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Quarterly Newsletter November 2020

Embracing autism

Transforming lives

Hundreds of staff and young

people at Prior's Court have

reaped the benefits in the

first six months of a new

focus on healthy living - and

this is just the start.

The Healthy You programme at Prior's

Court is about encouraging both our

young people and all staff members to

lead healthier, and therefore happier,

lives, but also providing the support

and opportunities for people to be able

to achieve this aim.

It is our firm belief that regular exercise

helps our young people to increase

focus, reduce anxieties and learn to

self-calm. With this, it is also vital that

staff lead by example to model to our

young people a healthy lifestyle - be

that by exercising together or eating

more healthily.

Sarah Butcher, our Director of

Residential Care Services and Healthy

You Project Lead, said: "We understand

that between balancing work and life

it can be hard to be as healthy as we'd

like. That's why we wanted to make it

as easy as possible to access healthy

choices at Prior's Court, and support

the physical and mental wellbeing of

our staff members.

"And in turn, they can encourage and

support our young people with their

physical and mental health."

Since its launch in March, the Healthy

You programme has seen:

• For staff, the introduction of schemes

such as smoking cessation, Couch to

5K, Pilates and Yoga, with nine Couch

to 5k graduates and eight people

completing smoking cessation courses.

• The first ever Prior's Court 5k

Challenge take place on site, with 126

staff finishers and 67 young people

finishers (pictured above and right).

• Our young people completing the

Olympic Triathlon Challenge - to

cumulatively swim, cycle and run the

distance of an Olympic-length triathlon

in one day (pictured above).

• More than 120 staff members attend

a Wellness Fair launch event, with

61 sign-ups to health and wellbeing

schemes on the day alone.

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Out of the blocks with health focus


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