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Special Edition -

Research and innovation

Welcome to Look Ahead, our service user and carer bulletin. This month,

we place a special focus on our research and innovation at our Trust. We

are sharing the details of some of our current projects and exploring the

opportunities for service users and carers to participate in research with the

support of the Research and Innovation Team.

Please email if there is something you would be

interested in reading about in a future bulletin.

Issue 30

Meeting Minds

Faheem Uddin, our Lead

Governor and Service User

Governor, explains why research

and innovation are important for

service users and carers.

"I was delighted to be at the

recent conference which promoted

research and innovation in our

Trust (see page fi ve for more on

the conference). It was fantastic

to learn of the life changing

discoveries and innovations

developed here in Birmingham and

Solihull and shared around the

world. I want to lead a Trust that

keeps looking for new and better

ways to do things. Service users

and carers are really important

people helping develop new ways

to work, treat and support mental

wellbeing. Enjoy reading this

special edition of Look Ahead."

Tell us your story

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would like us to tell your story.

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BSMHFT has a regional, national

and international reputation for both

research and innovation. The Trust

enjoys strong academic links with a

number of universities - including

the Birmingham, Warwick, Aston,

Birmingham City and King's College

London amongst others.

Research is essential to fi nd

out which models of care work

better for service users and their

families. It plays an important role

in discovering new treatments

and therapies and in making sure

that we use existing treatments in

the best ways possible. It can fi nd

answers to things that are unknown,

fi lling gaps in knowledge and

changing the way that healthcare

professionals work. Research and

clinical trials are an everyday part

of the NHS. People being cared

for in the NHS benefi t from past

research, and continue to benefi t

from research that is currently being

carried out. BSMHFT would like

all service users and carers to be

given the opportunity to participate

in high quality clinical research and

help the NHS to improve service

user outcomes both now and in the


How does innovation link to


When research projects are

completed they often result

in recommendations for new

drug treatments or services

to be brought in. Our Memory

Assessment and Early Intervention

Services are an example of this.

Any new product or service is an

innovation. It is our responsibility

to ensure that these new products

and services are implemented

as quickly as possible, especially

those which are nationally


The relationship between

research and innovation can

also be reversed; with ideas for

research projects arising from

evaluating innovations that have

been implemented. For example,

research projects in relation to new

interventions may begin with an

innovation pilot to test the service

or product in a particular setting,

which could then help researchers

decide whether to go ahead, and

may support their application for

research funding.

If you enjoy this issue of Look

Ahead why not get involved?

Research and innovation: What's it all about?


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