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Eastbourne Seniors, Cecil Leighton and

Master Point promotions Dorset partner were second in the Championship Pairs A Final, and Bob Hair – Allan

Mrs JE Maul 1 Star Master Mrs R Caddy Tournament Greenstein won the B Final. Highest

Dr PR Maul Mrs VM Hardisty Mr CP Dwerryhouse Master placed Essex players in the Essex/Herts

Mrs R Winstanley Mrs LP Radford Mr T Legood Mr P Nettlingham IT is with great sadness

that I have to report the One Day were Alan Mayo – Michael

Area Master Mrs V Wodehouse Mr R F Luckham Mrs A Spittal

Mr CE Dale Advanced Master Miss EM Runnalls 4 Star Master death of Ingrid Hole, Grounds, whose team came joint second

Mr S Delooze Mr DW Chidell County Master Mr M Krimgoltz who finally lost her battle against cancer in the Swiss Teams, and Laurie and

Mr JE Dougherty Master Mr S Barretto Mr KJ Williams in August. She will be greatly missed by Stephanie Burtt, fifth in the Swiss Pairs.

Mrs EM Hughes Mrs L Chidell Dr JPB Sandall 3 Star Master Winners of recent Essex events: Sum-

Mr AJ Reading Mr B Williamson

all those who knew her both at and away

Mrs S O'Neill Mrs S Fenton mer Seniors: 1. Richard Register – Graham

Mrs ME Reading County Master District Master Mrs J Loveridge from the bridge table.

Mr P Riley Mrs CL McCue National Results: Special congratula- Foster; 2. Allan Greenstein – Yvonne Dias;

Ms MN White Mr DH Atkins

Mr NJ Roy District Master Mrs GA Walker 2 Star Master tions to Miles Cowling and Chris Kinloch 3. Chris McChlery – Michael Wren.

Mrs KA Vickery Lady H Long Area Master Mrs JA Dumont on winning the 2008 National Pairs Final. Mixed Teams of Four: 1. Rob Elliott,

Club Master Mrs RM Stewart Mr KRC Evans Mr PJ Dumont

English Riviera Congress: Swiss Teams, 5th Maureen Huntingford, Sandy Riach and

Dr M Baxendine Mr A Light Mr DJ Patten Ann Savory; 2. Allan Greenstein, Yvonne

Cumbria John Gardner, Margot Wilson, Janet

Mrs GA Collins Club Master Mr F Ross

National Master Smith, Harold Wayne; 6th Stewart Upton, Dias, Alan Cohen, Jill Hair; 3. Peter

Mrs S Dougherty Mr PM Guppy 1 Star Master

Mr NA Lawrence

Mr J Farmer Mr F Harrop Glenda Shave, Brian Browse, Paddy Bowen. Williamson, Wendy Logan, Bernie Hunt,

4 Star Regional Ms C Hamon

Mrs S Smith Mr PAG Keith Mr JA Hutchinson Swiss Pairs: 5th John Gardner – Margot Sheena Millins.

Master Mr CK Kelly Diary Dates: Oct 5, Essex Seniors Cup.

Local Master Local Master Wilson, 19th Miles Cowling – Eddie

Mrs M Swan Mrs EM Williams

Mrs N Quimson

Master Mr M Anderson Lucioni, 22nd Brian Browse – Paddy Oct 26, Fletcher Trophy and Essex Cup

Mr JM Dixon Advanced Master for Clubs. Nov 23, Tony Kelvin Swiss

Cambs & Hunts Mrs J Ridley Bowen, 28th Stewart Upton – Glenda

Dr R Evens Mr T Matthews

2 Star Premier Derbyshire Mrs JE Pamplin Shave, 36th Chris Stevens – Ann Sharples. Teams. Nov 30, Play with an Expert.

Regional Master Direct Mr A Rogers

National Master Summer Senior Congress: B Final: 3rd

Mr KF Riley District Master County Master

Mrs AM Morton Lynne and Ron Heath. Simultaneous Gloucestershire

2 Star Regional 4 Star Regional Mr J Mitchell Miss CM Aldridge

Master Club Master District Master

Pairs: Mon 28th July, 2nd Martin Brook –


Helen Ackroyd; Tues 29th July, 28th

Mrs A Aplin Mrs M Mound Mr DM Cox Mrs P Clarke

8 Star Premier 3 Star Regional Local Master Mrs P Kitchin Shirley and John Durrant. Bournemouth GCBA members have achieved some

