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WMBC. Check your diary for the Williams were part of the team that

Master Point promotions Weston Trophy Swiss Pairs at 1.45pm, won the recent Mid Wales Congress at

Sunday 16 November at West Midlands Llandrindod Wells. In the Riviera

2 Star Tournament 1 Star Premier Worcester 2 Star Premier BC. Note the Joyce Hare Mixed Pairs on Congress Chris Enticknap – Barry

Master Master 2 Star Regional Master Wed Nov 19, at Moseley. Support Sim Sayers finished 10th in the Swiss Pairs

Mrs E Alexander Mr G Cope Master Mr RA Causton

Pairs events on 10 or 12, and the Euro- and were the top non-expert pair. In

Dr IW Paterson 5 Star Master Mr C Enticknap 1 Star Premier

1 Star Tournament Mr KR Boutell Master pean Sim Pairs on Nov 26, all at Moseley. the recent Shakespeare Teams, Pershore

2 Star Premier

Master 4 Star Master Master Mr SF Pooley Club secretaries should have their teams Bridge Club came second. Barclay

Mrs I Richards Mrs C McDonald Mr NJ Wilkins Mr DL Robinson of eight ready for the Garden Cities inter- Stewart – Fred Rochelle from Malvern

Tournament Master 1 Star Master Mr CR Withers Premier Master club qualifier at WMBC at 2pm, Sunday Bridge Club came first nationally in the

Mr JJ Callaghan Mr B Holloway Tournament Master Mr R Gembicki 22 Nov. May Sim Pairs, which is all the more

5 Star Master Advanced Master Mrs G Young Tournament Master Entries for Warwicks events: Darren

Mr JCH Blanford Mrs M Sisley Mr RD Ingram remarkable as Barclay had a heart

4 Star Master Evetts, 52 Murcott Road East, Whitnash,

4 Star Master Master Mrs M Tromans 5 Star Master attack a month and a half before.

Mr ED Thornton Mr P Colman 3 Star Master Mrs AE Edwards Warwicks CV31 2JJ 01926 429 039. Diary Dates: Oct 6, Closed Teams

3 Star Master Mr M O’Brien Mr DG Teague Mr BA Williams qualifier (eight teams will qualify for a

County Master 3 Star Master

Mrs EJ Fry 1 Star Master

Mrs SJ Mackellar

Wiltshire knock-out competition which runs

2 Star Master Mr BM Golding Mrs JB Bennett

Mrs J Webster

through the rest of the season; later

Miss NM Coldwell Mr J Kimberley Mr EA Elijah

Mr C Rowles 2 Star Master matches are held privately). Oct 11,

Mrs DJ Kyle Master THE County programme

Mrs CK Peeke District Master Mr C Knewstubb Mrs SM Oldroyd Irene Allen Non-Expert Swiss Pairs,

Mrs MS Shillaker Mrs AM Black Mr B Stokes Mrs B Walton is now well advanced, Stourbridge Institute (for players below

Mrs AM Slade Mrs C Shaw Mr TSS Walley Mr E Ward with the league and the rank of Regional Master); enquiries

1 Star Master Area Master County Master 1 Star Master knock-out competitions both attracting to Alan Reid, 07976 426868, or e-mail

Miss MA Hamilton Mr D Cadney Mr A Evans Mr J Collins strong entries.

Mrs J Lawson Advanced Master Oct 20, Men’s

Mr P Romanelli Mrs EA Smith Chris Dixon was a member of the

Advanced Master Club Master District Master Mr TC Bleasdale and Ladies Pairs, Holt Fleet. Nov 3, Mixed

Mr M James England Seniors Team that finished Pivot Teams. Nov 30, Healey Cup (Worcs

Mrs JR Bradley Mrs B James Mr CD Elliott

Mrs M Kolodotschko Mr AD Harris Mrs PM Thrower equal sixth in the European Champion- inter-club teams-of-four competition);

