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Welcome to Look Ahead, our service user and carer bulletin. Each month

Look Ahead will provide you with information and updates on key activities

that are happening across our Trust, as well as recovery stories and

information on partner organisations who can offer you advice and support.

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Issue 25 - September 2018

Birmingham Changing

Futures Together

Meeting Minds

Sarah Kelley, Peer Support Worker

In relation to your wellbeing,

please give us a bit of

background on your mental

health condition?

I grew up in the care system.

I suffered from manic depression

and was in addiction for 17 years.

Being a Peer Support Worker

has assisted in my recovery and

helps me to maintain my own

health and wellbeing.

Name three things that keep

you well?

Taking the correct medication,

counselling and staying connected

to my support network.

What helps you relax?

Meeting up with friends and

listening to music.

What has helped in your

recovery journey?

Going to Narcotics Anonymous

meetings, working with my doctors,

and doing voluntary work with

Birmingham Mind and Every Step

of the Way. Oh, and being a Peer

Support Worker at BSMHFT.

Birmingham Changing Futures

Together is funded by the Big Lottery

to support adults with multiple

and complex needs including

homelessness, addiction, reoffending

and mental ill health.

The project began in June

2014. It was really welcomed in

Birmingham as an innovative

approach to get agencies working

together in a proactive way to help

people who may have fallen between

different service criteria or seen

as too difficult to support through

mainstream services.

Birmingham Changing Futures

Together focuses on system change

to support individuals to lead a

fulfilled life and encourage people

with lived experience to help others

on their road to recovery.

Every Step of the Way is

the peer support element of

the project. It aims to develop,

train, enable and empower

people with multiple and

complex needs to participate

in the Birmingham Changing

Futures Together programme.

The volunteers supporting

people on the Every Step

of the Way programme are

Experts by Experience and have

lived experience of homelessness,

addiction, re-offending or mental

health problems. The Experts by

Experience volunteers are required

to have experienced at least two of

these issues, something that has

proved invaluable because people

are more inclined to listen to those

who have been through the same

difficulties as themselves, and have

managed to get their lives back

on track.

If you feel you could benefit from

the services provided by Birmingham

Changing Futures Together or

Every Step of the Way, please visit, call

0121 359 1151 or email


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