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Welcome to Look Ahead, our service user and carer bulletin. Each month

Look Ahead will provide you with information and updates on key activities

that are happening across our Trust, as well as recovery stories and

information on partner organisations who can off er you advice and support.

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Issue 27 - November 2018

Meeting Minds

Jean Jeff ries is an

Expert by Experience

In relation to your wellbeing,

please give us a little bit of

background on your mental

health condition?

I'm a retired nurse and midwife.

I also taught at University of

Birmingham. I have used my own

experience of depression to help

the Trust recruit people and to audit

teams through inspections.

Name three things that help to

keep you well.

Walking my dog Bonnie in the

park and exercise classes at the

retirement village where I live. I'm

a Christian and I enjoy organising

Bible classes where we can study

and understand the Bible.

Where do you feel most

comfortable and why?

I like going out for meals. I'm in a

lovely club where we have monthly

trips out. We go for high tea at

some beautiful houses and get

treated like royalty around a long

table. The hosts really look after us

and entertain us. It's the highlight of

my month.

Our Trust has a brand new Recovery

for All Strategy. This strategy was

co-produced by the Recovery for All

Steering Group, which is a group of

service users, carers and families,

and staff members.

The strategy lays out how we will

fulfi l our Trust ambition to champion

mental health wellbeing and support

people in their recovery. Our purpose

is to contribute to supporting service

users and their carers and families

in their recovery to enable people

to 'live lives worth living', connected

within communities.

The aim of the Recovery for All

Strategy is to promote a recovery

culture in all of our services by

embedding recovery principles and

practices across the organisation.

To do this, we will listen to and work

alongside service users, carers

and families, staff and stakeholders

to develop and create a range of

recovery opportunities for people

with lived experience.

Key to the strategy are the

following principles:

• Recovery means empowering

service users, their carers and

families through knowledge.

• Recovery is a journey not a


• Recovery is leading a satisfying

life with the capacity to meet

ongoing challenges.

• Recovery means people fulfi lling

their potential, and belonging to a

community regardless of mental

health condition.

• Recovery is individual, is focused

on the whole person, and built

on people's strengths and


The full strategy can be found

here on our website:

New Recovery for All Strategy

Interested in getting involved in our Recovery for All work?

We are looking for service users, carers and family members to join us

as experts by experience in a number of diff erent activities to implement

the Recovery for All Strategy. Opportunities range from attending steering

group meetings, informal forums, undertaking mental health awareness

campaigning, to talking to staff and students about your experience, and

developing Recovery College for All in how you

can get involved, please contact the recovery team: or call 0121 301 3992.


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