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Opener’s rebid:


raising partner’s 2NT

response to 1NT to 3NT

YOU are South and open

the bidding with 1♥, ♠KJ6 (5) (6) Sandra Landy

partner responds 1♠. ♥AK52 ♠A3 ♠ 10 9

What do you rebid? Your ♦J7 ♥AQ42 ♥ A Q 10

hand is: ♣J643 ♦ K Q 10 9 ♦ K 10 5 open 1NT with that good five-card dia-

Of course this is a trick ♣ 10 8 6 ♣ Q J 10 9 2 mond suit, despite being a point short. I

question. You would never prefer to open 1NT rather than 1♦ as 1NT

open 1♥ with this hand. Holding a (7) (8) is a limit bid: I won’t have to bid again un-

balanced 12-14 points, you should always ♠A42 ♠J9754 less partner forces me. If I open 1♦, I have

open 1NT. If you opened 1♥ and partner ♥ K J 10 ♥A6 to make a rebid unless partner raises dia-

responded 2♦, what would you rebid? ♦ Q J 10 9 7 ♦K83 monds or bids 1NT. 1NT makes life awk-

Having opened 1NT you won’t have to ♣98 ♣AJ3 ward for opponents – they can’t overcall at

make a further bid unless partner asks you the one level over 1NT – but it’s easy to

to do so, by asking a question. One overcall with a major over 1♦.

question your partner might ask is: ‘Are (1) This is a really miserable 1NT opening (8) Pass or bid on – see (3) – but the point

you a maximum or a minimum for your bid, with only 12 points. Also, the heart suit is that you should open with 1NT. If you

1NT opening bid?’ Partner asks this has no honours. The clubs may only pro- open 1♠ and partner replies with a suit bid

question by bidding 2NT. vide two tricks. It doesn’t get much worse at the two level, you are obliged to make a

On the hand shown you might find this than this. Not only would I pass 2NT, I rebid. I would hate to have to rebid 2♠ with

a difficult question to answer. With 13 might pass the hand rather than opening it! that poor suit. Although in principle an

points you are in the middle of the point (2) A 13-point hand, but two four-card opening 1NT bid denies a five-card major, I

range for 1NT. The hand has nothing very suits with good honour holdings, where I make an exception with a very poor suit.

exciting about it, so many players would might develop tricks, plus two tens and three

pass. Others might see two four-card suits nines, which strengthen the suits. I might

in which tricks could be developed and they not make 3NT, but I would always bid it. POINTS TO REMEMBER

would bid game, or perhaps they are more (3) This 13-point hand looks much like (2),

confident about their card playing abilities but it’s not as strong. No tens or nines in the • A 1NT opening bid is a ‘limit’ bid, i.e.

and like being in game! There isn’t really a long suits. It wouldn’t be wrong to bid 3NT, you do not have to bid again unless

correct answer; on the day, either pass or but I would pass 2NT. partner makes a forcing response.

3NT could be right. (4) With 14 points and two tens everybody • A 1NT opening bid can contain any

Below is a quiz. There are eight possible should bid 3NT. On a spade lead, the spade strength five-card minor or a weak

1NT opening bids. Partner raises you to king is always a stopper, where a holding of five-card major.

2NT; would you bid 3NT or would you ♠Q-3 would not be. Opponents often lead • When you open the bidding with

pass? Decide on your answers before your shortest suit to set up tricks. Partner is one of a suit, you are obliged to make

reading what I would do. unlikely to have four spades as he didn’t use a rebid unless partner passes, raises

Stayman over the 1NT opening. your suit or bids no trumps, or if

(5) With 15 points, this hand is too good partner is a passed hand. Consider

(1) (2) for 1NT. But if you miscounted your points what that rebid will be when you

♠K65 ♠J9 when you made your first bid and opened decide on your opening bid. If you

♥9542 ♥AQ92 1NT, you should certainly bid 3NT now. can’t think of a rebid, it probably

♦Q42 ♦ K Q 10 9 (6) Only 12 points, but the four tens means you should open 1NT!

♣ AQJ ♣ J 10 8 improve the hand. Some people count a ten • When evaluating your 1NT opening,

as half a point, so four tens could be worth count half a point for a ten, if it is

(3) (4) 2 points on that reckoning! With a strong supporting a higher honour.

♠Q3 ♠K3 five-card club suit to generate tricks, I • If your card play is not yet very good,

♥AQ42 ♥AQ42 would always rebid 3NT on this hand. you may get a good score by staying

♦KQ32 ♦ K Q 10 9 (7) Pass: you have a minimum hand. Note in 2NT when the confident players

♣864 ♣ 10 8 6 that you are not obliged to pass initially just are in 3NT going down!

because you only have 11 points. I would October 2008 English Bridge 29


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