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Mid-Wales Congress, ahead of a number

Master Point promotions of Welsh Internationals. Lancashire

The Herefordshire team came fourth

Mrs WA Spencer 10 Star Premier Mr P Tinsley Leicestershire out of nine teams in the President’s Cup

Advanced Master Master Advanced Master CONGRATULATIONS go

4 Star Regional improving substantially on last year’s

Mr CD Bird Mrs P Starck Mrs M Berry Master to the Lancashire team that

performance; they did particularly well

Mrs R Moreland 5 Star Premier Mr B Fordham Mrs PA Beasley won the President’s Cup,

Mrs JO Pike Master Mr JM Johnston

to beat last year’s winners, Yorkshire.

1 Star Master beating all the neighbour-

Master Mr PJ Goodsell Mrs A Padley Ben and Tom Paske continued their

Mrs C James ing counties. Lancashire

Mr C Doyle 2 Star Premier Mr DJ Summerfield Mr RL Shah preparation for the Beijing Mind Sports

Mrs E Harding Master

also won the Pearse McNamara Trophy

Master Mr R Sherwood Games with wins in both the Riviera

Mrs JJB Lawrence Mrs JL Stebbings Mr JW Parker by beating Cumbria.

County Master Congress Swiss Teams and the Brighton

Mr BT Yeoman 5 Star Master County Master Mrs M Frings Well done to Nick and Sue Woodcock,

County Master

Mid-week KO Teams.

Mrs JM Mills Mr MH Jenson Mr MK Green Catherine Draper and Andrew Woodcock

Mr MA Baker Mr ML Smith Mr E Short

Diary Dates: Oct 10, Draw and 1st

Mr RA Howard on coming second in the Pachabo Cup,

District Master 4 Star Master Mr CB Vertue Club Master Round of Knock-Out Teams Competi-

and to Austin Barnes – Stuart Norris on

Mrs J Cherrett Mr JA Coffell District Master Mr J Brett tion, Ledbury, 7pm. Oct 19, Avocet

Mrs L Coombes being runners-up in the Northern

Mrs EJ Walters Mr I Avery Local Master Teams, Tarrington, 10.30am. Nov 1, Men’s

Mr AM Dunworth Mr TS Walters Mr CHJ Baron Seniors’ Congress Championship Pairs.

Dr CJ Graves and Ladies’ Pairs, Tarrington, 2pm.

Mr PS Hards 3 Star Master Mr T Brettle In the first round of the Northern

Mrs B Johnson Lincolnshire Nov 14, Inter-Club Teams League,

Mr AS Perrin Mrs S Brown Bridge League, Lancashire A finished third

Mrs MA Rose Mr MAK Smith Mr HAD Cairns

Premier National Round 1, Ledbury, 7pm.

Master out of five counties, Lancashire B sixth

Area Master 1 Star Master Mrs PB Eliot

Mrs E Baldwin Mr GR Elwick out of six and Lancashire C second out

Mrs J Choat Mrs M Gamble

Mrs JA Morrow Mrs D Nelson Mr R Payne

Mrs PD Hughes Hertfordshire of eight. Preston Pairs: 1. Bill Alston –

Mrs D Riordan Mr PD Hughes Colin Mitchell.

Advanced Master Area Master

Mr PC Runchman 2 Star Premier Diary Dates: Oct 4-5, Great Northern

Mrs I Pickering Mr MS Harrow

Mrs PJ Sommerville Regional Master CONGRATULATIONs to the County C

Master Mrs B Lavelle

Mr SE Knox Swiss Pairs, Risley. Oct 19, Foundation

Dr GA Williams Mr PH Lunoe Mr R Pinfield team of June Ball, Julie Snell, Andy Fenn,

Club Master 5 Star Premier Cup (Swiss Teams), Blackburn Bridge

County Master Mr N Shilling Chris Cook, Sonia Griffiths, Tim Dean,

Mrs N Bourne Master Centre. Oct 25, Northern Bridge League

Mrs J Hanlon Club Master Margaret and Bernard Eddleston who

Mr C Garrod Mr M Pearce Mr J Hunter

Mrs PA Herring Round 4, Bradford Bridge Club. Nov 1-2,

Mrs M Holmes 2 Star Master won the Inter-Regional County Teams. LCBA Congress, Brierfield Bridge Club.

