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Issue 29 - February 2019

What's new Meeting Minds

Evie Hogshaw is the

Administrator for the Recovery

and Patient Experience Team.

She is the voice you hear

when you phone to book onto

Recovery College.

What helps you to relax, and


Autonomous Sensory Meridian

Response (ASMR) are videos that

use certain sights and sounds for

their sleep-inducing, de-stressing,

and mood-boosting eff ects and they

help me to relax.

What is your favourite place in

your local area, and why?

My favourite place has to be the

lake not far from where I live as it's

a quiet area that allows me to sit

and refl ect on things in my life.

What do you do to keep active?

I love dancing and cheerleading, it's

a passion of mine and I have been

doing this since I was 14 years old.

Tell us your story

Please get in touch with us if you

would like us to tell your story.

Email us:

The new term for our Recovery

College starts on Monday 4 February

and sessions are scheduled until

Thursday 4 April 2019.

We have four new sessions on off er:

• Communicating confi dently:

learning by doing

• My rock of strength

• Resilience and me

• What is personality disorder?

We have over 40 sessions available

this term and there are a number

of courses to help you learn about

mental health conditions and others

to help grow your confi dence. Also

popular are:

• Caring in a crisis

• Autism highlights

• Mental health awareness

Recovery College is built on the belief

that learning together makes us all

stronger and supports our recovery.

Our sessions are co-designed,

co-produced and co-delivered by

Experts by Experience - people who

have lived experience to share. Our

sessions are open to service users,

their carers and families and our staff .

You choose the sessions to suit you.

Our Recovery College courses are

available at three locations:

• Uffculme Centre, Queensbridge

Road, Moseley, B13 8QY

• Hollyfi elds Sports and

Conference Centre, Woodacre

Road, Erdington, B23 0JT

• Three Trees Community Centre,

Hedingham Grove, Chelmund's

Cross, Chelmsley Wood, B37 7TP.

There is free parking at these sites or

close by and all locations have regular

bus routes nearby.

Sessions are free to book just

call 0121 301 3992 or email bsmhft.

You can read more about each

session in our Recovery College


Keep up to date


on social media

Twitter @BSMHFT

New year, new you,

new Recovery

College term

Three Trees Community Centre,

New year, new you,


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