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Quarterly Newsletter July 2020

Embracing autism

Transforming lives

Teamwork came to the fore

to ensure our young people

were able to receive care

and education as part of

our multi-faceted response

to the challenges posed by


Since the end of March, teaching at

Prior's Court has transitioned from

being based within our school buildings

to, largely, based within our residential


This was to reduce the number of interperson contacts on site, as our classes

are made up of young people from

different residential homes and a small

number of day pupils.

This transition has also included:

• Introducing new timetables

• Planning to ensure multiple

house groups do not go into the

same learning areas (such as our

horticulture or Countryside Learning

Centre areas) at the same time.

• Assigning teachers and Education

Autism Practitioners to teach in

only one residential home, as far

as practically possible. Autism

Practitioners in our Residential

function have only worked in one

home during this period, again, as

far as practically possible.

• Creating generalised and

personalised social stories to help

our young people understand

coronavirus and the changes going

on around them.

Staff members from both our

Education and Residential functions

have worked to ensure the successful

implementation of this new way of

learning, in which the core facets of

the Prior Approach have been retained

and our young people's learning goals

are still being worked towards.

Meanwhile, learning resources have

been provided to the parents of our

young people who chose to have

their children at home during the

coronavirus pandemic so far and our

small number of day pupils have also

been successfully catered for.

This is in addition to numerous other

changes made across the organisation.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic,

staffing has always remained at a safe


Simultaneously to the changes in

delivering learning, we moved to

support all staff members. This

included the creation of a mental

health resources guide, revisions to

absence policy due to coronavirus,

making alternative lodgings available

for contact staff to reside in to shield

vulnerable family members, staff who

were able to do so embracing working

from home, and ensuring supplies of

PPE and cleaning equipment were


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Team effort to face coronavirus challenges


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