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Transforming the future for young people

with complex autism

Quarterly Newsletter

November 2021

Prior's Court News

Providing our young people with

the skills, the experience and the

opportunity to work is a key element of

our approach- and offering the latter is

something which starts on site.

Young people from across our Vocational Skills Area

of Learning are engaged with meaningful work

experience or work placements across our site to

practice the skills learnt in the classroom, with

more opportunities being added during Term 1 of

the 2021/22 academic year.

Within the Vocational Skills Area of Learning,

we have seven programmes of learning. Young

people access specifi c programmes according

to their individual skills and interests, as part of

their pathway to work.

Young people's range of on-site work experiences

or work placements currently include:

Business Studies

● Delivery of parcels and Bread & Beyond goods to

locations across site.

● Consumables packing of items in the Resources


● Supporting the our Resources

team with stock counting.


● Hotel turndown-style

servicing of our on-site

Parent Flat.

● Hoovering our

Lower School corridors

and classrooms.

● Stock

replenishment of

cupboards containing

cleaning resources

● Supporting our Housekeeping team in the

Laundry Room.

Trade Skills

● Actioning maintenance jobs tickets logged

by staff members, such as painting rooms or

building fl at-pack furniture.

● A car wash service.


● Nurturing and growing our apple orchard

through tasks such as laying down compost

and tree guard maintenance.

Vocational skills learning is a vital aspect

of our post-16 provision, as only 32% of

autistic adults are believed to be in paid

employment. One of our key ambitions

for all our young people is to have the

skills to be able to enter the world of work.

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Expanding on-site work opportunities


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