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The Random Seeded Teams was won Green-pointed Swiss Weekend: Swiss a strong field in the A final of the two-

by (unseeded pair first) Phillip Harland, Pairs on Saturday at 1pm, Swiss Teams day (106 boards over five sessions)Pairs Norfolk

Chris Phillips, Roy Hughes, Keith on Sunday at 11.30am; contact Ian Payn event at the EBU Seniors Congress held

Stewart; 2. Shirley Wimbles, Janice Hill, ( 07713 322420 or at Ian.Payn@char in early November.

John Gaunt, Debbie Burton; 3. Derek for details. Mar 25, The County Open Pairs event for the THE last 2011 Eastern

Fearn, Lawrence Chapman, Ron Wall, London Trophy Pairs, 2pm, RAC; con- Waterworth Cup was won by Julian Counties League match

Brian Smith. tact Chris Duckworth ( 020 7385 3534 Merrill – Paul Roberts; 2. Peter Hall – was against Northampton-

The Mixed and Married Pairs was or at Daniel Miller; 3. John and Pauline shire and ended in Nor-

held at Dunholme: 1. Mike Llewellyn – Rudolf. These leading three M&CBA folk being whitewashed.

Megan Williams, 2. Alan Andrews – pairs will be our representatives in the Norfolk A lost 8-12 and

Lolotte Tolbutt, 3. Josephine Pike –

Manchester Corwen Trophy. Full results are available the B and C teams both went down

Adrian Underwood. The highest-placed on our website. 0-20. Must do better this year, guys. Take inspiration from the Canaries.

married pair were Brenda and Ted Near misses: Dawn and John Herbert

Goodacre (6th) who won the Hannam MANCHESTER players were 2nd in the Swiss Pairs at the recent The last of the 2011 Trophy events

Challenge Cup. lost in the last stages of Isle of Man Congress. Stuart Matthews went to the following: Dave Newstead,

The Ghost Pairs was also played at two major events: the and Alan Stephenson were part of the Mike Walsh, Roger Amey, Mike Whiting

Dunholme: North/South: 1. Maurice Manchester Bridge Club’s foursome who were runners-up at the won the Houston Trophy; Nigel Block –

Ladlow – Mo Parsons, 2. Roy Hughes – team of Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, Llangollen Swiss Teams. Mervyn Scutter won the Orb Pacquot

Keith Stewart; East/West: 1. Phillip Michael Byrne and Michael Newman Well done to David Stevenson, Liz Trophy, and Mike and Barbara Harnden

Harland – Debbie Thomas, 2. David lost in the final of the NICKO to Commins, John and Pauline Rudolf won the Barclays Bank Trophy.

Stoddart – Sue York. Coventry. John Hassett’s team (Jeff who travelled to the Donegal Congress in Diary dates: Feb 12, Committee Cup,

The Champion Pairs League has now Morris, John Holland and Bill Hirst) lost early November and were rewarded with club teams of eight, Roundwood. Mar 4,

completed the sixth round, and the their Gold Cup quarter-final against the the Championship Teams title. Barbara Dick-Cleland/Buxton Trophy,

overall current leaders are: 1. David formidable Allfrey team; Hassett was 1 Diary dates: Feb 12, Merseyside & Costessey Centre. Mar 11, North Wal-

Pettengell – Paul Wokes, 2. Al Brown – IMP down at half time having won three Deeside Cup, MBC. Feb 19, Jean Keen sham Swiss Teams, Bawburgh.

Stuart Knox, 3. Mike Perry – Nick Dyer. out of the first four sets. Trophy, MBC. Mar 11, Eric Howarth GP If you haven’t done so already, start

Four rounds to go – all to play for! Lederer Memorial Trophy: well done to Swiss Teams, Deva BC. Mar 18, National planning for the Norfolk Congress, at

Diary dates: Feb 12, Bainton Final. Michael Byrne – Mike Bell who were in Pairs Area Final. Apr 15, Charity Teams, the Duke’s Head, King’s Lynn, March 30

Mar 4, Garden Cities Heat (pre-entry the winning team of six in the major MBC. Apr 22, Preece Rosebowl Blundell- to April 1st – not an event to miss.

required). Remember to check the invitational tournament of the year. sands BC (Note: this event requires pre-

Tollemache: Manchester won their entry).

county website for more details or last North East

minute changes. A Happy New Year to group to qualify for the final in February.

bridge players everywhere! The team was Michael Byrne, Michael

Newman, Gary Hyett, Rodney Lighton, Middlesex

PETER Mollart – John

John Hassett, Jeff Morris, Bill Hirst and

London Halliwell won the

Bernard Goldenfield. Rhona Goldenfield

CONGRATULATIONS to Saturday Swiss Pairs at did an excellent job as non-playing

Neil Rosen – Martin Jones the NEBA Congress

captain. held in November, and

CONGRATULATIONS to Ben Franks Trophy: Congratulations for winning the presti-

Andy Bowles, 2011 Gold gious Lederer Trophy; then playing with Ian

to Eddie Thornton-Chan – Ben Beever, Rankin – Mike Stanbury they also won

Cup winner (photo on next winners of the Corwen qualifier. Second Nevena Senior was in the

page) and Andrew Robson team that came 2nd. the Swiss Teams on the Sunday. The

were Michael Byrne – Michael Newman, winners in the Congress Pairs events

and David Gold, losing with John Hassett – Jeff Morris 3rd and Martin was also a mem-

finalists. Also to Andrew and David for ber of the team that won held on the Friday were: Women’s Pairs:

Raymond Semp – Ken Hassell 4th. All of Sue and Ann Caygill; Mixed Pairs:

winning Division 1 of the Premier League, them qualify for the Corwen final. the NICKO. Also well done to Alexander

and to David Ewart and Gunnar Allfrey who was a runner-up in the BGB Rosemary and Norman Gray; Men’s

Channel Trophy, Holland: The English Pairs: Niall Keaney – John Portwood.

