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(cont from front page) "Our ambition is to use

the centre to research best practice around

providing support to access the arts, and sharing

these learnings with others in the education and

performing arts sectors."

Karen White, our Head of Fundraising, added: "This

centre has the potential to transform the lives of

young people with autism across the country - both

through having direct contact with the facility,

and indirectly through our sharing of best practice


"The performing arts has provided many

once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for young

people at Prior's Court - from recording their

own music single at Abbey Road Studios to

taking part in music festivals. With your help,

we can ensure the power of the arts enriches

lives on a daily basis and allow young people

with autism to flourish."

For more information, see the "appeals"

section of our website.

For donation queries, see Prior's Court's

website or contact fundraising@

A dedicated space for continuing our

work in exploring how Virtual Reality

can be used to support our young

people is now in operation.

A room in our school building has been converted

for young people to use solely for time with Virtual

Reality headsets, having previously been used in our

computer suite.

This gives the opportunity for young

people to take part in more

immersive experiences in

a safer space.

Virtual Reality is used

as a complementary

service to existing

therapeutic and


provision at Prior's

Court, and revolves

around a number

of approaches:

l Relaxing sensory


l Accessing

experiences our

young people, due

to the complexity of

their autism, may not

be able to enjoy in "reallife"

such as hot air balloon rides or skiing.

l Desensitation to areas such as airports, or public

transport, and, by using a 360 degree camera, real

areas our young people may visit such as work

experience locations or local amenities.

l Phobia reduction such as in medical settings or

with animals.

Our exploration of Virtual Reality also includes

partnering with university researchers to explore

if Virtual Reality is a more effective tool than visual

instruction for developing and maintaining skills,

particularly around vocational learning.

Support appeal to unlock transformational power of the arts

Having the room for exploring using Virtual Reality

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