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COUNTY NEWS IMPs (57 IMPs above second place) and In the national arena, congratulations

Congratulations to the Avon go through to the regional final of the to James Paul who was part of the

newly promoted Premier Garden Cities Trophy. The successful England Under 20 teams which won the

Grand Master: THE County Knock-Out has reached team were David Harris, Bertie Shiebert, Channel Trophy and came second in the

Mr B. Niccol (Merseyside & the semi-final stage and the matches Angela and Richard Chester, Bill Stanley, Peggy Bayer. Also to Richard Palmer, Phil

Cheshire) over 48 boards are Smith v Jones, and Barry Parkins, Peter Scott and John Thornton, Chris Burley and Steve Gore

Davies v Gagne. County Leagues current Boughey. John seems to have the ‘Midas on their success in qualifying for the

Congratulations to the leaders: Div. 1, Smith; Div. 2, Channack; touch’ this month, having also won the 1 final play–off in the Seniors Trials, 1 IMP

newly promoted Div. 3, Bickerstaff. Star Pairs and the monthly Wardown (!) ahead of the strong Stanley team.

Grand Masters: In the Gold Cup, the team including handicap competitions. They will be joined by Carole Mueller

Mike Elliott and Tim Brierley is through The County Pairs semi-final and final for the final against Paul Hackett’s team.

Mr D.A. Newstead (Norfolk)

to Round 3. In the Welsh National Pairs, will be held at Wilstead starting at 2.00 Congratulations also to Palmer and

Mr M.G. Oliver (North East) pm on 6th April. Burley, who, with Ed Scerri and Dick

David Jones, in partnership with Tony

Mr D.R. Strawbridge Ratcliff, won the Western Area Final to Looking further ahead, the County Davey, were fourth in the National Swiss

(Cumbria) reach the National Final. NICKO: will be holding One-Day Green-Point Teams.

Andrew and Cathy Smith, Steve Turner, Teams events on Sunday 11th May 2008 Diary Dates: Apr 16, Seniors Pairs.

Steve Tomlinson and David Jones have and Sunday 22nd June 2008 at the Apr 27, Men’s and Ladies’ Pairs. May 21,

reached Round 4. Vauxhall Recreation Centre in Luton. Berks v Bucks matches.

There was a double for the Smith Entry details from Brian Keable are

Master Point family in the County Men’s and Ladies’ available on the BBA website. Cambs and Hunts

Pairs with Lesley and Cathy winning the Congratulations to Ron Davis for win-

promotions Ladies’ Pairs, and Ralph and Andrew the ning the 2007 Master Points Race, just

NEW RANKS: a full list of Men’s. The County Mixed Teams was ahead of another Bedfordshire player, Jon CAMBS & Hunts qualified comfortably

won by Sinead Bird, Andrew Urbanski, Williams, who has won this ‘Race’ several for the Tollemache final, and finished in

all current Area and Local

Alan Jones and Jack Terry. times himself in recent years. third place. The team was Jonathan

Masters is available at the At the Welsh Porthcawl Congress, the For the first time in many years the Mestel, Paul Barden, Julian Wightwick,

EBU website: Little Dragon Pairs was won by David county first team has won the Eastern Giles Woodruff, Catherine Curtis, Paul Jones and Peter Goodman, with Andrew Counties League with an overwhelming Fegarty, Victor Milman and Rod Oakford.

Urbanski and Alan Jones in third place. 122 VPs out of 140. Well done to them. County Pairs: 1. Rod Oakford – Victor

2 Star Regional The Bristol BC Pairs Championship In the County League, perennial champ- Milman, 2. Sheila Parker – Jonathan


Master saw a tie between the Smith family again, ions Tudor Rose are once again firmly in Mestel, 3. Vera Donert – Ted Shaw,

2 Star Premier 4. David Man – Ken Jackson, 5. Joanne


Mrs V. Morris with Ralph and Lesley winning the split control of Division 1. In a very tight

Mrs D.F. Ogilvie 1 Star Regional from Andrew and Cathy. The West of contest for Division 2, the current leaders Caldwell – Kevin Smith. County Indi-

Master England BC Swiss Pairs Championship vidual: 1. Peter Jackson, 2. Ted Shaw,

Premier Master are Tetrad and McTitans.

Ms J. Rutherford 3. Audrey Stenner, 4. Stephen Goodwin,

Mr J. Terry was won by Rob Myers and Myles Ellison.

Regional Master 5. Shirley Rainbow.

4 Star Master The Bristol BC Christmas Swiss Teams

Mr E.K. Page

Mrs L. Hayton

was won by Brian Dyde, Peter Sherry, Berks and Bucks At the Year End Congress, Paul Fegarty

Mr A. Wallen

1 Star Master 15 Star Premier Phil Channack, Brian Wibberley. The and Catherine Curtis finished third in

Mr R.A. Woodford Master winners of the Bristol BC Teams Champ- the Swiss Pairs. In the National Women's

District Master

OUR last report went in

Mr P.A. Wilson ionship were Duncan Cairns, David Pairs, Catherine Jagger finished fifth, just

Mr D. Clarke just before the sad news of

10 Star Premier Jones, Richard Dunn, Brian Goalby. The ahead of Nadia Stelmashenko and Sue

Mrs D. Hoyle Master

Raymond Brock’s death.

