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hearts and shown length in diamonds. on avoidable errors. caused by lack of

(North-South were not playing two-suited concentration, poor temperament etc. Any

overcalls to 1NT). Clubs are likely to break loss of concentration during play is off-

2-1, but if anybody has three it will surely putting. For example, I lead the two of clubs

be South. Therefore declarer should start against 3NT. Dummy wins with the ace of

with dummy’s king of clubs, allowing him clubs. Partner and declarer play, the cards

Andrew Kambites to take a marked finesse against South’s are turned over quickly and declarer quickly

♣Q-8-7. Too much elation when the king calls for a card to trick two, but I become

of diamonds won, followed by too little aware that I didn’t notice partner’s card. I

WHY do you play bridge? For some subsequent concentration! feel uneasy for the rest of the defence. Even

readers their priority is a social night out, if partner’s signal turns out to be incon-

which is a very sensible reason. However, I Experience and errors sequential, I feel disorientated. So how can

suspect that most of you, even if you have we avoid this type of error?

no ambitions to be a world-beater, would All of us make some unavoidable errors. I

like to play well at your own standard and believe strongly that most things we get How to avoid avoidable errors

to fulfil your potential. To do this, we need right, particularly at card play, come from

to analyse types of errors and decide what pattern recognition. When a beginner first You need to analyse when your concen-

can be done about them. sees dummy he can be overwhelmed. It is tration is liable to waver, e.g.

Have a look at this deal: probably pointless expecting him to count

winners and losers, preserve entries and a A. External Factors

million and one other things. If he even Noise or temperature.

♠ A872 ♠ K94 tried to do this, he would slow the game Opponents, e.g. you don’t like them.

♥ K85




♥ A73 down to the point of serious disruption, B. Internal Factors (many of these in-

♦ 82 S ♦ K and totally exhaust himself. volve emotions)

♣ A J 10 5 ♣ K96432 Learning bridge is like learning a foreign 1. Fatigue. Sometimes unavoidable,

language: having to think about every- but you do need to play at a pace

thing you do it is hard work and you do it and level that is sustainable for the

West North East South badly. With experience you start to do the whole session. Players who try to

1NT 2♥ 3NT All Pass right things naturally and effortlessly. Even work out every last detail at a snail’s

very experienced players still encounter pace at the beginning of an evening

North led the four of diamonds. Declarer new situations and are likely to get them but are totally exhausted at the end

breathed a sign of relief when dummy’s wrong. Unavoidable errors should be are not helping themselves.

king of diamonds won, quickly played a accepted as part of the learning process. The 2. Anxiety. How will partner or

club to his ace of clubs and went one down problem isn’t that you get it wrong: the team-mates react to your –1100?

when North showed out. problem is that it preys on your mind and Good team spirit and partnership

Can you see what happened? leads to avoidable errors on the next hand. morale will help this. Anxiety

Having overcome the first hurdle when brings on fatigue later in the day.

dummy’s diamond king won, declarer Avoidable errors 3. Frustration with partner’s error,

didn’t mentally readjust. If he had re-tuned team-mates’ poor performance, a

his mind, his thought processes would So if we cannot prevent unavoidable perceived poor TD ruling, bad

have been clear. North has overcalled in errors, we must clearly focus our attention luck (opponents making a grand

slam on three finesses). Note that

the factors are external, but the

South Bucks Bridge Centre YOUNG CHELSEA problem is internal. It is not the

Britwell Road, Burnham ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT event that is the problem, it is

Monthly Swiss Pairs on Sunday Daytime & BRIDGE CLUBS your reaction to it.

Evening Duplicate Bridge & Bridge Tuition 4. Elation, as seen by my opening

Duplicate every weekday evening example. tel: 020 7373 1665 5. Complacency. You have had seven

good boards. That is not an

01628 668700

excuse to relax and chuck 13

38 English Bridge April 2008


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