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Pitcher, 3. Marion Miles. time become a losing 60 point deficit.

Master Point In the BGW Winter Sim Pairs, Brian Diary Dates: our Championship Pairs Dorset

promotions Youd and Sue Rankin finished fourth

out of 1905 pairs in the Monday session.

is now on Apr 13 and the Swiss Pairs is on

May 18, both in Keswick. Apr 26, final of

NATIONAL results: Year

Guernsey now know their finalists in the Murray League. Apr 27, Eden Bridge End Congress: Mixed

County Master 16 Star Premier the County Teams Championship. In the

Mrs E. Bye-Jorgensen Master

Club annual open Swiss teams. Pairs: 1. Harold Wayne

Mrs T. Coleman Mr R. Bliss quarter-finals, Dick Langham (Rudi Falla, – Janet Smith; Ladies

Mrs M.E. Giorgi 8 Star Premier Lynne Williamson, John Seymour and Pairs: 1. Ann Sharples – Helen Ackroyd;

Mr R. Heap Master Sean Galpin) beat Pat Merriman (David


Mrs J. Paxford National Women’s Pairs: 12. Helen Ack-

Mr D.L. Stone Trestain, Brenda Lihou, Brenda Walker royd – Ann Sharples.

Mr R.G. Sneddon

6 Star Premier and Mike Allen) by 34 IMPs, and Robert THE County Pairs

Mr A. Wisman


County Results: Frost Rose Bowl: 1.

Mr E.B. Wood Plumley’s team (Susie Farnon, Colin Championship was won Miles Cowling, Chris Kinloch, Martin

Mr D. Griffiths

District Master Tostevin, Lynda Mildon and Margaret by John Sowter – Brook, Daphne Philipps; 2. Roy Riley,

Mr B. Buckley 5 Star Premier

Master Allen) beat Ian Monachan’s team (Mike Brian Elliott; Peter Kelly Doris Hutchinson, Tessa Stevens, David

Mrs V. Dickinson

Mrs J.R. Milbourne Mr S. Crouch Bane, Alistair Kent, Martin Jones and – Alex Hogg were the Berwitz; 3. Helen Ackroyd, Mike Organ,

Mr R.B. Williams 3 Star Premier Hugh Bacon) by 25 IMPS. In the semi- runners-up. Ann Sharples, Clive Russell. National

Club Master Master final Langham beat Plumley by 27 IMPs The Hazel Whinfrey Plate winners were Pairs Qualifier: 1 Ann Sharples – Daphne

Mr M.J. Bader Mr R.M Turner and now await the Jersey finalists. Howard and Annice Morton, with Ken Philipps; 2. David Gill – Eugene Sheehan;

Miss M. Eaton Tournament Guernsey District Mixed Pairs top and Faith Stanyon in second place.

Dr M.K. Osborn Master 3. Miles Cowling – Chris Kinloch. Knight

Mr M.E. Prentice

placings: 1. John Seymour – Sue Shaw, The Vic Morris Cup was eventually Cup Final: 1. Miles Cowling – Daphne

Mr G. Buck

Mr A.J. Reading 5 Star Master

2. Vera Babbe – Robert Plumley, 3. Pat won by David and Mary Marshall, Philipps; 2. Ron and Lynne Heath; 3. Ann

Mrs M.E. Reading Mr C.D. Nichols Merriman – Ian Monachan. Richard Edwards and Pym Berry who Sharples – Helen Ackroyd. Knight Cup

Mrs E.M. Relton The District Open Pairs was won by beat, in a close match, Peter and Sheila Consolation Pairs: 1. John Howitt (V) –

Cambs &

Hunts 2 Star Master Lynda Mildon – Colin Tostevin, with Kelly, Alex Hogg and Graham Marshall. Marion Howitt; 2. Richard Vessey (V) –

Mrs A.A.mpleford Margaret Allen – Robert Plumley second Diary Dates: Apr 9, BGB Simul-

9 Star Regional Mr J. Harnett Claire Hillyard; =3 Mooneen Potter –

Master and Vera Babbe – Sylvia King third. taneous Pairs. Apr 16, County Trials. Paul Sayer, Tony Lawrence – Mike Ryan.

