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s APRIL 2008

4-6 Really Easy Spring Break



8-10 BGB Spring Sim Pairs NEW PLAYERS TEACHER TRAINING THE EBU will be among the


11-13 Lady Milne Trophy VERY often, new players’ COURSES beneficiaries of BingoLotto, a

Dundee first contact with the EBU is Courses for new teachers new TV game set up by

11-13 Norfolk Congress when they register their CCPR. The game will raise

King’s Lynn Manchester 11-13 Apr

18-20 Devon County Congress Master Points. Those early money for sport and recrea-

West Midlands BC 11-13 July

Torquay ranks can be very hard to tion, and will help towards

Aylesbury EBU HQ

19-20 National Pairs Final achieve for fledgling players, the EBU’s commitment in

Hinckley 31 Oct – 2 Nov

especially in an established promoting duplicate bridge.

19-20 Shropshire Congress

Shrewsbury club where the top third of £195 for the Full Course

25-27 Cornwall Congress the field are very often the Courses include how to

Falmouth same experienced members teach bridge, what to

25-4 May Lambourne Festival & teach, short teaching

Seniors Congress

each week.

At a time when new ranks practice, how to recruit,


how to retain and how to

26-27 Portland Bowl Finals have been welcomed at the

London turn your students into a

higher end of the Master partner club.

s MAY 2008 Point ladder, the Tourna-

2-4 Cheltenham Congress ment Committee also deci- Further details from

Cheltenham ded that it was appropriate 01296 317217

Joe Pasquale

2-6 Schapiro Spring Foursomes to review its strategy at the or e-mail


10 One Day Events:

other end of the scale to help BingoLotto is a weekly game

Merseyside, Northants, encourage new players to broadcast on digital TV

Sussex aspire to higher achieve- channels Virgin1 and

10-11 Crockfords Final ments earlier. IN THE PULL-OUT: Challenge on Friday night.


11 One Day Events:

Two new ranks have been Tickets are on sale from

Bedfordshire, Hampshire, introduced to provide an outlets around the country

Kent, Warwickshire earlier entry level to the and allow viewers to take

14 & 15 EBU Spring Green Pointed Master Point scheme and part in the game from the

Simultaneous Pairs

Clubs maintain interest in comfort of their own home.

17 Garden Cities Regional progression. A Local Master BingoLotto is hosted by

Finals ranking, on earning 100 popular entertainers Joe

Bradford, Bristol, Local Points (LPs), will Sally Bugden answers Pasquale and Suzanne Shaw.

Richmond, Peterborough questions about the EBU

24-26 Spring Bank Holiday enable new players to access

Congress the scheme earlier. The rung AWARENESS DAY

Bournemouth of the ladder between Club A REMINDER that the EBU

30-1 Jun Yorkshire Congress

Master (200 LPs) and CLUB FOCUS will be attending the Games


30-1 Jun Seniors Camrose District Master (1000 LPs)) THE second issue of the new event at the National Railway

Oxford was depressingly high for Club Focus was sent out to museum in York on 13th

31-1 Jun Corwen Trophy novice players. An additional all our counties and clubs in April 2008. We will present


rank of Area Master will be March and is also available bridge to the general public

s JUNE 2008 introduced at 500 LPs. at If you and introduce our junior

6&7 Worldwide Sim Pairs All teachers know that have not received a copy, e- teams for Beijing. Do drop

Clubs students love collecting mail: clubfocus@ in between 10.30am and

14-15 Pachabo Cup Master Points. The added The next deadline for 4pm – all bridge and non-


21 One-day events: value of earlier acknowledg- contributions is 10th April. bridge players welcome!

Gloucestershire / ment and encouragement by

Herefordshire the EBU will help Partner

21 Garden Cities National Final

Teachers in particular to THE ‘Proposals for the Future of the EBU’ is now available.


22 One-day events: provide incentives to their Each affiliated club, county and shareholder has been

Bedfordshire, Dorset, students as they evolve from sent a copy. Please read this document along with the

Glos/Herefordshire, Kent, class room to club room. pull-out section of this issue of English Bridge. You can

Lincolnshire access our website or make a written request to our

27-29 English Riviera Congress

The new ranks are

Torquay effective from January 2008; offices in Aylesbury for your copy. The future of the EBU

28-29 Oxfordshire Congress a full list of members who and duplicate bridge in England is in your hands. The

Benson have attained them is vote will be taken on 4 June 2008.

available at

26 English Bridge April 2008


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