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n AUGUST 2011

12-21 Brighton Summer Meeting

Hilton Metropole Hotel


15-18 Brighton Seniors Congress

Hilton Metropole Hotel TEAMS

15-17 Really Easy Congress PAIRS SEPTEMBER 3-4, 2011

EBU members who played

Hilton Metropole Hotel more than 150 club Pay-to-

16-18 Next Step Congress THIS tournament will Play sessions in the year 1

Hilton Metropole Hotel

‘THIS really is a fabulous event

have some changes. The April 2010 – 31 March 11 have

26-28 Junior Teach-in Weekend main ones are highlighted

and I would encourage all

Loughborough women bridge players, whatev- received a rebate. These

below. Full details in the

er your standard, to form a rebates are being held as cred-

n SEPTEMBER 2011 EBU diary or on the EBU

its on their EBU membership

3-4 National Women's Teams website. team and give it a go this year.

West Midlands Bridge Club, • New format for 2012 The new venue, the West account. Members can check

Solihull • Player entry fees for Midlands Bridge Club, will be a their account and amount of

10-11 Bedford Congress club heats reduced any rebate by logging into

great location, with hotels only

Milton Keynes

12-13 EBU Sims • Players in heats need a short way away (see entry their member area on the EBU

Affliated Clubs not be EBU members details at the bottom of page website

16-25 Guernsey Congress & (but if they want to 28).’ So says June Booty-Taplin, bers_1.1b_beta/

Seniors Congress take up a qualifying Rebates can be used against

Guernsey Tournament Director, National

position in the regional Competition Entries or to

24-25 Surrey GP Weekend

final on 18 March 2012

Women’s Teams 2010.

Pairs Sat, Teams Sun ‘I was very fortunate to be purchase items from the EBU

24-25 Premier League then they must be)

directing this event last year, it Bridge Shop. Rebates over

Richmond Bridge Club • Green Points are

24-25 Derby GP Weekend awarded at all stages was a super weekend. The £5.00 can also be claimed as a

Pairs Sat, Teams Sun • There will be two ambience was amazing. Every- cheque or money transferred

25 Cornwall ODGP teams directly to a bank account if

25 Westmorland ODGP Pairs

national 50-pair finals one was extremely courteous

Castle Green Hotel, Kendal held at Hinckley Island and I often heard laughter, members provide the EBU

25 Herts ODGP teams Hotel on 15-16 April although I never did discover with their bank details:

30-2 Oct West of England Congress 2012. The first final is whether this arose because of account number, sort code and

Weston-super-Mare open to the top 50

general chit chat or when name the account is held in.

qualifiers. The second,

n OCTOBER 2011 new one is restricted to

declarers saw their dummies! To claim a rebate, please con-

1-2 Premier League ‘The format of the event tact Clare Dumbarton at

tba pairs with, at most, one

enhanced the weekend, allow- or

1-2 Great Northern Swiss Pairs life master (and no

Hilton Leeds City Hotel higher ranked player) ing for some very intensive ( 01296 317225.

1-2 Felixstowe Congress and no player in the bridge for those experienced

7-9 Isle of Man Congress top 60 of the Gold players who were performing at

The Villa Marina, Douglas

Point list. their best, and offering a more



BGB Sim Pairs

Overseas Congress relaxed second day for those


Kos who were less experienced or LICENSED BY

21-23 Autumn Congress

Holiday Inn,


not at the top of their game. THE EBU’

Stratford-upon-Avon For the first day teams were

When you see this in an

29-30 Malvern Congress


BENEFITS split into two sections (some advertisement in English

29-30 Kent Congress

teams are ‘seeded’ so that a pro- Bridge it means:

AS a member of the English portion of the strongest teams


Tunbridge Wells BC

Lancashire Congress Bridge Union, you can receive are in each section). The teams • The organisers of the

holiday have applied for,

the following benefits: in each section played a round

n NOVEMBER 2011 and received, a licence.

robin, playing a match against

4-6 Seniors Congress


• HMCA healthcare

each of the other teams in their

• They may choose to give

master points in accor-


4-6 Premier League section and getting a result at

(reserve weekend) tba • Special Rates at Barceló dance with EBU scales.

11 Children in Need Sim Pairs hotels the end of each match, which

was charted on a large board.

• These master points will



Premier League

• Spend EBU Prizes at

Two teams from each section

be accepted and added

to player records.

Barceló Hotels

West Midlands BC,

Solihull • Household Insurance qualified for the final on the

second day, the winners from

• The bridge will be played

in line with EBU regu-

11-13 NEBA Congress Scheme

Derwent Manor Hotel, each section playing against the lations and bye laws,

Allensford • Club Insurance

team that was second in the thus affording all players

14-17 Children in Need Sim Pairs • Car Hire

other section. Meanwhile the the protection of



Lederer Memorial Trophy

• Travel Insurance

teams which did not qualify playing within the

Young Chelsea BC, London Read all about it at played a Swiss teams event. The jurisdiction of the EBU.

19-20 Middlesex Congress (click on

26-27 Tollemache Cup

two winning teams from the NOTE that all County events

Qualifying Round Membership Benefits in the finals played a head-to-head advertised have an EBU

Daventry right-hand-side menu on the match for the Whitelaw Cup.’ licence.

home page) (June Booty-Taplin) August 2011 English Bridge 27


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