Mr T Kent

Mrs IJ Lilley Mrs IC Lawrence Mrs C Mitchell Master ships in Pau, missing out on a place in clubs are asked to enter one or two teams

Mrs J Nancollas Mrs J Munro Mrs E O’Donnell Mr D Carter next year’s World Seniors Championship to represent them in this event to Susan

Master Mr T Ramwell Yorkshire Mrs S Garlick by the narrowest possible margin. The

Local Master Mrs R Hartley Sharp, 01299 271099 or e-mail susan@

Mr DJ Bashford Life Master same team will represent England in the

Mr DS Jay Mrs PD Ellis Mr LB Jones

Dr J O’Sullivan Mr B White Seniors event in the World Mind Games

Mrs JM Jay Mr D French

Mrs G French Premier National County Master in Beijing in October.

Mrs E Ransom Master

Dr DC Tyte Mrs P Young Mr GM Deighton On the national scene, Phil Green, Yorkshire

Mr DA Ward Mrs JE Denham

Mrs FM White Westmorland National Master James Dunlop, and Diana and Ron King

Mr CN Kyaw

County Master 1 Star Premier Ms K Bradley Mr GM Stead

performed well in the Riviera Congress, CONGRATULATIONS to

Mrs S Cottrell Master Ms F Reid finishing third. At Brighton, Phil Green,

Mrs M Hunt

Ms SK Thorpe Fiona Brown and Hugh

Mrs EM Davies 14 Star Premier District Master Roger Karn, Norman Botton and Richard

Mr MC Read Mrs WM Rowlinson Regional Master

McGann, winners of the

Ms JF Tickner Mr NA Adamski Samter were in contention for a place in Swiss Pairs event at the

Advanced Master Mr DH Bland Mrs M Dixon

Mrs H Tyte Mrs I Gregory

one of the ‘All Star’ finals before event- Northern Summer Congress. Giles Foster

10 Star Premier Mr AK Ford

District Master Prof PJ Harrison Regional Master ually finishing a creditable 35th in the was a member of the winning team in

Mr PG Green

Mrs C Bond County Master Mrs C Robson Mrs B Hollings Brighton Bowl. Also at Brighton, Emma the A Final of the Teams event.

Mr M Cooper Mrs G Orman 8 Star Premier Ms SE Hutley Jackson – Pat Lewis discovered that

Mrs ER Higgins In the Northern Summer Seniors

Club Master Regional Master Mrs B Johnson bridge is, as advertised, a ‘really easy’

Mrs RG Taylor Mrs J Bird Mr H Castle Mrs MT Lawson

Congress, Janet and Ted Latham won the

Area Master

game when they finished first of on the Championship Pairs, while first place in

Mr R Bird 5 Star Premier Dr M Levi

Mrs Lyn Harris Regional Master Mrs PM Walker

Tuesday evening with 69.44%. the Swiss Teams went to Pauline Cooper,

Wiltshire Our victorious Western League C team

Mr D Hewer Mr AR Brosgill Mrs JM Williams Roger Taylor, Alan Martindale and

Mrs S McKenzie 1 Star Premier Mr R Winn represented the West in the Inter-Area

3 Star Premier Richard Hilton.

Mr A Miley Regional Master Mrs G Wooler

Ms DE King

Regional Master final, finishing second of the five areas Having qualified by winning their

Mr T Reynoldson Mrs SM Baty Area Master competing. Well done to David and

Club Master Premier Regional

2 Star Premier Mrs EM Barden division in last year’s Northern Bridge

Master Margaret Thackaberry, Marion Cowley, League, Yorkshire finished in fourth

Mrs IM Ball Regional Master Mr R Bielawski

Mrs VA Burgess Mr JR Dunlop

Mr M Craven Ms J Clarkson Prabir Nandi, Roger Williams, Nick Pegg, place in the C Division final of the

Mrs P Feltham 6 Star Regional Mr F Ellis Roger Bendall and Maurice Baker. Sixty


Mrs D Glossop National Inter-county League.

