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Whistleblowing is a totally confidential and independent service offered

to all employees. It should be used when someone is very concerned

about a work related issue but does not feel able or comfortable to report

this to their manager. You will always be protected if you whistleblow in

good faith.

In the event that you find out or witness something that you consider to

be harmful behaviour or a misconduct issue, you should be able to report

such matters so that they can be investigated and appropriate action


Harmful behaviour or misconduct can mean (this is not a definitive list):

• Behaviour that breaks the law or company policies

• Malpractice and mismanagement

• Harassing or bullying employees, customers or any other individuals

• Danger to the health and safety of customers, employees

or other individuals

• Damage to the environment

• Deliberately concealing information in relation to any of the above.

Your employer wants all employees and the public to be safe and

supported. Therefore if someone is behaving in a way that is harmful to

other employees, customers, or the reputation of your company, your

employer would like to know about it so that they can take action.

Once a concern is raised your employer will be made aware of the

concerns so that appropriate investigations can take place.


Hospitality Action's EAP complies with its obligations under the Data

Protection Act 2018 ("the DPA"), the General Data Protection Regulation

(EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") and any other statutory obligations in relation to

the data processed by it. If you wish to find out more detail about how

Hospitality Action treats personal information it collects; make use of your

individual data subject rights to access a copy of the personal information

we hold about you; and/or make a complaint please see our privacy policy

at Action by post: 62 Britton Street, London EC1M 5UY,

by telephone: 0203 004 5515 or by email:

Whistleblowing Hotline


All information correct at time of going to print. November 2019.

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