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Kimberly Bender, PhD

Endowed Professor

University of Denver

Melissa Lippold, PhD

Associate Professor

University of North Carolina

Valerie Shapiro, PhD

Associate Professor

University of California, Berkeley


Will Aldridge, PhD

University of North Carolina,

Chapel Hill

Kimberly Bender, PhD

University of Denver

Gilbert J. Botvin, PhD

Cornell University

Brian Bumbarger, PhD

Colorado State University

Richard F. Catalano, PhD

University of Washington

Kevin Haggerty, PhD

University of Washington

J. David Hawkins, PhD

University of Washington

Jeffrey M. Jenson, PhD

University of Denver

Melissa Lippold, PhD

University of North Carolina,

Chapel Hill

Valerie Shapiro, PhD

University of California, Berkeley


The CPBH has concentrated its efforts in

three main areas:

• Increasing community and state

infrastructure for delivering preventive

interventions for behavioral health

problems in children and youth

• Scaling-up tested and effective familyfocused interventions in pediatric and

health care settings

• Preparing the social work workforce to

deliver tested and effective preventive

interventions for behavioral problems in

children and youth

Over the past five years, the coalition

has made considerable progress in each

of these areas by:

• Convening statewide meetings of practitioners,

policymakers, and researchers, as well as

providing expert testimony to state legislators

• Participating in The Collaborative on Healthy

Parenting in Primary Care, an initiative of

the Forum on Promoting Children's Cognitive,

Affective, and Behavioral Health at the

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering,

and Medicine

• Contributing to prevention programs in

Colorado (Communities That Care) and Utah

(Life Skills Utah)

• Coordinating with accreditation bodies,

standardizing learning objectives, identifying

existing programs in allied disciplines, and

creating a repository of relevant course syllabi,

among other actions

• Contributing to a special issue of the Journal

of the Society for Social Work and Research

describing progress relative to the goals and

seven action steps of this Grand Challenge

In the past year alone, members of the

CPBH have:

• Helped develop the Colorado Statewide

Strategic Plan for Primary Prevention

• Promoted the infrastructure necessary

to increase the use of tested and effective

preventive interventions in Colorado, Utah,

Massachusetts, and Delaware

• Authored and disseminated four prevention

training modules for social work students

• Delivered ~25 keynotes and other

conference presentations

• Published ~20 empirical and opinion articles

promoting prevention

• Commented in the media on COVID -19

related childhood hunger, calling for a

national task force and plan to address

this urgent issue

• Briefed federal legislators on "The

Decarceration of Transition Age Youth with

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and

Mental Disorders," as well as "The Impact

of Weapons and Violence on Schools and

Surrounding Communities"

• Developed a robust Strategic Plan for

implementing the activities of the Grand



Members of the Grand Challenge to Ensure Healthy Development for Youth look

forward to engaging more people and organizations in this work and to continuing the

important work underway, particularly:

• Increasing the interdisciplinary reach of its work

• Advancing the 7 Action Steps of Unleashing the Power of Prevention in additional states,

communities, and educational settings

• Finding resources to more effectively support the infrastructure of the CPBH and Ensure

Healthy Development for Youth networks

• Disseminating the training modules more widely, including via a January 2021 webinar

• Prioritizing reduction of racial and socioeconomic disparities in behavioral health problems

An Impact Report at Year 5 of the 10-Year Initiative | 11


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