County Master

Mr D. Oxbrow Mr E.E. Tozer Apr 27, Midland Mixed Pairs for the Remember this year’s Dorset Green-

6 Star Premier District Master Cornwall EMBA Plate and the Midlands Flitch. pointed Event held at Bournemouth

Master Mrs R. Hale University; see below for details.

Mrs A. Aplin

May 8, DCBA AGM. May 28, DCBA

Miss H. Peers Diary Dates: May 4, Swiss teams for

5 Star Premier Mr R.L Smith Mixed Pairs Championship for the Bill

THERE have been a Udall Trophy, Wimborne Allendale BC;

Master Mr D.J. Wiltshire Pratt Trophy.

Brig D.A. Man

number of county compe- June 1, Swiss teams for Allendale Trophy,

4 Star Premier Cumbria titions in the last two Wimborne Allendale BC; June 22nd,

Master Grand Master months. Peter Coad – Bill Devon Bournemouth One-Day Green-pointed

Ms G. Wilkins Mr D.R. Strawbridge Thomson won the Falmouth

3 Star Premier

Swiss Teams.

National Master Salver, with Viv Mably – MANY congratulations

Master Mr C. Woods Please e-mail information of interest

Celia Bishop second. Viv to Brigid McElroy and

Mr F.A. Allen 15 Star Premier for inclusion in this column to martin.

and Celia were easy third- Ruth Edmondson who

1 Star Premier Regional Master

Master Mr G.W. Bell

time winners of the Tredova Cup, for with Pat and Bob Dow-

Mrs A. Newman 13 Star Premier players ranked below One-Star Master, deswell from Reading

Mr R.R. Newman Regional Master with Jenny Vaughan – Neil Harris second. won the Swiss Teams in the EBU Over- Essex

5 Star Master Mrs K.M. Bell Geoff Warren – Rob Mabley won the

Mrs J. Patten

seas Congress at Lanzarote. This is the

7 Star Regional Star Masters very easily, with Mike Booth

3 Star Master Master

second year in a row that Brigid and Ruth MANY congratulations

Mr D.N. Samuel

– Ruth Harvey second. have won this event – winning with the to both Audrey Hartley

Dr P.J. Boardman

2 Star Master 5 Star Regional Val Pitman – Pauline Deal won the same team in Cyprus last year. Let’s and Nicole Cook, each

Mr K. Winterbottom Master Ladies’ Pairs, from Patricia Davies – hope they make it a hat trick next year! playing with non-Essex

Advanced Master Mrs G. Lloyd Sylvia Copestick. Joe Bryant – Wally Another successful John Woolcott partners, for their excel-

Mrs M. Warburton 1 Star Regional Heaton retained the Men’s Pairs fairly weekend was held in January with thirty- lent results in the Women’s

Master Master comfortably, with David Stone – John two pairs and nineteen teams taking Trials. After the second and final week-

Mr P. Dixon Mr J. Harris Deal second. Ken and Janice Keast, part. Results: Pairs: 1. John Beard – end, Audrey and her partner, having

County Master District Master

Margaret Warner and Janet Heath won Mike Hamon; 2. Margaret and Robin won the first session, finished second

Mr P. Bond Mrs K. Davison

Mrs M.E. Cooper the County Teams of Four, with Pat Mardlin; 3. Titch Glenday – Dick overall, losing to the winners by a very

Mrs J. Hewer Derbyshire Meade, Ruth Harvey, Colin Pote and Andrews. Teams: 1 Titch Glenday, Dick narrow margin; Nicole and her partner

Mr R.B. Salmon Premier National Mike Booth second. Andrews, Ann Humphries, Robin Giles; finished in sixth place.

