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Welcome to Look Ahead, our service user and carer bulletin. Each month

Look Ahead will provide you with information and updates on key activities

that are happening across our Trust, as well as recovery stories and

information on partner organisations who can offer you advice and support.

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Issue 26 - October 2018

Meeting Minds

Sabah Ashraf, Business

Apprentice, Recovery and

Patient Experience Team

How do you look after your


I ask myself "Am I happy?" I try not

to have a crowded mind. I do poetry

and short stories - I write it all out.

What makes you happy?

My writing! I have over 100,000

views on Instagram and I have over

26,000 followers! So I know I am

touching many lives with my words.

What is your favourite place?

My absolute favourite places

are lakes and oceans at sunrise

and sunset.

What is your advice to younger

people in a changing world?

Always believe in yourself. Never

limit yourself to anything. Always

ask if you are happy with yourself

and what you are doing. Live well,

the world is within you. Don't forget

to just breathe and realise you are

alive and breathing, sometimes

that's enough.

The Human Library™ is a place

where real people are on loan to

share their stories and is designed

to build a positive framework for

conversations that can challenge

stereotypes and prejudices

through dialogue.

On Tuesday 30 October we will

be holding a human library at the

Library of Birmingham from 11am

to 6pm. We are linking to the theme

of this year's World Mental Health

Day - 'younger people in a changing

world'. We want to encourage people

to think about their own wellbeing

and the things that they hold

important in their own lives.

Available in our human library will

be people with lived experience of a

variety of mental health conditions,

their carers, as well as people

with experience of disabilities and

challenging social situations including

psychosis, dementia, bipolar illness,

autism, loneliness, addictions,

personality disorder, depression and

anxiety, deafness, being a British

Sign Language user, being gay and

South Asian, or being in the criminal

justice system.

Visitors will be able to choose

a book and learn directly how

that person experiences life and

manages their recovery and

wellbeing in their world.

We will also offer general

information on improving mental

health and you can discover more

about our Recovery College for All

where all sessions are co-designed,

co-produced and co-delivered by

people with lived experience.

Our Recovery for All Strategy

2018-2021 will be available along

with information about our Experts

by Experience programme, which

will offer the chance for those with

lived experience to help shape our

Trust services.

Also at the event will be young

people and young carers to answer

questions, provide information and

resources or signpost visitors to

support agencies.

Don't judge a book by its cover


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