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were equal 3rd in the Harrogate Swiss EBU Premier League, Manchester Bridge Lynton Stock) that defeated the

Landmark Pairs, Tim Chanter – Helen Wildsmith Club; spectators welcome. Schogger team in the Middlesex Cup.

3rd in the Regional Masters, Martin and The Middlesex Committee Cup was won

Promotions Margaret Nygren 2nd in the Hamilton Merseyside/Cheshire by Jill Feldman, Peter Hasenson, Jeffrey

Cup at the Spring Fours. In Jersey, Alan Alper and Simon Cope. Well done to

Mr L Hillier and Olivia Woo and Alex Hydes won the Jacqui Tobias for winning the Victor

Ms K Nash Swiss Teams, and David Wing – Roland QUITE a few local Ludorum Trophy.

Mr R Rees Gronau were 2nd in the Swiss Pairs. players made the trip to Winners of the Middlesex Leagues

Mr J Richards County events winners: London the May Congress in were: Div. 1 (Peter Edelman Trophy): Jill

Mr JW Spencer Championship Pairs: Brian Ransley – Killarney, with many of Feldman, Jeremy Dhondy, Heather

Marc Smith. London Trophy Pairs: Bob them finishing well up Dhondy, Neil Rosen, Anne Rosen, Keith

Lincolnshire Bowman – Arun Suri. LMBA One-Day the prize lists. Pride of place goes to Bennett. Div. 2: Vanessa Clarke, Trevor

Regional Master Swiss Pairs: Malcolm Harris – Maria Dave and Jean Keen who with Bill Hirst Morris, Jacqui Tobias, Peter Tobias,

Mr R Shelley Budd. LMBA One-Day Swiss Teams: and Patrick Collins retained the Mixed Steve Foster. Div. 3Y: Gulab R. Shah,

Miss SB York Paul Hackett, Roger O’Shea, Justin Teams title. Beth Wennell won the Swiss Pradip Shah, Mansukh C. Shah, Pravin

Master Hackett, Jason Hackett. Café Bridge: Pairs in partnership with Suzy Lawson H. Shah, Bakul M. Shah, Naresh S. Shah.

Miss M Williams Mary Anne St Clair-Ford – Venetia and Ted Reveley was a member of the Div. 3Z: Jonathan Harris, Ivor Miller,

London Harper. Garden Cities Heat: Young foursome that won the Men’s Teams. Steve Capal, Barry Murray, Martin Pope.

Grand Master Chelsea A (Paul Martin, Tim Gauld, Congratulations to Peter Kaufmann Please consult the Middlesex

Ryan Stephenson, Liz Clery, Ian Payn, and David Stevenson who retained the Member’s Handbook, or the county

Mr RH Morton Rob Cliffe, Chris Duckworth, Brian Cal- Teams title at the Northern Ireland website, for the Autumn schedule.

Life Master laghan). Fox Shammon Trophy: Bernard Spring National Congress with Northern

Mr A Hydes Teltscher – Victor Silverstone. London Ireland’s Robin Burns and Ian Lindsay.

Regional Master Trophy: Reform Tuesday (Chris Dunabin, County events: the Ladies’ Pairs event Norfolk

Mr MG Baker John Reid, Richard Pollitzer, Sos Green). was won by Pauline Norman – Sally

Mr MJPL Brunswick Della Porta Plate: Cheeky Chaps (John Clark. The Mixed Pairs title went to Ann

Mr N Wilson Cox, James Palmer, Ricky Choudhuri, Dorricott – Barry Griffies who finished THE Thetford Green Point

Simon Scanlan). 9% ahead of the field. The County Teams Weekend was again well


event for the Lady Connell Trophy was organised and well sup-

Mr J Clargo ported. Congratulations

Manchester won by Ted Reveley, Bill Niccol, Stuart

Miss G M Ellington to the organisers, Mike

Matthews and Alan Stephenson.

Mrs N Horsley In the annual Liverpool v Dublin Harnden and his wife

Mr B Kelly match, the win went to Dublin – full Barbara, who with Mike Walsh and Matt

ISOLATED Menaces Milson won the Swiss Teams event.

Mr P Railing (Michelle Brunner, John details on the county website.

The leading places in the One Day GP Congratulations, too, to Stuart Lang-

Manchester Holland, Rhona and Ber-

Event in May were: 1. Peter Kaufmann – ridge – Simon Cochemé (London), who

Premier Grand Master nard Goldenfield) have

Chris Pope; 2. Rhona and Bernard were 2nd in the Swiss Pairs.

