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Prior's Court came

together at the end of

2021 to remember an

amazing ally to our young

people, a brilliant mentor

to our staff members, and

a wonderful friend to all.

Senior Autism Practitioner Joseph

Mugabe passed away in the

summer of 2021 and a special

event was held in November

2021 to celebrate the life of this

extraordinary man.

In an emotional but joyous day,

staff shared drinks and nibbles

and watched a video celebration,

before a football match was

held for young people and staff,

celebrating Joseph's passion for

the sport.

We were heartened to be joined

by Joseph's family, ex-staff

members who were close to him,

and the families of young people

whose lives he influenced for the


The theme for the day was "green"

to match the colour of CAPS

United FC, the football team in

Zimbabwe Joseph played for with

great distinction before coming to

work at Prior's Court.

Donations in Joseph's memory

were taken, going to CAPS United

Legends UK which supports

grassroots football in Joseph's

native Zimbabwe. Overall, more

than £350 was raised.

Thank you 'Joe Kode' for

everything and may you rest in


/priorscourt @PriorsCourt @priors_court Prior's Court Foundation

Remembering our dear friend Joseph


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