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THE women’s trials got a record entry this 1♣ could have been short, and the 1NT

year with fifteen pairs applying. This was rebid ostensibly showed a weak no-trump.

due, in no small part, to the efforts of Nicole I must admit that if you open the bidding

Cook, aided by Christine Duckworth and on a heap such as that, you need to be a top-

Sandra Landy, who staged a friendly week- class declarer player since you are going to

end of bridge for would-be women triallists end up in some pretty thin contracts! And

to assist with finding partners and to play so it proved, a combined 23 count and off Heather Dhondy

deals provided by past and current inter- the first five tricks. However, on the

national players. A record of these deals, expected heart lead, Catherine was in with

together with a story about each of them, a chance. The ten of hearts held the trick an awkward 3NT contract which helped to

featured in a booklet for participants to take in dummy and the contract now hinged seal the third spot for us:

away and hopefully inspire them. Several of on bringing in the club suit. She began by

the entries came as a result of that weekend. cashing the ace, and this produced the five

Sarah Teshome and Cath Jagger, the only from East and the nine from West. A few Game All. Dealer North.

applicants with an international record as a questions revealed that the opponents ♠9763

pair, were exempted from the trials, and the were playing standard count and no Smith ♥ A J 10

remaining fourteen played a first weekend Peters. When she played a low club from ♦A

where the top ten would qualify. There were dummy, East followed with the two, and ♣AQJ52

several new partnerships: Nicola Smith now Catherine, believing the signal of her ♠ Q J 10 ♠K84

playing with Lizzie Godfrey, myself with opponent, and figuring that West may well ♥ 96 W




Nevena Senior, Anne Rosen and Catherine be short in clubs on the auction, finessed ♦ K9432 S ♦876

Draper, and Audrey Hartley and Stefanie the seven. She was rewarded for her brave ♣ K43 ♣ 10 8

Rohan, to name a few. These four pairs play when West discarded, and when the ♠A52

ended up battling it out for the top places. diamonds also broke, she had ten tricks. ♥Q82

Anne Rosen and Catherine Draper had a ♦ Q J 10 5

fair bit to make up on the carry-forward ♣976

from the first weekend, so a good start was

much needed. In the second match, this

piece of fine card-reading from Catherine West North East South

Draper got them on their way: Rosen Dhondy Draper Senior

1♣ Pass 1NT

Pass 2NT Pass 3NT

E/W Game. Dealer South. All Pass


♥ 10 A natural sequence took us to 3NT and

♦AQ83 Anne Rosen led the queen of spades. This

♣ A Q 10 8 6 was ducked and the spade continuation

♠ KQ4 ♠AJ96 won. Nevena now took a successful club


♥ AJ6532 W E

♥98 Photo: Sandra Landy finesse and then paused to consider the

♦ J 10 4 S ♦652 play. As the cards lie, there is an entry to

♣ 9 ♣J542 Anne Rosen and Catherine Draper hand with a heart and the clubs all come

♠ 10 8 7 in, but of course Nevena did not know any

♥KQ74 Anne and Catherine had a tremendous of this. Even the success of a second club

♦K97 weekend and finished up leading the field. finesse could not be underwritten. Hoping

♣K73 Audrey Hartley and Stefanie Rohan were to combine her best chances of re-entering

also putting in a fine performance, chasing hand, she cashed the ace of diamonds and

them all the way and ending up a very exited with a spade. East, now on lead,

West North East South close second. That left the old partnership, could only help declarer with any card she

Grant Rosen Liew Draper turned rivals (myself and Nicola Smith), chose. A heart was selected and Nevena

1♣ to battle it out for third and fourth spot. rose with the queen and repeated the club

1♥ Dble Pass 1NT The following deal produced an example finesse. When all was well, she emerged

2♥ 3NT All Pass of good technique from Nevena Senior in with ten tricks. April 2008 English Bridge 17


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