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OCT_08_EB_p47-53 County News 12/9/08 1:01 pm Page 48

Hackett, but Jason and Justin will be in League. Peter Hardyment – Paul Mendel-

Master Point promotions the England team in Beijing. Barbara son won the Dorin Salver.

Hackett will also be there, representing Please note that the date of the Surrey

5 Star Premier Somerset National Master Mr A Moon Germany. We wish them luck. One-day Junior Teach-in at Charter-

Regional Master 1 Star Regional Mr RC Sexton Mr R Wood Diary Dates: Nov 2, County Multiple house School in Godalming has been re-

Mr PW Jordan Master 8 Star Premier 1 Star Master Swiss teams (S & S CBA members only), arranged for Sunday, 16th November.

4 Star Premier Mr P McEwen Regional Master Mrs CE Derry

Mr N Barnes Mr PL Hainsworth

2.00 at Stafford Bridge Club; entries to Further details from CYO Bomi Kavarana

Regional Master 10 Star Premier

Master Mr BH Smith Mr RJG Michelmore Judy Mitchell (£24 per team) at 6 Hexham at or 01737

Mrs SA Smith

2 Star Premier Mr D Burgess 7 Star Premier Mr JR Osborne Way, Shrewsbury, SY2 6QX. 812767. Members should by now have

8 Star Premier Regional Master Mr D Sims received their Competitions Brochure for

Regional Master

Master Mr F Marshallsay Mr M Skelly

Mr C Sheppard Suffolk the forthcoming season. All County

Mr JR Cockram 6 Star Premier Advanced Master

8 Star Regional Regional Master Mrs J Bines

daytime events will now start at 1pm.

Master 1 Star Premier

Master Mr N Grant Mrs JA Coates

Mr R Quainton Mr PL Hodson

9 Star Premier

Mrs SA Cummings 4 Star Premier

Mrs MBM Kirkby

SADLY we report the death Sussex

Advanced Master Regional Master of Alan (Happy) Day. Alan,

Master Mr C Morton Mr C Stableford Mr H Klocek

Mrs CA Wadsworth Master along with others, was in-

Mrs N Rooke 2 Star Premier

7 Star Premier Regional Master Mr A Bannock strumental in the rebirth of CONGRATULATIONS to

County Master

Master Mrs HL Lilly Mr AE Fincham Mr GR Burgess the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association Jeremy Willans – Ian Draper

Mr RF Haycock Mr ME Percival 6 Star Regional Mrs SE Foster in 1980. It had lain dormant since1936, who won the Kent Green

4 Star Premier Club Master Master Mr D Hedley-Smith and he was its first Chairman. He was a Point Event on 21st June.

Master Mrs PH Bright Mr R Pope Mrs TL Hewett Andy Morris – Duncan

Mrs M Ward

strong supporter of bridge in Suffolk

Dr PP Jackson Local Master 5 Star Regional Curtis were third.

Master Mrs J Wells and served on the committee of Ipswich

Mrs AH Jackson Mr DA Jacklin & Kesgrave DBC for several years. Our In the Eastbourne Seniors

Mrs S Hayter County Master

1 Star Premier Staffs & Congress well done to John Williams –

4 Star Regional Mrs MI McMichael sympathies go to his wife, Diane and

Master Shropshire

Master Mrs GM Roberts their family. David Benjamin who were first in the

Dr J Murray Premier National Mrs PB Sexton

Mrs SA Schouten The new season is well under way and Pairs Q and Peter Collins – Ian Watt who

Premier Master Master 2 Star Regional District Master

Mr B Hargrave Mr R Keane it is not too late to enter the Felixstowe were third in the Swiss Pairs.