District Master Master The Penventon Swiss Pairs ended in a 2. Bill Oke, Cathy Lee, Julian Foster, In the Lanzarote EBU Overseas Con-

Mr A.J. MacFarlane Mr M.C. Young tie between Colin King – Joyce Doyle,

Mrs M.J. MacFarlane 9 Star Premier

Alan Foan; =3. Don Pearson, Norman gress there were some very good results

who won all six matches, and Jenny Cant Massey, Mike Smith, Andrew Leslie, and for Essex players: Martin and Sandy

Channel Master – Barrie Benfield. The Club Teams of

Mr D. Charteris-

John Beard, Mike Hamon, Roger Evens, Smith won the Pre-Congress Pairs, and

Islands Whiting Eight was won by Helston with Penzance Terry Hirst. Margaret Curtis and Albert Kitchin were

Regional Master 7 Star Premier second. Plymstock Bridge Club won the 6th equal in the Swiss Pairs, 6th in the

Mr D.J. Stone Master A number of these winners and qualifying round for the Garden Cities Mixed Pairs and 3rd in the Swiss Teams.

1 Star Premier Mrs M. Kenworthy runners-up were doing so for the first Trophy and will go forward to play in Results of recent Essex competitions:

Master 6 Star Premier time and this is encouraging for the

Mr C. Hill

Bristol in the Regional Finals in May. Helliar Trophy: 1. Loughton A (Michael

Master future.

Mrs M.E. Horton Mrs P. Smith

The winning team was: Maureen Baser, Watson, Peter Scotting, Laurence Raven,

Premier Master Diary Dates: Apr 6, John Perks Cup Ian Hopkins, Ruth Edmondson, Brigid Alan Stanley), 2. Thorpe Bay B (Bob


Mr J.H. Robert Master Final, Ladock. Apr 25-27, Cornwall McElroy, Sandra Bennett, Duncan Ham- Hair, Jill Hair, Sid Prince, Paddy

1 Star Master Mrs J.A. Lippitt Congress, Falmouth Beach Hotel. lyn, John Vaughn, Christine Maunder. Murray), 3. Woodham Ferrers A (Sue

Mr L. Allam Mrs D.E. Smith Twenty-two pairs and fourteen teams Taylor, Chris Taylor, Steve Cade-Bowyer,

Advanced Master 2 Star Master took part in the Petit Congress at Torquay David Cooper). Woodham Ferrers BC

Mrs D.O. Dessoude Mr J.D. Reavy Cumbria

Mr G.D. Sutton

BC. Results: Pairs: 1. Jenny Flood – Phil qualified to represent Essex in the

County Master

Mrs M.J. Friswell Advanced Master

Palmer; 2. Tom Cook – Norman Massey, Garden Cities Trophy. Essex Swiss Pairs:

District Master Mrs P. Olday OUR annual Inter Club Teams of Eight =3. Nethie and Geoff White, and Bill 1= Sandy Riach – Robert Elliott, Ray

Mrs C.A. Kinnersly County Master was won by Eden Bridge Club, closely Ellis – John Harriman. Teams: 1. Nethie Clarke – Bernie Hunt, 3. Alan Green –

Mrs M. Feather followed by Barrow. and Geoff White, John Beard, Mike Frank Morrison.

Cornwall The County Simultaneous was won by Hamon; 2. Joy and John Murray Brown, National Pairs Heat: 1. Bernie

24 Star Premier Devon Ian Reeves – Colin Smith with 72.2%. Terry Hammett, Audrey Grzesiak; 3. Harrison – Dave Duffy, 2. Val Mollison –

Master Life Master Second were Dorothy Pritchard – Jenny Flood, Phil Palmer, Vivien Peters, Elaine Green, 3. Ray Clarke – Simon

Mrs B.J. Martin Mr J. Edwards

Graham Walker with 66.10%, and third Ken Rowe. Moorman.

22 Star Premier 2 Star Regional

Master Master were Kath and Geoff Bell with 65.81%. Diary Dates: Apr 18-20, Devon County Diary Dates: Apr 6, Essex Pairs. May

Mr W.F. Berks Mr I.D. Moore Our annual friendly with the South of Congress (including Green-pointed 10, AGM and club representatives meet-

Scotland saw a narrow margin at half Swiss Teams). ing to discuss the EBU proposals. April 2008 English Bridge 43


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