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Welcome to Look Ahead, our service user and carer bulletin. Each month

Look Ahead will provide you with information and updates on key activities

that are happening across our Trust, as well as recovery stories and

information on partner organisations who can off er you advice and support.

Please email if there is something you would be

interested in reading about in a future bulletin.

Issue 33 - July 2019

Meeting Minds

Ruumi Cabdulqaadir has been a

See Me Service User Engagement

Worker for 11 years. He arranges

service user forums and regularly

attends wards and community

clinics to meet with service

users, talk to them about their

experiences and get them involved

in a range of opportunities

available at our Trust.

Name three things that help to

keep you well?

Going to the gym, reading and

spending time with my friends.

What helps you to relax, and


I socialise with my friends visiting

diff erent restaurants in my local

area Small Heath. There are a

lot of restaurants to choose from

but Sultan is my favourite. There

is also good range of faith-based

groups and organisations to attend

in my community.

What makes you laugh?

Watching comedy fi lms -

especially Mr. Bean!

We are always looking at ways to

make the care we provide simpler and

better and we are trying a new way of

gathering your views at all of our sites

this month.

We want you to tell us how to

make services run more smoothly.

We are calling our campaign 'Your

turn to steer' and you can make a

suggestion whether you are a service

user, a carer or a family member. So

look out for the striking orange 'Your

turn to steer' cards in the reception

area at one of our Trust sites. Use the

specially designed postcard to tell us

what we can make simpler and easier

to improve your care.

We're looking, in particular, for the

things we do that you think don't add

value to your care and experience with

us. Tell us how you think we might do

things diff erently to make your care

even better.

Every idea will be looked at by

our Quality Improvement Team and

assessed along with similar ideas

from our hardworking staff to see

which changes to take forward fi rst.

If you include a contact detail then we

can tell you what we've done about

your idea when our changes are

announced later this year.

The work is all part of our

increasing focus on improving the

quality of our care that you receive to

make it more eff ective.

We have established a Quality

Improvement Team with leads helping

to plan and implement the systems

and processes needed to ensure

continuous quality improvement is

embedded across the Trust.

Quality improvement empowers

staff and service users at the frontline

to identify and drive changes that will

make a positive diff erence to their

lives. The Your turn to steer cards are

just one way in which we are involving

service users, carers and families in

making improvements to the care we


Take a minute to pick up a Your

turn to steer card and have your say.

Your turn to steer!


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