Master Mrs R Ford

Tournament Master 4 Star Premier Mr PS Nind Congress on Oct 11-12. Green-pointed 58 teams took part in the Ardingly

Mrs CS Chevalier

Mr JH Fox Regional Master Mrs G Easto Miss LJ Poole Pairs will be played on the Saturday Green Point Swiss Teams: 1. Frances Hin-

3 Star Master Mr GH Roberts Mrs A Hare Mrs H Saunders starting at 1pm and Swiss Teams on the den, Graham Osbourne, Jeffrey Allerton,

Mr J Cecil 1 Star Premier Mr MM Steinberg Mr A Wakenshaw Sunday at 11am. Please support this Michael Scoltock; =2. Barbara Pinto,

Regional Master Regional Master Area Master

2 Star Master annual event to ensure its continuity. Douglas Dunn, John Stimson, Winnie

Mr A Togneri Mrs SJ Cape Mr R Halliwell

Mrs P Ansell Entries / enquiries to Jeff Orton 01206 Godber, and Chris Bainham, Eddie Lu-

1 Star Regional Mrs S Jackson Mrs G Raynor

Mr A Ridgeley 861729 or at jeff cioni, Duncan Curtis, Andy Morris. The

Master 13 Star Premier Mrs JC Smith

1 Star Master Mr CG Tayar A highlight in our poor summer was non-experts prize went to Alan and Linda

Master Club Master

Mrs EM Crump 5 Star Premier Gardiner, Bill Nicolle, Bill Hemsby.

Mrs P Stewart

Mrs JP Cahm Mr A G Bacchus the 50th Anniversary celebration of

Master 10 Star Premier Ms M Conway Ipswich & Kesgrave DBC. A dinner was Best Performances at Brighton: an ex-

Advanced Master Mrs VJ Leland Master Mrs CL Edwards

Dr P Bacon held and was attended by seventy-two cellent result for Jeremy Willans who

3 Star Premier Mr PM Chan Local Master

Mrs P Grant Master members and guests, including founder won the A final teams with Ian Draper,

Mrs JC Gibbs Mrs SA Battrick-Wells

Mr P Griffiths Mrs J Perrins Mrs D Patrick MRs E Evans member Peter Markwell. Results: Senior Gerald and Stuart Tredinnick. Andrew

Mr MD Hickling 3 Star Master 8 Star Premier Prof J Grimshaw Pairs: 1. Jane Moore – Jenny Price, 2. Southwell – Matthew Hoskins were 8th

Mrs S McLean Mrs TE May Master Mrs J Iafrate Norman Less – Helen Mason, 3. Will in the Swiss Pairs. Malcolm and Karen

Mr CE Meek Mr EI Storm Mr LR Springate Mr PI Thomas Pryor won the GCH Fox Trophy. In the

Pavry – Jan Havard-Davies.

Master 2 Star Master 7 Star Premier Sussex Diary Dates: Oct 11-12 Felixstowe Adams & Remers Mixed Pivot Teams Liz

Mr M Lucas Mr AJ Brian Master


Life Master Congress, Pier Leisure Centre. Nov 9, and Matthew Hoskins, Jon Williams,

Mr M Neal Mrs A Sexton

Mrs M Freeman Novice Pairs, 2pm, Stoke by Nayland. Andrew Southwell were third.

Mrs A Potter Ms S Lee Dr RB Simonis

County Master Premier National Week of Nov 24, Suffolk Simultaneous Diary Dates: Oct 5, Chairman’s Cup.

Dr PA Watson 5 Star Premier


County Master Mr M Beach Master

Mr P Brown

Pairs (clubs). Dec 7, Suffolk Cham- Nov 16, Hills Trophy, Worthing. Nov 30,

Ms C Benzie Mrs A Piggott Mrs HM Seymour pionship Teams, 2pm, Stoke by Nayland. Ladies’ Pairs, Worthing. Dec 7, Basic

Mr AJ Gillespie

Mr O Cotton-Barratt District Master 3 Star Premier More information on Suffolk competi- Bridge Pairs, Bognor. Please see County

Mrs N Gillespie

Mrs AM Weaver Master

Mr J Forder Mr PC Kent tions from the Competitions secretary, calendar for all local heats of events.

