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August 2018 English Bridge

3.3®A. I again favour the cue-bid raise. True, 2t is

possible - as you would have bid had North

passed - but against active opponents this could

go wrong. 'Support with support' is a sound


4.2´. This might look a little dangerous and it

could be; overcaller has spade cards and 15-18

HCP. The upsides are that it will help partner to

compete when, worried about the weight of

spades over her, she otherwise would not - and it

disrupts the opponents' auction. They know they

have one spade stop but is it enough? How will

they develop invitational hands? The raise makes

life difficult and your modest but well-placed

high cards should prevent a disaster; let them sort

it out. But if you're happier reserving actions like

this for when you're non-vulnerable, that's fine


5.3´. A stretch. Had your left hand opponent

passed you would probably err on the side of a

single raise (8½ losers) but it would be

parsimonious to pass here. Partner will know you

might reach up one level and you are likely to

only have three trumps. If you had another spade,

it wouldn't take much redistribution of honours

for 4´ to be right, say ´Q542 ™KJ1032 tK6 ®62.

6.4tA. Here you have the goods. 4t simply says 'I

am bidding 4´ to make, but if they bid again, we

double them or bid on'. As before, the cue-bid


D As responder with three-card support, raise

opener whenever you can.

D Use the 3-level cue-bid of overcaller's suit (or

2´ if they have spades) to show only three

trumps and values for (at least) the 3-level.

D If the only cue-bid is at the 4-level it says

'we're bidding game to make'.

D When you're comfortable with simple cuebids,

consider using jump-cues as shortages

and support and jumps in new suits as that

suit and support. There's a long menu of

support options. r

doesn't promise a control (ace, king, singleton or

void) but it may help the partnership find slam.

Does the cue-bid promise four trumps here? No,

though more likely. As at lower levels, East

shouldn't search for another fit when she knows

of one already. Cramped for space at higherlevels,

showing strength with a cue-bid is more

descriptive than an uninformative jump to

game. The alternative (with say 3·4·2·4) would

be double (accenting hearts); it could get murky

if South raises diamonds.

Last, 4t should be alerted. After the opening

bid, if any of the next three calls is artificial it

should be alerted regardless of level.


ALTHOUGH staff of English Bridge and the staff of

Danby Advertising (Advertising Agent for English

Bridge) take reasonable precautions to protect the

interests of readers by ensuring as far as practicable

that advertisements in the pages of English Bridge are

bona fide, the magazine and its publisher, the

EBU, cannot accept any undertaking in respect of

claims made against advertisers, whether these

advertisements are printed as part of the magazine,

or are in the form of inserts. Legal remedies are

available if redress is sought, and readers who have

complaints should address them to the advertiser,

should consult a local Trading Standards Office

or a Citizens Advice Bureau or their own solicitors.

Members should ensure when booking holidays

that they take suitable precautions to protect

their booking: check the company is part of a

relevant organisation (e.g. ABTA); take out

suitable travel insurance; pay at least £100 by

credit card. Readers should note that prices

advertised may not be accurate due to currency

exchange rate fluctuations or tax changes.


WHEN you see the 'LB' sign in an ad vert isement in the

magazine, it means that:

• The organisers of the holiday have applied for, and

received, a licence from the EBU.

• They may choose to give Master Points in accordance with

EBU scales.

• These Master Points will be accepted and added to player


• The bridge will be played in line with EBU regulations and

bye-laws, thus affording all players the protection of

playing within the jurisdiction of the EBU.

All county events advertised have an EBU licence.

NOTE: Members playing in events licensed by another

National Bridge Organisation will not be able to have Master

Points credited to their records save for events in Wales,

Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand

and Australia. The conversion of Green Points to Gold Points

will only happen at English events, the BGB Gold Cup and

Home Internationals.


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