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Transforming the future for young people

with complex autism

Quarterly Newsletter

April 2022

Prior's Court News

A new fundraising appeal has begun

to ensure more young people with

autism can reap the benefits of

the transformational power of the

performing arts.

Prior's Court is fundraising to support the build of

an innovative and ground-breaking performing arts

centre on our site.

The Let Me Shine Performing Arts Centre will feature

adapted facilities to support young people with

complex autism to access opportunities in music,

dance and drama and enjoy the life-enriching

benefits these provide.

Individuals with autism face many barriers to

accessing the arts - from light and noise sensitivities,

to understanding of social rules - and one aim of

the centre is to mimic theatre environments to

prepare young people to access arts venues in the

community successfully. This is in addition to young

people having the opportunity day-to-day to express

themselves creatively in a dedicated, bespoke space.

Tailored facilities at the centre, the conversion of

our existing "school hall"-style space (The Princess

Theatre), will include:

l An area for drama and theatre work, ideal for

hosting touring companies and groups,

with specialised acoustics and light

controls to better support inclusion.

l Two music rooms for large instrument work and

music therapy space.

l A dance studio featuring retracting hidden mirrors

and a sprung floor.

l An outdoor learning area and a breakout room,

both to suit individual learning needs.

l Foyer and reception area to support vocational


Sue Piper, our Director of Young People's Learning,

said: "Creativity is not bound by language or social

conventions making it a powerful outlet for our

young people - who often are pre or non-verbal - to

communicate their needs, expressions and feelings.

"Ultimately, access to the arts is a right, not a

privilege. And by creating this centre, we hope to

deliver that right to our young people, and provide

access opportunities for other young people with

autism who do not attend Prior's Court.

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Appeal launched to make groundbreaking

performing arts centre a reality

An artist's impression

of the Let Me Shine

Performing Arts



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