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Monday - Friday 8.00 am - 10.00 am

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 8.00 am - 10.00 am


Breakfast can be served in your room should you prefer. Please ask our guest services

team for a breakfast order form. Dial '203' to order in the morning. Please be advised this

may take a little longer. (For room service breakfast tray charge of £5.00 will be added to

the bill)


Continental Breakfast - £15.00 per person

Fresh juices, orange, apple, pink grapefruit, tomato.

CEREALS: bran flakes, cornflakes, all bran, special K, Dorset muesli (various flavours

please ask for allergens)

Porridge with milk or cream and Demerara sugar (G-M-SU)

Selection of fruit yoghurts (M-SU)

Greek yoghurt, fruit compote (M-SU)

Toasted granary and white farmhouse bread with preserves (G)

Croissants and pain aux chocolate (G-M-E-SU)

Teas, coffees and infusions

Full English Breakfast including Continental Breakfast

Manor House Full Cooked Breakfast £25.00 per person (G-M-E-SU)

Dry cured back bacon, farmhouse sausage, grilled plum tomato, field mushroom, black

pudding and a choice of eggs.

Manor House Full Vegetarian £25.00 per person (E-M-G-SU)

Spinach, avocado, grilled tomato, field mushroom, veggie sausage and a choice of eggs.

Toasted sour dough with smoked salmon, avocado, poached egg and hollandaise

sauce £25.00 per person (E-F-SU-G)

Eggs Benedict £25.00 per person (E-M-SU-G)

English muffin, home cooked ham, two poached eggs hollandaise sauce

Omelette with your choice of filling: cheese, ham, mushrooms, plum tomato £25.00

per person (E-M-SU)

Hot Drinks

Your choice of artisan teas, coffee, or hot chocolate.


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