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Room Service

Tray charge of £5.00 will be added to the bill with Room Service orders

To order room service please dial - 203

Available between 12pm-9pm

Soup and Sandwiches

Soup (please ask for today's flavour) with homemade bread £4.00 (M-G-SU)

Steak ciabatta with onion compote (add fries £4) £15.00 (G-SU)

Croque Monsieur with a cherry tomato, balsamic vinegar salad £11.00 (G-SU-M)

Smoked salmon on granary bread with lemon and black pepper £12.00 (F-G-SU)

Club sandwich on white or granary bread (triple decker with BLT, chicken & mayo) £12.00


Aged cheddar with plum chutney on white or granary bread £10.00 (G-M-SU)

Honey roasted ham with grain mustard on white or granary bread £11.00 (G-SU-MU-M)

Egg and pasta

Smoked salmon and 3 scrambled eggs £13.00 (E-M-SU-F)

Omlette with a choice of filling, green salad lemon oil dressing £12.00 (E-M)

Homemade pasta with a ham and mushroom cream sauce (veggie, or dairy free version

available) £14.00 (G-M-SU)


A simple plate of smoked salmon, lemon, capers, shallot and horseradish £13.00 (F-SU)

Tempura of mixed fish, chips, and lemon £14.00 (F-G-MO-CR)

Fish cakes with wilted spinach, tartar sauce £10.00 (F-G-M-SU)

Ham, egg and chips £12.00 (E-G)

Charcuterie board with pickles and bread £14.00 (PLEASE ASK FOR ALLERGENS)


Fries £4.00 (G)

Mixed salad £4.00 (SU)

Seasonal veg £4.00 (M)

Bread £4.00 (G-M)


Sorbets with fruit and lime syrup £8.00 (SU)

Dessert of the moment (please ask) £9.00 (PLEASE ASK FOR ALLERGENS)

Plate of aged cheddar and biscuits with plum chutney £12.00 (M-SU)

Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream £9.50 (G-M)


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