Mrs K Hughes

Area Master Mr GC Coomber

4 Star Premier Rick Waters, e-mail

Mrs MM Alexander 2 Star Premier

Miss L Pulford Regional Master

Mr P Laughlin Master or 01379 870291. Warwickshire

Mr PP Stephens Mr R James

Club Master Mrs MA Aitchison

District Master Mrs J Garner

3 Star Regional

Mr VD Jackson

Dr K Collingham Mrs BI Middleton Mr BJ Taylor Master Surrey

Mr P Crewe Mrs JM Boydell HEARTY congratulations

Local Master 3 Star Tournament

Mrs P Hughes Mrs JE Cattermole

Mr AF Aryan Master to David Kenward – Mike

Ms M Jordan Mrs M Curtis CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Scoltock

Mrs DP Duff Mr A Haddock Summers-Smith on taking

Mrs P Lewis Mrs JM Haddock 2 Star Regional

Suffolk Master

who has three successes to his name this second place (equal) in the

Ms E Middleton 2 Star Tournament

22 Star Premier Mrs L Gardiner summer. Firstly he won the County Swiss prestigious Championship

Mrs A Warner Master

Master 1 Star Regional Pairs with Brian Powell and so became Pairs at Brighton, and to

Area Master Mr M Malin Mrs MM Nicholls

Mr PA Cooper Tournament Master Master the County Victor Ludorum this year. He Mike Butler – David Jones who were

11 Star Premier Mrs J Shillinglaw was then a member of the team which

Mr JLG May Master Mr CJ Everest runners-up (by 0.1%) in the Seniors Pairs.

5 Star Master Regional Master came second in the B Final at Brighton.

Ms K Park Mrs E Godden Miss JB Simpson

Also congratulations to the Hackett team

Mr GM Sheasby Tournament Master Mrs G De Jager- 8 Star Premier

Also at Brighton Angela McCready – of Paul and Justin, Brian Senior, Roy

Club Master Mrs J Catling Tomten John Samuels won the B Final at the

Mrs M Facey Master Moore and Edward Levy who followed

Mrs J Boszormenyi Advanced Master Senior Pairs. Barrie Cavell – Christine their win in the Warwicks Teams League

Mr KM Jackson Mr MR Godfrey

Miss SJ Cochrane Mrs EM Johnston Mrs IE Lee Dean won the Pre-congress Pairs at Scar-

Mr NR Higginbottom

Miss K Woodruff by winning the Handicap Teams.

Master 6 Star Premier borough. Unfortunately Frances Hinden,

Mrs MI Lewis

4 Star Master Diary Dates: Oct 1, the new Warwicks

Mr B Knight Master

Mr JJ Spring Jeffrey Allerton, Jon Cooke and Graham Championship Pairs starts at WMBC.

Mrs P Mathews Mr AJ Rose Mrs S Robinson

3 Star Master Osborne lost in the final of the 2007- Oct 5, Rugby Charity Pairs. Oct 8, BGB

Local Master County Master 4 Star Premier

Mrs P Childs

Mrs SC Abell Mr PA Flavell Master 2008 Hubert Phillips Bowl. Sim Pairs, Moseley, and Joyce Hare Teams,

Mr JI Parker

Mrs M Bowden District Master Mr C Raw Mrs J Handley County events: Jeffrey Allerton, Frances Sutton BC. Oct 9, Premier Invitation

Mr M Bowden Mr PT Brown Mr TP Wickham 2 Star Premier Hinden, Peter Lee, Mike Scoltock, Pairs, WMBC. Oct 22, Anne Ormond

Mrs UJ Bowler Area Master Mr J Xuereb Master Cup (Swiss Pairs), Moseley. Oct 23,

Mr N Napier

Graham Osborne and Gary Birdsall won

Mrs A Brown 2 Star Master Mr MJ Dancy Coventry Pairs. Introductory Pairs will

Club Master League Division 1. Tony Cummins,

Dr JS Deech Mrs FE Allwork 1 Star Premier

Mr FAD Harris Trevor Sweeting, and Graham and Sheila be played at various clubs throughout

Mrs G Evans Mrs B Ebert Master

Mrs A Robinson Surrey Mr AG Fathers Mr PF Gannon Barnet won Division 2. The Intermediate October. Nov 2, Gibbons Trophy (open

Mr RJ Van Noorden Premier Life Master Mrs LA Harding Premier Master League winners were T. and L. Greenhalgh Mixed Pairs), Coventry BC. Nov 5,

Dr M Wakeford Mrs S Millard Mr C Jones Mrs IE Gannon and G. and J. Tripp; J and J. Woollatt, Championship Pairs and Introductory

and C. West – Y. Wynne won the Novice Pairs semi-finals; also, Open Swiss Pairs,

48 English Bridge October 2008


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