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About Hospitality Action's


All the services detailed below are included in your EAP subscription and

are FREE of charge for you and your dependants to access. Dependants

are defined as employees' partners and children aged 16-21 who are

living at home and are dependent on the employee for maintenance and

support, or who are under 25 and in full time education and may live away

from home. We are unable to provide clinical support to children under

the age of 16 however signposting and referral advice can be provided to

an appropriate family member.


Through the Well Online portal, assistance sheets and the experts on our

Assistance Line you will be fully supported to find solutions when you

need them.

Username: hospitality

Password: wellbeing


Our Assistance Line team includes professionally trained and experienced

counsellors who provide advice and guidance on how to support

good mental health and your wellbeing. If you can be best helped with

counselling support, following a clinical assessment, we will arrange a

series of telephone, online or face-to-face sessions. We have a network

of counsellors across the UK and Ireland. We also offer access to online

Mindfulness Courses, please contact the Assistance Line for more

information about these courses.

Legal and Tax Information and Guidance

This service will give clear simple information about legal and tax matters,

both personal and employment related, suggest what steps to take and

whom to approach to gain further advice.


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