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the teams of Dick Langham, Rudi Falla, Auld and Sandy Fulton. His other team Gregory – Treasurer, Andy Kitteridge –

Landmark Lynne Williamson and John Seymour of Bob Ross, Peter Kelly, Alex Hogg, Don Membership Secretary and Helen

against Brenda Lihou, Brenda Walker, Smedley, and John Griffin has reached Ackroyd - Tournament Secretary. Many

Promotions Robin Endean, Cath Bott and Sue Shaw. the fifth round (so far) of the Gold Cup. thanks to all of you who are prepared to

Peter Kelly – Alex Hogg were 8th in the give up your time for the Association.

Avon Corwen Trophy. Howard Melbourne and Udall Trophy: 1. David Berwitz, Chris

Grand Master Cornwall

his partner won the Premier Pairs event Guy, Krzysztof Ginda, Tim Dunsby, 92

Dr SP Tomlinson at the EBU’s Bournemouth Congress. Alan VPs; 2. Eugene Sheehan, Roy Riley,

Life Master SADLY, we have lost Sylvia Kenny, Jeff Calladine, John Shaw and David Gill, Mike McMorran, 75 VPs;

Mr M Davies Copestick, one of our most Richard Horsley took home the John 3. Ron and Lynne Heath, John Holland,

Master popular ladies. Although in Colley Trophy for winning the ‘B’ Final at Hugh Kevill-Davies, 72 VPs.

the Harrogate Congress.

Mr AC Clarke her mid-eighties, she was Dorset Knockout: congratulations to

still very active and her Diary dates: Aug 18, Second round Ann Sharples, Bob Mott, Chris Stevens,

Mr R Mardon Inter-county Challenge (Derbys v Notts).

death came as a shock. Keith Bartlett and Barrie Cantello who

Mr N Swift Sept 7, Final round of Summer Swiss.

Sylvia played regularly at beat Roy Riley, David Gill, Eugene

Mr B Wibberley Wadebridge, and quite Sept 14, India Cup. Sept 15, Third round

Sheehan and Doris Hutchinson by 43

Berks. & Bucks. frequently at Bodmin. She played in Inter-county Challenge (Derbys v Notts).

IMPS in the final. They went on to

Grand Master county events and, in 2009, was part of Sept 28, First round of Winter League.

represent Dorset in the Pachabo.

the winning county team of four. Dates for regular events can be viewed on

Mrs JA Barnes the DCBA website. Outside the county, Weymouth A

Life Master Congratulations to Colin Pote – Pat (Chris Stevens, Hilary Brain, Hannah

Meade, winners of the Marie Gregson- The Derbyshire and Leicestershire

Mr SP Cope Green Pointed Swiss Weekend is on Sept Kearns, Eileen Rundle, Alastair Cowley)

Brown in April, who have now won the have now reached the 6th round of the

Mr M Wenble second running of the Jo Brown Memo- 24 and 25. Entry forms are on the DCBA

Regional Master website. All entries and enquiries to: Mrs NICKO.

rial Tournament; Irene Rowlandson – Diary dates: Aug 21, Weymouth Cup

Mrs J Bennett Monica Gumb were, again, 2nd; £222 Amanda Sowter, 30 Park Grove, Derby.

DE22 1HD, ( 07812 369243, e-mail: Multi-teams, 1pm, Fordington Hall, Dor-

Mr M Bennett was raised for the Leukaemia Trust. Also,

chester. Sept 4, Men’s/Ladies’ Pairs, 2pm,

congratulations to Janice and Ken Keast, amanda@amanda667.wanadoo.

Mrs CE Moir Crosfield Hall, Romsey; this is a joint

Master who were the national winners of the

Dorset/Hampshire event for the first

Mr A Aston

EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs, with a Devon time. September, tba, Frost Rose Bowl:

score of 70.69%; Dave and Dommie

Mr P Baker Boxall were an excellent 5th nationally. this event is being brought forward and

Mr A Barker Colin Pote, Mike Booth, Val Manicom, CONGRATULATIONS will be the qualifying round for the

Pat Meade and Andy Tooley have won to Jette and Alan Bailey County Knockout.

Mrs J Chisnall

Mrs Jane Crowhurst the Cornish Green-Pointed Knockout com- who came 2nd in both

petition, from the Keasts, Wendy Miller the Championship Pairs Essex

Mr BS Geary and Jo Bryant. After trailing by 10 IMPs and the Swiss Teams

Mr PJ Hodgson at half-way, the winners built up a (playing with Bob and Jacky Baker) at

Mrs R Montague-Johnstone formidable 68-IMP lead and the match the EBU Cheltenham Mid-week Congress. CHANGES to the ECBA

Mr CH McKail was conceded. Jim Grant, Stefan Lindfors, Alan and Committee were made at

The Liskeard Lot (Colin Pote, Mike Jette Bailey won the Devon Knockout and the AGM in May. The

Mr B Myers

Booth, Janet and Roger Putnam) have therefore qualified to play in the Pachabo. Hon. General Secretary,

Mr GL Parker Once again Ann Slee has won the Victor Margaret Curtis, decided

again won the Eastern League, and the

Mrs C Smith Shufflers (Wendy Miller, Wendy Thorn- Ludorum. to resign after 55 years in

Mrs S Strawson ton, Wally Heaton and Jo Bryant) won all The Western County’s B League was this post (see page 42); the new Hon.

