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Wendy Miller was 5th in the Pairs B Robert Hume – Derek Phillips with 61%. Sheila White, Danielle Gosselin won the

Landmark Final and 8th in the Teams. In the A In the Winter League, the Premier Novice League Final.

Final Pairs event at the Cheltenham Division was won by Chris Chambers, The new Club Challenge Trophy begins

Promotions Congress, Alan and Jette Bailey came Jim Gobert, Maria Allnutt, Debbie next season with clubs holding heats

2nd, and Bob and Jackie Baker 8th; in Marriott, Peter Sutcliffe, Peter Gemmell, during the week commencing August 22.


the Swiss Teams, together, they took 2nd with a match to spare. There is also a new teams league next

Mrs BM Bobby place. Rob Lawy was in a team that was In other competitions, Elaine and year allowing promotion from our very

Mrs M Evans runner-up in the Punchbowl Cup at the Alan Green won the Mixed Pairs with successful Intermediate League. This

Mr Kevin Fletcher Spring Fours. 65%, from Jane and Andrew Moore with league was won this year by Mary Pearce,

Mr A Haig-Thomas Diary dates: Sept 11, Paul Jones. Sept 63% and Barbara & Malcolm Carey with David Pearce, Davina Arkell, Jan Benton.

Mrs FCM Moor 23, a two-session Seminar, Woolav- 62.5%. Rosemarie Mascall – Norman Hopefully many players will take

ington Village Hall (( 01749 830579 to Denny won the AGM Pairs with 66%, advantage of these new events – feedback

Mrs A Pavry

apply for a place). Sept 25, Mendip Swiss from Judy Birley – Audrey Tillett with to the committee is always welcome.

Mr B Pinson Teams. Sept 30th to Oct 2nd, West of 62% and Barbara Barker – Alan Green Enjoy the summer!

Mr JWW Stevenson England Congress. with 59%. Basia Mali nowska, Rick

Mr Andrew Suter Hanley, Mike Malin, Eric Newman won

the Pivot Teams with +43 IMPs.


Mr P Whetton Staffs and Shrops

Mr D Willson The Colchester DBC, representing Suffolk in the Garden Cities Regional AT the Green Point Event

Mrs MJ Wilson

JUDY Mitchell ran another Finals, finished 5th of the eight-teams held at Ardingly in May

Mr SRM Wilson competing.

successful County Congress Mark Denny – Tom Brogan

Surrey at Shrewsbury School. Bill Tweddell, Rick Hanley, Eric were 2nd. At the Kent Green

Premier Grand Master Pairs: 1. Jason and Paul Newman, Michael Sherer, representing Point Teams Event Ros and

Mr JC Allerton Hackett; 2. John Sampson Suffolk in the Pachabo, finished a cre- Geoffrey Wolfarth won with

Life Master – Richard Jephcott; 3. Ewart Evans – ditable 10th of the 30 teams competing. Brian and Nevena Senior.

Mr G Clarke Michael Tomlinson. Teams: 1. Dan Crofts, In Suffolk’s first match in the Eastern Henfield Swiss Teams: 1. Fran Thorn-

Mrs P Gilham Lawrence Haynes, Trevor Thrower, Counties League, the A team beat ton, Eddie Lucioni, Irvine Caplan, Jean

together with Manchester’s Gary Hyett; Bedfordshire 15-5, but the B and C teams Smallwood; 2. Valerie Chandler, Mike

Mr R Twin lost by the same score.

Regional Master 2. Eve and James Ewington, Chris Godfrey, Laurence Chiswell, and David

Simpson, Paul Jones; 3. Ian Roxburgh, Diary dates: Sat Oct 1, Felixstowe Hughes.

Mrs CS Clisby Ray Jolland, Roy Wood, Barbara Congress Green-pointed Pairs; Sun Crawley Bridge Club were very sad to

Ms G Hanna Heaton. Oct 2, Felixstowe Congress Green- lose a stalwart member, George Calvert,

Mrs TL Hewett Lawrence Haynes and Geoffrey Jones pointed Swiss Teams; both at Felixstowe who died in June. He had been a

Mr T Quilley were comfortable winners of the county Leisure Centre. Further details of these member since 1999 and was a regular

Master Men’s Pairs; 2. Robin Adey – Geoff and other events can be found on the and popular member until 2010 when

Mrs M Bailey Jones; 3. Mike Cornes – David Clarke. SCBA website and in the county’s he became immobile after falling and

Ladies’ Pairs: 1= Jenny Matthews – Anne magazine, Table Talk. breaking his hip. George was amazing as

Mr BC Barrow

Jones, and Celia Day – Jane Stirton; 3. he still played golf till the age of 93. He

Vaughan Bull Marion Jordan – Margaret Dash (only 2 Surrey was born in Northern Ireland in 1914

Ms M Conway points behind!). The Mixed Pairs was where he was a dentist, and he served in

Mrs S Desborough won by Judy Mitchell – James Vickers; the Middle East during the second

Mr JM Gatrell 2. Celia Day – David Clarke; 3. Robin FIRSTLY, many congratulations to Bob World War.