Mrs J. Martin Bristol BC Premier Pairs was won by We were very appreciative Oakford. Catherine and Chris Jagger

Mrs D.E. Bidmead

Mrs J. Portnall Mike Letts and David Jones. that he found the time to were third in the Swiss Pairs at the

9 Star Premier

Bedfordshire Master Brian Senior visited Bristol Bridge serve on the County Committee as Club Harrogate Spring Congress.

Mrs P. Hamilton- Club to give two lectures, which were Liaison Officer. We also pay tribute to Diary Dates: Apr 27, Jubilee Swiss

3 Star Premier Brown

Regional Master very well supported, as part of the club’s our long-serving former Treasurer, Pairs.

2 Star Premier 50th anniversary celebrations.

Mr J. Hurst


Roger Barrett, who died in January after

1 Star Premier Mr M.G. Baily a short illness. Channel Islands

Regional Master The County Pairs Championship was

Mrs N.M. Gifford

Mr T.B. Randall Bedfordshire

1 Star Tournament won, by a huge margin of 7%, by David

Mrs V.A. Lawson

Master Owen – Steve Johnston. David has now THE Jersey District Ladies’

4 Star Master Mr A.D. Woolley

Mrs V. Lobo THE 1 Star Pairs event won three times, each with a different Pairs was won by Marion

Tournament was held on 17th January; partner. The other qualifiers to play in Miles and Roz Bavin, with

Advanced Master Master

Mrs E.M. Sharrock Mr J.F. Landon

twenty-four pairs took the Corwen Trophy are Dory and Nigel Ann Burnett – Sue Griffiths

County Master 5 Star Master part. Congratulations to Thompson, Alan A. Brown – Mohamed runners-up. The District

Mr M. Francis Mr D.M. Brown John Boughey – Paul Ramzy and John England – June Booty. Men’s Pairs was won by Les Allam and

District Master 4 Star Master Bower, who won with Winners of the County Plate were Steve Chris Hill, with Brian Youd – Byron

Mr R.J. Sear 60.66%. Close runners-up were Rosemary

Mr D. Cook Lee – Chrys Poole. Nelson in second place.

Mr M.J. Houghton Cooke – Jean McKinney with 60.14%. Gisela Martin – Derek Russell won Also in Jersey, the Winter Cup is run

Berks & Bucks Mr A. Jenkins

Life Master The Inter-club Teams-of-Eight took the Friendly Swiss Pairs for the Pat over a period of seven months and the

3 Star Master

Mrs H.M. Tan Mrs S. Lane place on 31st January at Wilstead. Six Husband Trophy, and Sally Bride – Vic average of the best five scores, each with

Premier National Mr S. Mian local teams entered and Wardown were Savage were the winners of the Mixed a different partner, determines the winner.

Master Mrs E.D. Smith the winning team with a score of 86 Pairs. Final positions: 1. Carl Harrison, 2. Peter

Dr I.P. Hesslewood Mr A.D. Stewart

Mrs L.E. Randall 2 Star Master

8 Star Premier Mr K.A. Jones

Regional Master

Mr C.C, Harrison

4 Star Premier

1 Star Master

Mrs D.M. Burley

Mrs A. Marchetti


Regional Master Mrs C.M. Sanders

Mr P. Gibbons Advanced Master

CONGRATULATIONS to Ron Davis, who has won the 2007 Master Point Race with a total of 46,108

2 Star Premier Mrs M. Carver MPs! Ron finished just ahead of his Bedfordshire colleague Jon Williams (43,792 MPs) who had

Regional Master Dr A.P. Cowling won the trophy for the last several years. Third was Michael Byrne of Manchester (40,026). As might be

Mr D.D. Thomas Mrs P. Hanson

1 Star Premier Mr K. Hawkins expected, top places went to players ranked Life Master and above; other national rank category

Mrs E. Parkinson winners were K.A. Rahim (Gloucestershire), top of the National Masters list with 25,619 MPs, and Mrs

Regional Master

Mr M.B. Miller Master

Mr R.G. Cheetham J.M. Skinner (Kent), top of the Regional and Premier Masters ranks with 21,920 MPs.

Premier Regional

Mr A. George

Master In the Gold Point rankings, David Bakhshi of London ended the year in first place, with 87.66 GPs,

Mrs E. Merlyn

Ms A. Flintoft Mrs L. Pratt ahead of Michael Byrne (80.88 GPs) and last year’s leader Tim Rees of Berks and Bucks (78.41 GPs).

3 Star Regional Mrs E. Quigley

Master Mrs A.E. Thomas Full ranking lists can be downloaded from

Mrs P.E. Lee Ms T. Wall

42 English Bridge April 2008


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