Master Master Mr M Ellison Mr C Rastin One-day Green-pointed Swiss Teams: 1. significant results recently. Our County

Mrs ZJ Lacy Mr A Smith Area Master Miles Cowling, Chris Kinloch, Richard Knock-out champions, John Atthey,

Advanced Master Dorset

Regional Master Mr BA Newman Harris, Bob McRobert; 2. Brian Browse, Richard Butland, Richard Chamberlain,

Mr J Pearce Premier Life Mr R Perera

Mr R Horsley John Askew, Alistair Cowley, Paddy Paul Denning, and Andrew Kambites,

Mr D Richer Master Club Master

2 Star Premier performed extremely well to win the

Master Master

Mr BJ Browse Mr E Landers Bowen; 3. Ron and Lynne Heath, Mike

Mr SB Goodwin Mrs K Stanyon

4 Star Premier Mrs D Linney Ryan, Tony Lawrence; 5. Margot Wilson, Pachabo. The County also won the

Mrs KM Jennings Regional Master Mr E Robertson John Gardner, Harold Wayne, Janet national competition for winners of

Mr K Stanyon

Mr RB Salmon Mr R Vessey Mrs EA Smith regional leagues, as reported on page 32.

1 Star Master Smith; 6. Fenton Rutter, Lesley Angus,

County Master 6 Star Premier Mr T Todman

Mrs J C Stoker

Master L Woolard Amalia Richardson, Roger Andrews. John Atthey was one half of the winning

Mrs CG Dunney Advanced Master

Mr C Waites Mrs A Trayler Local Master County Results: Simeon Cup: 1. Miles combination in the Brighton Swiss Pairs.

Mrs D Knowles Tony Hill was part of the team which

Area Master 3 Star Premier Mrs M Robertson Cowling – Daphne Philipps, 2. Martyn

Club Master

Mr J Cairns Mr M Gavigan

Master Gloucestershire Hill-Jones – Martin Brook, 3. Eugene finished fifth in the premier Teams

Mr H Lockwood Mrs I White Mr P White Life Master Sheehan – David Gill. Weymouth Cup: competition at Brighton. Derek Rue’s

Club Master Local Master 4 Star Master Mr KA Rahim 1. Martin Brook, Helen Ackroyd, Richard team (Tony Hill, Keith Stanley and Alan

Mr G Buncombe Mrs J Allsop Mrs GP Barron 1 Star Regional Wearmouth) lost a close final of the

and Christine Ray; 2. Mike Pownall,

Mr R Key Mr A Marsland Advanced Master Master

Mr D Waldman Martyn Hill-Jones, Mark Hooper, Sarah Crockfords Plate by 4 IMPs.

Devon Mrs BR Barker- Mr MA Rogers

Local Master Bennett Fazakerley; 3. Hannah Kearns, Eileen The County Mixed Pairs champions

Premier National 1 Star Premier

Mrs J Taylor Master Master Rundle, Nicky Willis, Mary Osmond are Wendy and Joe Angseesing, with the

Master Flitch winners being Judy and Allan Sanis.

Channel Islands Mrs BE Davies Mr A Cowley Mr JM Rogers (cup winners playing for Weymouth BC)

1 Star Premier Mr DJ Harriman County Master 1 Star Tournament Diary Dates: Oct 12, Swiss Teams for

Mrs J Hill Master the Hardwick Cup, 2pm, Digby Hall,

Master Mrs CA Robinson

Mrs F Keene Mr CJ Froggatt Hants and IoW

Mr JC Drillot 6 Star Premier Sherborne. Nov 16, Men’s and Ladies’

Premier Master Regional Master Mrs SM Sharman Tournament

District Master Master Pairs, 2pm, Allendale Community Centre.