Mr JA Hawtin Adey – Pat Andrews. Rowlands – Peter Lee (photo below) for

Mr N Holt Staffordshire (Dan Crofts, John

Parsons, Edward Levy, Paul Hackett)

winning the Reg Corwen Trophy. Warwickshire

Mrs S Moss

finished runners-up to Warwickshire in

Mr BJ North the Midland Bowl Trophy. Our leading THE recent County/EBU

Mr M Paterson pair in the Corwen were Roger Keane – Green Point Swiss Pairs

Mr DE Pearmain David Beavon. Paul Hackett represented Event resulted in a three-

Mrs SA Truckle England in the Seniors Camrose, where way tie. Joint winners

Mr S Wabe the team finished third. were Ian Clarke – Christine

Mr Leo Wang There is still time to join Andrew White, John Vos – Peter

Robson’s Masterclass on Friday Sept 30. It Hasenson, Andrew Lee – Tugrul Kaban.

Mrs ME Young is being held at Holmcroft Youth and Simon Creasey did well at the WMBC

Sussex Community Centre, Newlands Avenue Congress. He won the Men’s Pairs with

Grand Master Stafford. The afternoon class (2pm – Shanaal De Zoysa, the Congress Pairs

Mr J Murrell 5pm) is on Signalling in Defence. There with Mike Bell, and they, with Sinead

Life Master is a fish and chips supper with home- Bird – Sarah O’Connor won the Con-

Mr RM Hosking made puddings available at a cost of £6 gress Teams. Other winners were Prue

Mrs R Wolfarth followed by an evening session (7pm – and Adrian Knight (Mixed Pairs), and

Photo: BEBU

Regional Master 10pm) on Competitive Bidding Tactics. Ros Tulloch – Mary Costagliola (Ladies

Each session costs £10 and you are Peter Lee (left) and Bob Rowlands,

Ms BE Herold Pairs).

welcome to come to either or both. winners of the Corwen Trophy.

Mrs IE Lee The WPL finished in June. Congratu-

Contact Kath Adams ( 017 8239 7996 lations to George Cuthbertson – Ian

Master or e-mail Also well done to Marietta Andree – Handley on winning Div. A, Barbara

Mr AJ Angella for bookings or further information. Roberts – Graham Cope winning Div. B

Janet Cahm for winning the Sussex Swiss

Mrs VJ Atkins Pairs. They also won the Mary Edwards and Sonia Vinn – Paula Leek winning

Mr PB Bellord Suffolk Cup representing Walton & Hersham. Div. C. Elayne Meakin is taking entries

Mr Mackie Brown Peter Lee, Bob McRobert, Arun Suri, for the new season starting in September.

Mr R Cleminson Bob Rowlands, Elizabeth Phillips won the All ladies are encouraged to enter a

Mrs MA Clingan THE New Members Invita- Lady Rose Cup. Tim Cook, Liz Phillips, team in the County/EBU National

tional Pairs, which required Malcolm Pryor, Bill Hodgkiss won the Womens Teams to be held at the WMBC

Mr FW Howard

at least one member of the Wanborough Cup on behalf of Mayfield, on September 3-4.

Mrs A Katz pair to have been new to and the club also won the Affiliated All oldsters are invited to the new

Mr I Sanderson the SCBA/EBU since the introduction of League 2 and 3 final where they were Seniors Pairs competition: a one-session

Mr Bill Spencer-Smith P2P, was won by Christine Cooke – Peter represented by Andrew Barnett, Heather event to be held on Thursday, September

Ms JF Tickner Brown with 65%, followed by Tony West, Keith Jackson, Peter Cogliatti, Tony 29, 1pm, at WMBC. Players must be at

Clement – David Price with 62%, and Belton. Annabel Burrows, Philip Lee, least 60 years of age on that date. August 2011 English Bridge 49


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