, Preston Bridge Clubs final is held the following Sunday:

were an ad hoc partnership of DCBA Rosemary Miller. Club. Mar 1st, Garden Cities Qualifier – a qualifying round is played in many

Committee members Ron McEwan and Congratulations to Jette and Alan Teams of Eight, Christchurch Bridge clubs but if you want to organise one at

Mary Marshall. Bailey (with Eric Cummings and Club. Mar 18, Hardwick Cup – Swiss your club, it is very straightforward and

Ron McEwan and three friends from Gordon Mcbride) who won the Swiss Teams, Christchurch Bridge Club. Mar again the Chief Tournament Director

Yorkshire finished 3rd out of 65 in the Teams at the EBU Senior Congress. 25, Portland Pairs – Green Point Sim will be very happy to help you. All

Teams of Four Championship in the EBU The Plymouth Congress was held at Pairs, Christchurch Bridge Club. entrants in the final must be below the

Seniors Congress. the Future Inn, an excellent venue. EBU National Master Rank.

The Winter League, the Brigden and Congratulations to Sheila Foote – Joan Finally, the only mid-week event held

the Winter Plate are well under way. It is Strong who won the separate Novice


by GCBA is the Rank Xerox Teams of

worth reminding team captains of their Event; Championship Pairs winners were Eight competition. This will be held on

responsibility to notify the opposing Ann Slee and Peter Bowles; first in the WINNERS of recent Essex Wed Mar 28. This again is open to all

captain as soon as they know that they Swiss Teams were Ann Slee, Richard events: Fletcher Trophy: clubs and there can be only a maximum

cannot field a team. The competition Lingham, Brigid McElroy and Ruth Chelmsford BC (Martin of two players in the team of eight who

secretary must be kept informed of re- Edmondson. Thanks to Bob Blackmore Smith, Jon Williams, Val are National Masters or above.

arranged matches. for directing and the West Section for Mollison, George and

It was good to see members from all organising. The Swiss Pairs held at Jean Rance, Sandy Smith,

parts of the County and such a good Torquay Bridge Club was won by David Cooper, Brian Davies). Clubs Hants and IoW

mix of beginners, improvers and expert Magda Cisek – Jacek Pietrzcki. Trophy: Loughton BC (Sandra Fenton,

Michael Byrne’s visit in December

players at the EMBA Christmas party. Jackie Chesler, William, Yeung and

Good food was followed by an enter- was found to be very informative and Harish Dhawan). Tony Kelvin Trophy: CHRIS and Richard Ray

taining round of bridge. The winners in enjoyed by all who attended his 1. Paul and Val Mollison, Chris and Sue and Mike Fithyan have

the Intermediate section were Rosemary seminars. Taylor; 2. Roger and Jill Tattersfield, been riding a wave recent-

Eaton – Bob Stanwell with Carolyn and Sadly John Murray Brown passed Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey. Mixed ly. With Mike partnering

Richard Phillips in 2nd place. In the away in December; he was a long-time Pairs: 1. Bernie Hunt – Judith Moorman, Warner Solomon, they

Main section, Mick and Sheena Haytack supporter of Devon Bridge, and past 2. Linda Fleet – Simon Moor man, won the Torquay Congress Teams and

were N/S winners, and Pym Berry – chairman of the Southern Section and 3. Allan Greenstein – Yvonne Dias; then with him partnering Mike Kinsey,

they won the Llangollen Swiss Teams. So

congratulations to them, and also to Ros

LEDERER MEMORIAL TROPHY Concanon – Gordon Clarke who won the

Swiss Pairs at the Malvern Congress and to

THE prestigious Lederer Memorial the following county events winners:

Trophy is an annual event for eight Simple Systems Pairs: 1. David Dun-

invited teams from England and well – John Fairhurst, 2. June Leriche –

abroad, organised by the London Jane Walker, 3. David Heywood – Bill

Metropolitan Bridge Association.

Maddocks. Jubilee Cup Teams of 8:

The winners of the 2011 event were

the ‘Premier League’ team: in the 1. Helen Ackroyd, Martin Brook, David

photo, with Tony Priday (third from Berwitz, Roy Riley, John Gardner, Margo

Photo: Gordon Rainsford

the left) presenting the trophy, are Wilson, Janet Smith, Alan Wilson; 2. Ros-

(left to right) Espen Erichsen, Neil emary and David Spencer, Lesley Lewis,

Rosen, Martin Jones, Michael Byrne Dave Willis, Tony Page, Helen Kinloch,

and Michael Bell; Norman Selway Clare and Ian Fearon; 3. Judy and David

was also part of the team. Bungey, John Hawkins, John Foster,

Winners of the Teltscher Cup (for Ann McMahon, Evelyn Archer, Stewart

the parallel ‘Play with the Stars’ Strachan, Eleanor Rice. Bloxham Mini-

event) were: N/S, Irene and Les Swiss Teams: 1. Miles Cowling, Richard

Hough (Hurlingham Bridge Club); E/W, Danny Gesua and Sally Birnage (Hurlingham Bridge Club). Harris, John Dakin, Chris Kinloch;

2. Jeremy Baker, Dave Huggett, Steve

46 English Bridge February 2012


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