District Master Mr FL Lacki

Local Master Mrs ME Ellis Congratulations to Malcolm Harris, Nov 7-9, EBU Seniors Congress, Daven-

Mr R Martin Mr DB Riley

Mrs S Marke Mr PJ Harland who was in the team that has won the

Mr B Veal Mrs J Riley try. Nov 16, Athenaeum Swiss Teams,

Dr R Reid Mr JS Hill

Area Master Mr BK Smale

County Master

Crockfords Plate, and to Malcolm Harris, Bury Athenaeum. Nov 29-30, Tollemache

Herefordshire Mr E Roberts Mrs JM Titcombe Francis Eddleston, Maria Budd and Rick

Mr LH Titcombe Mrs ZE McIntyre Cup Qualifying Round, Hinckley. Dec 7,

2 Star Premier Mr JL Smith Irwin on getting to the semi-finals of the

Regional Master Mr AE Wells London Lytham Rose Bowl, Lytham Bridge Club.

Club Master NICKO Plate.

Mrs P Jenkins Miss R Kaban Local Master Life Master

Mr I Thomas Mr DA Gold At the Summer Seniors Congress, Tara

3 Star Premier Mr R Proctor

Mrs JC Vening National Master and Stan Harding were second in the B Leicestershire

Master Local Master

Mr I Murray-Watson MR DAV Edmonds Mr CN Wright Final; Malcolm and Maria won the Swiss


2 Star Premier Mr JM Fletcher 1 Star Premier Pairs, with David Stimson – Roger

Premier Life Regional Master ASHBY 1 (Pat Dunham,

Master Mr J Harris Edmonds second; Stan and Tara, with

Master Mr PS Mendelson Joan Benton, Don James,

Mr M Moxley Isle Of Man Mr N Woodcock 1 Star Regional Bob Turnham and Michael Wiles, were Geoff Haywood) won

Advanced Master 2 Star Premier Life Master Master also third in the Swiss Teams.

Mrs PA Slater Master Mrs H Montgomery

the Summer Knock-out

Master Mrs CMM Wood Congratulations to Alan Kay who was Plate defeating Grant-

Mr JF Kissack 2 Star Premier

Mr GG Crisp 13 Star Premier in the winning team of the B Final at the

Kent Regional Master Master ham A2 (Carol Fisher, Judy Hulland,

County Master Mr MM Richman

Brighton Congress. John Ronan, Martin Grant) by 320 IMPs

Miss J Dowdle Life Master Mrs LE Coulson

Mrs S Richman Diary Dates: Oct 10, Club Champions’ in the final. Clarendon 2 play County B

District Master Mr JP Griffiths Premier Master

Premier National 11 Star Premier Mr DT Davenport Cup. Oct 24, Mixed Pairs. Nov 2, Swiss in the final of the Cup.

Mrs J Davies-Jones Master

Ms J Mabe Master Mr N Treeby Pairs. Nov 9, Golf Club Trophy. Nov 21, After two of the three rounds of the

Mr DC Anning Mr MA Fyne 1 Star Master Eccles Cup. All events take place at the

Mrs P Webber Three Counties competition, Ashby are

National Master 10 Star Premier Mr THO Lundqvist Bridge Centre.

Area Master the most successful club, the only one to

Mr LB Kerr Master County Master

Mr D Johnson

Mrs J Johnson Mr D Mortlock Mrs M Fyne Mrs DA Friedman have won twice. They head Div. 3 with

Mrs C Jones 3 Star Premier 8 Star Premier Mr RS Friedman Kent Barkby being their main challengers. In

Mr A Kingston Regional Master Master Mr RK Harris Div. 2 Loughborough University won

Mr RHB Malim Mr KD Harrap Mr I Ahmad Dr CF Hough once, but sadly in Div. 1 the three Leics

Mr B Smith 8 Star Regional 6 Star Premier Mr P Miurin AT the Brighton Congress

Master Mr JS Wheeler

sides are rooted to the foot of the table.

Mrs EM Walker Master the team of Jeremy Willans,

Club Master Mr M Judge Mrs D Gilbert District Master In the first county match of the season

Mrs A Dawes 6 Star Regional 3 Star Premier Mrs E Michalski Ian Draper, Gerald and against Glos, the first team lost 4 – 16,

Mrs C Dixon Master Master Mrs YR Runeland Stuart Tredinnick won the the second won 13 – 7, with the third

Mrs JM Pugh Mr JH Llewellyn- Mrs B Ahmad Club Master Swiss Teams ‘A’ Final on the team scoring 12+ for a win by default.