Mr P Keeling Mr RPS Andrews

Mr CR Barker- Mr J Brown Dec 14, Mixed Pairs for the Chope Salver, LAST season HIWCBA

Advanced Master 3 Star Premier

Regional Master Bennett 5 Star Master 2pm, Allendale Community Centre. decided to support a charity

Mrs MA Breuilly

Mrs A Hopton Mrs BR Fricker Mr CJ Smith Please e-mail information of interest each year and The Countess

Area Master

Mr JR Sach Mrs D Murphy 1 Star Master to of Brecknock Hospice, And-

Mr M Bane

3 Star Regional Area Master Mrs R Gates over, was chosen. Read more on page 21!

Club Master Mrs AM Wilkinson

Mrs BM Chiang Master Mrs P Child

A last result from last year: the Joyce

Local Master Mrs BJ House Essex

County Master Essex Pick Charity Trophy was won by Dave

1 Star Regional Mr J Blumsom

Ms MM Boyd National Master Mr APD Coombes Willis, Lesley Lewis, Andrew Bennett and


Cornwall Mr ER Cockle District Master

Mr S Quinn MANY congratulations to Keith Bennett.

Life Master 6 Star Premier Mr DE Havens

Regional Master our Vice President, Teddy Diary Dates: Oct 5, Simmons Trophy

Mr GC Warren Regional Master Mr RAW Wall

Miss E Highton (married pairs)/ Simmons Plate (other

National Master Mrs AF Fenton Club Master Schram, who celebrated

10 Star Premier

Mr RJ Mabley Master 5 Star Premier Dr J Seddon her 100th birthday on 3 mixed pairs). Oct 11, Petersfield Swiss

9 Star Premier Mr EEC Livermore

Regional Master Hants and I.O.W. August. Teddy joined the teams (at Petersfield, entries to Maureen

Master Mrs LV Seymour ECBA in 1950, and with Rubra). Oct 26, Wessex Swiss pairs. Nov

4 Star Premier Premier National

Mrs S Howley Master 4 Star Premier 2, Simple Systems Pairs (+ IOW heat).

Regional Master

Master her late husband, Maurice, was responsible

6 Star Premier Mr S Dooley Mrs C Fearon for the growth of bridge in the Southend Nov16, Jubilee Cup Teams of Eight. Nov

Master Tournament Mrs LM Barker Mr I Fearon

Mr S Crouch 1 Star Premier area. She received the Dimmie Fleming 30, Bloxham Trophy Open Swiss teams.

Master 1 Star Regional

5 Star Premier Miss EML Nicholson Regional Master Master award in 1985 for services to bridge, and Dec 1-5, Charity Duplicated Pairs (in

Master Mrs J Wyatt Mr A Mundy Mr MA Kempster was still playing well into her nineties. clubs). All the above are at Romsey and

Mr B Relton 5 Star Master 1 Star Regional 13 Star Premier National results: in the Jersey Congress, start at 2pm unless otherwise listed.

Mrs EM Relton Mrs BP Corsbie Master Master Peter Franklin – Alan Mayo and team- Entries to Lillian Craigen 02380

4 Star Premier 4 Star Master Mr D Tennet Mrs T Blackmore mates won the Swiss Teams. The London 254276 or

Master Mr JS Honess 19 Star Premier 3 Star Master

Mr B Cuff Master Trophy was won for the second time in

3 Star Master Mr GT Dove

Tournament Mr J Boxall Mr P Williamson 2 Star Master

three years by Cecil Leighton, Alf Wilkins, Herefordshire

Master Mrs DL Twinberrow 9 Star Premier Mrs AP Martin Myrna Woolf, Monty Krimgoltz. In the

Mr H Payne Master Bedfordshire One Day Swiss Teams, Sandy

1 Star Master Dr C Purkiss

4 Star Master Mr IJ Dalrymple Mrs CEM Irvine 1 Star Master Riach, Robert Elliott, Michael Watson, WELL done to Neville Shorrick, Jennifer

Mrs P Day Mrs J Lucas 6 Star Premier Mr KS McArdle Jacek Lapszys were third. Chris and Sue Baker and Pam Crisp from Ledbury play-

3 Star Master Advanced Master Master Mr PL Ogilvy-Stuart ing with John Williams from Bromsgrove

Taylor, and Martin and Sandy Smith came

Mr CD King Mrs J Bell Mr AH Goss Dr G Pocock

second in the Mid Wales Congress. In the for winning the Swiss Teams event at the

44 English Bridge October 2008


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