Mr T Strawson ten matches, to retain their Western won by Devon B; they qualify for the General Secretary is Audrey Hartley.

League title with a crushing 170 VP. National Final at Solihull in July. A team Sandy Riach has taken over as webmaster

Cambs & Hunts

Diary dates: Sept 11, AGM and Indi- will be selected from among those pairs from Jill Tattersfield who stood down

Regional Master

vidual competition, Ladock. Sept 18, Fal- who took part in this win. Devon A after many years of service.

Brig. DA Man mouth Swiss Pairs, Falmouth BC. Sept finished 3rd and Devon C 6th. Devon The Essex League First Division cham-

Master 25, Green-pointed Swiss Teams, Wade- came 2nd overall. The following teams pions are: South East – Taylors Dummies

Mr R Collis bridge School. were winners in the Section League: East – (Sue and Chris Taylor, Steve Cade-

Mr A Kueh PS. We have received late news of the Div. 1: Willi Hamilton; Div. 2: Steve Bowyer , Simon Moorman.) West Essex –

Mr H Lockwood death of Dave Gilford, who played at Quinn; Div. 3: Peter Keith. South – Div. 1: Waltham Foresters (Tony Verran, Stuart

Liskeard, Plymouth and Bodmin. He was Tim Walton; Div. 2: Roland Wilkinson.

Mr R Millington North – Div. 1: Carol Ritzen; Div. 2:

Dunstan, Phil Mattacks, Andy Barker.)

an enthusiastic supporter of county and The Premier League winners were also

Mr J Phelps national competitions. David Meek.

Mr STS Stokes Waltham Foresters.

At the AGM on June 19, 18 teams

Results of other recent Essex compe-

Channel Islands Derbyshire played in the Swiss Teams which was

titions: the Switch Cup was won by

Life Master won by Allison Pollock, Ann Slee, Brigid Loughton Collier (Peter Scotting, Phil

McElroy and Ruth Edmondson. This

Miss J Rumball Collier, Michael Watson, Sandy Riach).

THE winners of Div. 1 in season the Charity Sim Pairs raised £910;

Mr C Tostevin we hope to increase this amount next The Novices Pairs was won by Carolyn

the Inter-Club League

Cornwall year as non-affiliated clubs can partici- and Alan Veats, with Jackie and Len

were, once again, East

Life Master pate. Thanks to Paul Ainsworth for Robinson 2nd. Gwen Herga: Ladies:

Midlands White, way

organising these events. Catriona Lovett – Maureen Vede, Men’s:

Mrs MD Boxall ahead of British Rail A

Congratulations to Jim Grant – Stefan Chris Chorley – Michael Wren. Essex

Regional Master (2nd) and Derby A (3rd).

Sheila Kelly – Cedric Cockcroft won Lindfors, playing with Bob McRobert – Pairs: 1. Tony Philpott – Nigel Bardsley;

Mrs C Bishop 2. Graham Foster – Steve Cade-Bowyer;

the Bill Pratt Trophy for the DCBA Mixed Rob Lawy, who have reached the last 16 of

Mr RGS Draycott this year’s Gold Cup. 3. Chris and Sue Taylor. Consolation

Pairs Championship, just ahead of

Mrs V Mably Maggie Beale – John Griffin. Final: 1. Margaret Curtis – David

Master Derbyshire players have been very Sherman; 2. Bernie Harrison – Dave


Mr GCH Jones successful this year in national compe- Duffy; 3. Bill and Angela West. Eve

Mrs J Plumb titions: Richard Edward’s teams have Goblets: Ladies: 1. Jill Tattersfield,

been battling with the top players in the AFTER the AGM and 2. Margaret Curtis, 3. Sue Taylor; Men:


country to great effect. One of his teams subsequent meetings 1. Simon Moorman, 2. Roger Tattersfield,

Life Master

reached the final (last eight) of this year’s the Dorset committee 3. Ray Clarke.

Mr AP Bartlett Crockfords Cup; team-mates were Bob is now: Tim Dunsby – Diary dates: Oct 16, Fletcher Trophy.

Ross, Don Smedley, John Griffin, John Chairman, Ron Heath – Secretary, Julian Oct 26, Autumn Senior Pairs.

44 English Bridge August 2011


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