Hallberg, winners, and Andy Bowles, Girl’s team finished 2nd in their event. Gold Cup.

2nd, in Division 2; and to Espen Erichsen Congratulations to the Middlesex The Cramlington Swiss Teams, also

Well done to the Manchester contingent held in November, was won by Frank

for winning the Lederer Memorial Trophy. of Sinead Bird, Sarah O’Connor and Tollemache team (Nevena Senior, Heather

Well done to all the following who did and Jeremy Dhondy, Nicola Smith, Neil and Janet Springett, Brenda Osborne

Lavinia Constantin. and Mike Stanbury. The NEBA Team of

well in the Autumn Congress: in the Two Santa Claus Pairs: Manchester Bridge Rosen, Martin Jones, Tony Waterlow,

Stars Final David Bakhshi, first, and Ian Panto, Nick Sandqvist and Fredrik John Atthey, Val and Julian Gibson,

Club’s popular Christmas event was won Damian Hassan, Martin Kane, Bill

David Ould, 2nd; in the Satellite Pairs for the second successive year by Bernard Bjornlund) who finished top of their

David Gold, first, Rob Cliffe, 3rd, Ryan group to qualify for the final. Good luck March, Chris and Clive Owen, Steve Ray

and Rhona Goldenfield. Runners-up and Dave Roberts continued their

Stephenson – Liz Clery 4th; in the were Rose Davenport – Ray Hill. to them in the final.

Eastbourne Bowl Ryan Stephenson, Liz Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior and splendid run of form by again qualify-

Diary dates: Sun Feb 26, Cantor Cup ing for the Tollemache final.

Clery, Andrew Clery, Ken Barnett, 3rd; in (Newcomers), Manchester Bridge Club, Nicola Smith were all part of the

the Sussex Cup Mike and Carrie Eden, Special mention should be made of

1pm. Sat Mar 10, Green Pointed Pairs, St English Ladies team that won a silver

2nd and Martin Baker, 3rd. John Atthey’s achievement in being

Peter’s Assembly Rooms (Altrincham medal at the World Mind Games invita-

promoted to the rank of Grand Master

Other results: Lederer Memorial Bridge Club), 11am. tional event.

at the age of 26.

Trophy (photo on page 46): 1. Premier In the Autumn Congress, Catherine

League (Espen Erichsen, Norman Selway, Seale won the Satellite Pairs Final.


Michael Byrne, Mike Bell, Neil Rosen, In the county, Derek and Celia Oram Nottinghamshire

Martin Jones); 2. Spring Fours (Sandra won the Middlesex Congress Swiss Pairs.

Penfold, Nevena Senior, Stefan Skorchev,

THE County ‘A’ team The Swiss Teams were won by Nigel

Rumen Trendafilov). Teltscher Cups: N/S: are to be congratulated Wolfendale, Sandra Belcher, Steve Gore IN the County match against Oxford-

Les and Irene Hough; E/W: Danny for an excellent perfor- and Geoff Fogg. Well done to Rosella shire, the first and second teams lost 3-17

Gesua – Sally Birnage (Roehampton) mance in the final and Lester Emanuel, and Elsa and Ray and 5-15, while the third team drew. In

Junior Teams of Four: 1. Alex Roberts, round of the Northern Martin who won the Middlesex Ranked the County match against Warwickshire,

Shivam Shah, Frederick Illingworth, Counties League, easily winning on the Masters Teams. the first team drew, but the second and

Christopher Huber; 2. Chris Derrick, day and topping their division for the Diary dates: Feb 5, Ladies’ Pairs, third teams lost 5-15 and 8-12 respect-

Will Roper, Arthur Wolstenholme, season overall by a huge 15 VPs. They Pinner Bridge Club, 2pm. Mar 4, No ively.

Angus Tayler. Under-19 Pairs: 1. Michael will represent the Northern Counties in Fear Pairs, Pinner Bridge Club, 2pm. The Anniversary Teams was won by

Alishaw – Sam Behrens, 2. Daniel the National Counties League finals in Throughout February and March there Dave Pettengell, Paul Wokes, Mike Grant

Arwas – Toby Nonnenmacher. July. Sadly they could not reproduce are numerous qualifying heats for the and John Brocklehurst for Lincolnshire,

Diary dates: Feb 26, London Cham- that form in the Tollemache qualifier, National Pairs, the Middlesex Mixed with David and Joan Burgess, Carol

pionship Pairs, 1pm, YCBC; contact finishing 4th in their nine-team group. Pairs and the Middlesex Championship Fisher and Martin Mellor 2nd.

Nigel Freake ( 020 8801 2884 or at Congratulations to John Hampson – Pairs. The county website has an ex- Diary dates: On Wednesdays the Mar 10-11, Julian Merrill who finished at the top of tensive competitions calendar. Spring Event series continues through-

48 English Bridge February 2012


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