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Transforming the future for young people

with complex autism

Quarterly Newsletter

August 2021

Prior's Court News

One of the very fi rst cohort of young

bakers at our on-site bakery, Bread &

Beyond, is continuing his baking journey

with a new work placement.

In Bread & Beyond's fi rst two years of operations,

Peter was one of our fi rst young people to regularly

attend baking sessions to learn new skills and

generalise existing abilities, with a view to securing

future work placements.

Peter transitioned on from Prior's Court's Young

Adult Provision in the Summer of 2020 and he

recently began a work placement at JubyLee Bakes

where he is a key part of their new bread-making


Peter's fi rst day at JubyLee Bakes in July was a huge

success, with his pre-existing skills noted by staff.

Dylan Needham, Bread & Beyond Artisan Bakery

Manager, said: "We are utterly delighted to hear of

Peter's new work placement with JubyLee Bakes.

We had no doubt Peter would go on to complete

amazing achievements and this is just the fi rst of


"At a fundamental level, this is exactly what Bread &

Beyond was created for - empowering young people

from both inside and outside of Prior's Court with

the skills to be bakers, and so changing their lives

and future prospects.

"We are very

excited to hear

of Peter's future


at JubyLee


Peter's mum

Debra said:

"We will always

be grateful

for the vision,

patience and

dedication that

Dylan and the

Bread & Beyond

staff invested into

Peter during his time

at Prior's Court.

"He has now been able

to transfer the skills

and confi dence he gained

to a new bakery environment. Many

thanks to JubyLee Bakes for being so sensitive to

Peter's needs and generously welcoming him.

"People with learning disabilities truly need the

innovative spirit and commitment to inclusivity

which both Bread & Beyond and JubyLee Bakes

passionately offer to Peter and to many others."

Dr Ellen Tomlinson, General Manager of JubyLee

Bakes, said: "We are a small charity offering work

skills training to young adults with learning

disabilities. Peter, and all our other young bakers,

produce fantastic work with support, and it is

testament to their skills that their bakes are sold

commercially and enjoyed by the general public,

who are usually extremely complimentary.

"Through Bread & Beyond, Peter has acquired great

skill at kneading, and he is helping to pioneer

JubyLee Bakes' new bread making venture. Thank

you, Dylan Needham, and thanks too to Prior's


"Peter, and all our bakers, demonstrate the

huge achieving potential of our fabulous young

people. They are raising the profi le of learning

disability in our communities, promoting diversity

and inclusivity. JubyLee Bakes is proud to work

alongside them and facilitate their achievements."

For more information about Bread & Beyond, go to

Ex-star baker helps pioneer charity's

bread-making venture


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