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Hands you have played

see at least eleven tricks and continued auction, but the partnership had found

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL with a cue-bid of 4♠, to which Mike that passive bidding cost them dearly in

THE deal below was played by Danny replied 5♦, showing the ace of diamonds Brighton last year so he plumped for a frisky

Gesua (sitting South) in the Swiss Teams and denying the ace of clubs. Now there approach as West:

event at the recent Brighton Congress: were twelve tricks so long as the oppo-

nents could not take two tricks on a club West North East South

lead. Andrew reckoned that West was very Pass 1♥ Pass 2♦

♠ AKQ64 likely to hold the king of clubs, and might Dble Redble1 2♠ 2NT

♥ A 10 9 4 well hold the queen of that suit as well. Pass 3NT All Pass

♦ 10 7 Being an optimist, he also thought that a 1

Showing extra values

♣ J 10 club lead might not be obvious.

Andrew reckoned further, however, that Dan was now on lead to a confidently and

N there was another contract which would quickly bid 3NT after his aggressive take-


S make whenever 6♥ was making, and he out double had forced his partner to

bid 6NT – partly on the grounds that it speak. This is how he reasoned:

♠ J might be harder to lead an unsupported ‘The opposition were clearly not

♥ 6 ace against this slam. On the king of worried by our spades, so I decided to go

♦ AKQ64 diamonds lead, he made twelve tricks and for clubs. I thought it unlikely partner had

♣ K86432 was rewarded with all 46 of the match- more than two, and also thought we

points available. needed quick tricks before the opposition

The added spice to the hand was that cashed their red-suit winners. I needed

The contract was 5♦ on a heart lead, won in those pairs in 6♥ by East faced a singleton partner to have something like king of

dummy with the ace. After the jack of clubs club lead to the ace, and a return for a ruff clubs doubleton. If he did, one of the

to the king (the right guess!) and a second . . . with a singleton trump! opponents could easily have four to the

club to the ace, declarer won the diamond ‘Ah’, said Mike afterwards, ‘I see why you nine of clubs so, on that basis, I decided to

return and trumped a third club, thereby bid 6NT, and not 6♥. With only twelve hold on to my jack and ten of clubs to

establishing the remaining small clubs. hearts in the two hands you were obviously prevent the opposition establishing a block

A spade to the jack in hand was follow- worried there might be a trump loser!’ in the suit if clubs were Q-x opposite

ed by the king and queen of diamonds, 9-x-x-x either way. I led the five of clubs,

and a small diamond was conceded to the my fourth highest.

nine. Danny trumped the heart return BREAKTHROUGH HAND ‘Declarer now had a tricky decision.

with his last trump, which left him with He had nine top tricks, and the only

three small clubs on which to discard the SOMETIMES, doing something away from danger was if we could cash five club

ace, king and queen of spades! the norm can have unexpected benefits. tricks first. If the clubs are 4-3, he's safe.

Dan Baines and his partner were trying to If East has two clubs, he needs to play

break Dan’s 100% losing record at Table 1 of small to block the suit if East has K-x or

STING IN THE TALE a national teams event when this deal oc- A-x, but he needs to play the queen if

curred at the 2008 Swiss Teams in Hinckley: East has 10-x or J-x. Declarer probably

MIKE Rawlins and Andrew Doye came reasoned that if I had both jack and ten

through the field very strongly in the second of clubs, I would have led the jack, so my

half of the 2008 National Pairs to secure Game All. Dealer West. partner ought to have one of the jack and

second place. This board, which earned ♠A6 ten. He eventually played the queen of

them an outright top, helped their cause: ♥AKQ5 clubs and we cashed the first five tricks

♦J984 to gain 13 IMPs on the board (and win

♣Q87 the match by 12 IMPs).

Love All. Dealer West. ♠ K872 ♠ Q 10 4 ‘If you need partner to have a specific

♠ 3 ♠AKQ ♥ J42




♥ 10 9 8 7 3 high-card holding in a suit, there is no

♥ Q 8 7 2 W N E ♥ A K J 10 6 5 4 3 ♦ 3 S ♦762 point in wasting your own high cards un-

♦ AJ9 S ♦ Void ♣ A J 10 5 4 ♣K6 necessarily, and on some occasions (as

♣ K Q 10 8 6 ♣52 ♠J953 above) an unusual play of this kind may

♥6 have the unexpected benefit of fooling

♦ A K Q 10 5 declarer.’

Mike, West, opened 1♣, and Andrew made ♣932

a game-forcing response of 2♥. Mike now Have you played a good / funny / unusual

jumped to 4♥, indicating a minimum hand recently? If so, send it along and you

hand, but with good trumps. Andrew could Dan is not too proud of his part in the may well see it in print in English Bridge! October 2008 English Bridge 35


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