Mrs E Riddle Jones 2 Star Master Mr P Eccles second weekend. The Tues- Diary Dates: Oct 1, Otto & Edith

Mrs LCE Shepherd 1 Star Regional Mrs AM Walker Mr M Fialko

Local Master

day evening GCH Fox Trophy was won by Bowl, Mixed Pairs incorporating Mid-

Local Master Master 1 Star Master

Mr PR Dewhurst Mr JWS Wortley Mr R Booth Mrs E Bingham Malcolm Pryor and Karen Pryor. land Flitch qualifier, County Club (CBC).

Mrs SM Dewhurst 7 Star Premier Advanced Master Mrs B Christie Following the AGM, the Phillimore Oct 12, Midlands League v Nottingham-

Mr GM Green Master Mr A Crabtree Mrs P Laumen Cup (Kent Swiss Pairs Championship) shire, LGS. Oct 13, 14 & 16, Josephs Bowl

Mrs CJ Winney Mr RH Bird Mrs IA Park Manchester Preliminary Round, Club Heats. Oct 15,

was played: 1. Jeremy Willans – Ian

Hertfordshire 4 Star Premier Mr JK Pollard Premier National Stanley Trophy Heat Two, LGS. Oct 25,

Master Dr M Smith

Draper, 2. Anita Asparo – Leslie Bear,

Life Master Master EBU Club Directors Course – Book

Mr JA Anstead Master Mr M Ardron 3. Don and Ann Mitchell. Farnborough

Mr P Clark Rulings, CBC. Oct 27, Charity Sim Pairs,

Dr JP Dymoke Mr AE Boyer Mrs MK Dewan National Master BC won the Mitchell Salver club teams

Mrs PM Jacobs 3 Star Tournament Mr L Mank Mr M Bell competition for EBU members ranked Ashby, Bradgate, County, Grantham &

National Master Master Mrs A Pollard Mrs A Edwards at or below Tournament Master. Westcotes. Oct 28, Charity Sim Pairs,

Mrs JC Farndon Mrs MJ Holt County Master Premier Regional Blaby. Oct 29, Josephs Bowl Preliminary

1 Star Tournament Mr P Dunstan Master

The Corbett Cup is being launched in

Mrs S Gold Round Open Heat, Glenfield. Oct 30,

Mr MJ Whittaker Master Mr M Tomlinson Mr DCR Collier a new format. Club secretaries have

Charity Sim Pairs, Loughborough.

4 Star Premier Mrs M Hodgkinson District Master Regional Master been notified. Susanne Walsh is the new

5 Star Master Nov 12, Leicestershire Cup Round 1,

Regional Master Mrs L Hepworth Mr L Bloohn NW Kent Area secretary. John Davy is

Mrs AM Blanchard Mr AJ Adams Area Master 1 Star Premier

Barkby. Nov 16, Midlands League v

the new coordinator for the SW Kent Oxfordshire, away. Nov 22, EBU Club

Mr W Russell 4 Star Master Mrs J Birkett Master

Mr BJ Ping Mrs D Blake

Pearson Cup Trophy. Their contact details Directors Course – Judgement Rulings,

9 Star Regional Mrs I Davies

Master 3 Star Master Mrs JL Burns Premier Master are on the website. CBC. Nov 26, Josephs Bowl Round 1.

Mr TG Banks Mrs PM Bradley Mr D Spencer Mr R Sinton Diary Dates: Oct 25, Kent Congress Dec 6, EBU Club Directors Course -

19 Star Premier Mrs A Disbury Club Master Tournament Swiss Pairs, Tunbridge Wells, 1pm. Assessment, CBC. Dec 10, Stanley

Master 1 Star Master Mr G Kershaw Master Oct 26, Kent Congress Swiss Teams, Trophy Heat Three, LGS. Dec10, Wilde

Mr JE Chalk Mr LW Ross Mrs C Thompson Mrs BM Moulds

Tunbridge Wells 11am. Cup, restricted teams, CBC. October 2008 English Bridge 45


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