Mr JW Hassett won the Manchester The county A team opened their new

League. St Titus (Michael Byrne, Goldenfield; 3.Michael Byrne – Tom

Life Master season Eastern Counties League account

Michael Newman, Rodney Lighton, Slater

Mr M Bell The Merseyside League End-of-season with a win over Hertfordshire, 14-6. The

Mr SJ Raine Alan Mould) have won the Higson Cup. B and C teams fared less well, losing 2-

In the Plate, an Astra Zeneca team Pairs event was won by Stuart Scholes –

Regional Master Richard Davies. The winners of the 18 and 3-17 respectively.

triumphed for the second year running.

Mr D Tobias Mayday Swiss Pairs were Diane and Paul Whittley – David Thompson

This year it was AZ Kings (Barbara

Master David Ault, with Ric and Julia Dearing won the Harry Hunt Trophy, David

Moore, Anne Jeater, Jim Straffon and

Dr PM Berry runners-up. Newstead – Mike Whiting won the Swaff-

Lindsey Cook).

Diary dates: Sept 10, NCL 3. Sept 17- ham and Dereham Trophy. The County

Mr M Braid At the AGM Pat Buxton retired as

18, MBC Congress. Oct 16, Chester Summer Open Pairs winners were:

Mr AI Burnett Tournament Secretary after ten years of

1. Roger Cortis – Stuart Langridge; 2.

dedicated service. The County presented Bowl, Deva BC. Oct 22, NCL. Nov 4,

Ms M Green 13th Waterworth Cup, MBC. Lady Robbie Roberson – Bhadri Bhadrinath;

Mr S Mattison her with a cash gift which she has

Connell heats: Sept 29, MBC; Oct. 11, 3. Roger Amey – Dave Newstead, and 4,

donated to charity. The new Tourna-

Ms K Maxwell ment Secretary is Irene Davies. The new LBC; Oct. 14, Deva BC. Nigel Block – Mervyn Scutter.

Middlesex Forthcoming attractions: Sept 7,

Selection Committee is Barbara Lewis,

Grand Master YMCA Trophy, Norfolk Girls School.

Peter Jones, Rodney Lighton, Michael Middlesex Sept 11, Robertson Cup. Sept 25, Nor-

Ms J de Botton Newman and Alec Smalley.

folk Championship Teams; the last two

Regional Master The annual MCBA Player of the Year

events both at Bawburgh Village Hall.

Mr J Stamatov Award for 2010-2011 was won by CONGRATULATIONS to

The County Open Pairs events continue

Master Michael Newman in the Expert category. Nevena Senior who won

throughout August on Fridays at the

Mrs S Bardwell The Intermediate category was won by the Schapiro Spring Four-

Norwich Girls School.

Ann Thornton and David Matthews. somes. Well done to Victor

Mr A Karunanithy Congratulations to John Hassett, Jeff Silverstone and Ian Panto

Mr A Lakhani Morris, Bill Hirst, Howard Melbourne, who finished third in the North East

Mr SD Mehta in coming 5th in the Crockfords Cup. Crockfords Cup. In the

Dr A Riviere John Holland and Michelle Brunner Spring Bank Holiday Swiss

Mrs S Sargent were unable to play because of illness. Teams Marion Robertson was part of CONGRATULATIONS

Well done to Pauline and John Rudolf the winning team, and Janet De Botton, to the team of Steve

Mr DU Shah

who won the Yorkshire Congress Pairs. Nick Sandqvist and David Burn came Ray, Dave Roberts,

Mr J Sikora Manchester Bridge Club won the 2nd. Nick and Janet finished 2nd in the Martin Kane and

Mr S Velayutham Regional Final of the Garden Cities Championship Pairs A Final with Ian Damian Hassan (photo

Norfolk Trophy held at Bradford Bridge Club. Pagan coming 3rd. next page) on winning

Regional Master Corwen Trophy: Sue Richmond – Steve Around the country, Middlesex the Pachabo (for the teams-of-four

Mr DA Hitcham Raine finished 13th in a field of 104 players have had their successes with champions of each county association)

Mrs B Howlett pairs. Pachabo Cup: Manchester (John Nevena Senior winning the Kent Green in June. Coming after the NEBA’s Tolle-

Hassett, Bill Hirst, Jeff Morris, Stuart Point Swiss Teams and Peter Hasenson – mache win, this has been the most

Mr P Howlett

Shalom) finished 5th out of 30 teams. John Vos winning the Warwickshire successful year in the NEBA’s history.


John Hassett has qualified to play in a Green Point Swiss Pairs. Hurworth A came 2nd in the Northern

Ms F Bradford remarkable eight national finals this In county news, congratulations to Heat of the Garden Cities competition

Mrs AM George year. Victor Silverstone’s team (Gerald Haase, and so qualified to play in the National

Diary dates: Sat Oct 1 and Sun Oct 2, Ian Panto, Tony Waterlow, Mike Vail and Final. August 2011 English Bridge 47


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