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Andrew Robson’s BIDDING QUIZ

New Online ON each of the following problems,

you are West. What should you bid

Bridge Column with each hand on the given auction?

Julian Pottage gives his answers on

page 42.

THIS is a decidedly different way to get accessible. There’s a free sample of the

your daily ‘fix’ in terms of a bridge article. style at

Instead of reading a short piece in the bridge/article2937093.ece#tab-3 which is Hand 1 W N E S

paper you can now view a deal on the well worth a look. ´Q83 1t Pass 1´ Pass

internet. There are few awkward diagrams So, for the first part of this review all is ™ K6 1NT Pass 4NT Pass

to pore over (with fewer still of the sweetness and light – in terms of the tAKQ8 ?

attendant misprints); instead you get a bridge content: top marks for innovation, ®K965

view of Andrew Robson himself as he talks for style and for substance. Could it be

you through the deal of the day. The done better? Unlikely.

graphics are clear – the bidding appears in There is what some old fogeys like me

a standard matrix and then the cards are may consider a bit of a hitch, however, Hand 2 W N E S

played at a sensible pace so that clarity is which you ought to be aware of. Let’s see ´K97 1™ 2®

maintained but interest doesn’t flag. how you reach these articles. You can try ™ 10 3 Pass 3® Dble Pass

Simply put, it is excellent. The hands are Googling ‘The Times’ and click on ‘The t J 10 9 6 5 ?

wide-ranging in terms of level and of Times Online’ or you can type www. ®Q43

origin, and all have points of interest. into your browser. When

There are tips for near-beginners and for you then click onto the ‘Puzzles’ part at the

regular club players as well as hands top of the page, you are faced with a

played by, and in some cases butchered by, subscription box, asking for all of £1 for Hand 3 W N E S

international trialists – so there is some- 30 days. A bargain! After wading through ´A3 1® Pass 1t Pass

thing here for everyone. all the usual paraphernalia that seems to ™ K Q 10 8 ?

The format, even for an aging techno- accompany every online transaction, you tA5

phobe like me, is easy to understand; you find that you have signed up to full online ®KJ532

simply have to get to today’s hand with a access to The Times and The Sunday Times

few clicks of the mouse, click on the ‘Play’ and that you will be charged £8.66 every

button, sit back, watch and listen. If you month after thirty days have expired.

aren’t sure, didn’t understand the point of Should you wish to discontinue your sub- Hand 4 W N E S

the hand, got interrupted by something or scription, you need to cancel it before the ´543 1® Dble Pass

other, or the cat sat on the keyboard – no month expires (check the terms and con- ™864 ?

problem, you can start over gain. The ditions to ascertain the relevant timescale) tAK4

author’s (is that the right word here?) style to avoid being charged at the full rate for ® J 10 3 2

is amiable, relaxed, clear and authoritative. future months.

The display and presentation (where the So that’s the deal, take it or leave it. To

bidding appears and the cards are played) view the excellent animated bridge

is both comprehensive and comprehensible. column you have to sign up for the whole Hand 5 W N E S

Previous hands are archived and easily kit and caboodle. The choice is yours. r ´ J 10 7 5 1NT Pass

™J954 ?



PETER Lee and Bob Rowlands (Surrey), Stuart McPhee and Chris Cooper (Oxford), and

Dave Franklin and Gerry Stanford (Sussex), who came respectively first, second and third in

the Corwen Trophy, the EBU tournament for leading pairs in the County Pairs Championships.

Also, well done to Steve Ray, Dave Roberts, Damian Hassan and Martin Kane, repre- Hand 6 W N E S

senting NEBA, for winning the Pachabo for County Teams of Four. Chris Wormleighton, ´ A K 10 9 8 1t Pass

Jim Deacon, Daniel Baines, Robert Miller, Mark Hodgson (Northants) were second, and ™Q7 ?

Chris Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Mestel and Catherine Jagger (Cambs & Hunts)


were third.

The final of the Garden Cities for Club Teams of Eight was won by David Ewart, Gunnar ®KQ983

Hallberg, Gordon Rainsford, Don Goodwin, Tim Gauld, Paul Martin, Ryan Stephenson, Liz

Clery (Young Chelsea, London). August 2011 English Bridge 41


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