Ms G Flint 1 Star Premier Mrs K Fort Wiltshire members have declared their The following pairs and teams were

Mr V Mitchell Mr V Holden Mr DF Hoult

Regional Master availability for this season’s Western successful in county events during the

Mrs E Stow 15 Star Premier Mr M Armitage Ms K Markert

Master Miss EM Robinson

League. We can field teams of eight in the last two months: John Gerrard Sim Pairs:

Mrs J Warne Premier Regional

Local Master Mr O Phillips Mr JH Scott A division if other counties can find Richard Winter – Giles Foster; Malton


Mrs ME Keeping 8 Star Premier Ms J Dyal Mr R Wooler enough people to play against us. Cup: Richard Winter, Stuart Davies,

Mr RJ Phillips Master 3 Star Regional Club Master Diary Dates: Oct 12, Corsham Pairs. Giles Foster, Phil Godfrey; Yorkshire

Mrs VB Phillips Mrs TKH Attwater Master Mrs SL Andrews Nov 23, Garden Cities Q. Dec 7, Cham-

Mr MW Buck Mrs J Baker Flitch: Mike & Annette Jackson; YCBA

Mr B Sowton Mrs M Allison pionship Pairs Q.

Mrs L Sylge 4 Star Master Mr K Hawkins Mrs D Cole Newcomers Pivot Teams: Gill Copeland,

Mrs JM Coats Mr TC Jacobs Mrs S Cottam Sandra Andrews, Delys Wallace, Sue

Warwickshire Mr DL George

Life Master

Advanced Master 2 Star Regional

Mrs J Gilbert

Worcestershire Sheldrick; Yorkshire Individual: Dorothy

Mrs N Bellers Master Stephenson; Waddington Cup Final: Don

Mrs V Ivens Mrs C Moore Mr R Hall

Dr WA Barraclough Bourne – Bernard Parkes, Rod Hose –

Mr JP Wernick Mrs G Wood Mr A Peel

Mr J Rouse THE county website has David Robinson; Harrogate Swiss Teams:

Premier National Mrs MI Pratt

Master 13 Star Premier

Master Mrs MM Morgan- Master

Mr C Roberts moved and is now at www. Clive Owen, John Atthey, Mark Bratley,

Mr BM Fisher Mr LM Scarffe Liz Reese.

Jones Mr T Philpott

Mr G Nodding Mr PG Smith

Mr P Nandi 11 Star Premier Mr S Swaine

The county newsletter is Diary Dates: Oct 12, Leeds Swiss

5 Star Premier County Master Master available direct to your e- Teams. Oct 26, Yorkshire League (first

Miss AM Whitmore

Regional Master Mr CG Starr Mrs T Cannell Local Master mail inbox by sending a blank e-mail to round). Nov 2, Nelson Rose Bowl

Mr P Styles Prof M Tranter 8 Star Premier

3 Star Regional

Ms S E Allen wcba-newsletter-subscribe@yahoogroups. (Women’s Teams), Harrogate. Nov 23,

District Master Master Mrs S Dickinson

Master Mr M Baker Dr ED Bourne

com. Yorkshire League (second round). Nov

Mrs B Fryer

Mr RJ Bennett Mrs P Turner 6 Star Premier Mr EM Lee

National successes: Pam Crisp – John 30, Ryedale Pairs, New Earswick.

6 Star Premier Club Master Master Ms CHA Parker

Master Mr WR Cloughton Mr EJ Crebbin Mrs M Simpson

Mrs P Day Mrs P Lewis Mr R Taylor Mr PCB Skuse

4 Star Premier Mr GM Porteous 3 Star Premier Ms LM Tempest OCTOBER 23 is the closing date for the submission of county

Master Local Master Master Mrs HM Terry reports for the next issue of English Bridge. Please e-mail:

Mr D Gough Mrs H Holden Mr DJ Ambler Mrs M Tinker October 2008 English Bridge 49


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