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Ladies’ & Men’s Teams. May 11, Green

Master Point promotions Gloucestershire Point Swiss Teams, Winchester (entries to Marian Rudd 01264 333847). May 18,

8 Star Premier Mr M.J. Harbour 7 Star Premier 2 Star Premier WELL done to the County Team who Hill Head Mini-Swiss teams. June 15,

Master Miss H. McVeigh Regional Master Master AGM and Finale Ranked Pairs. All the

Mrs J.M. Northmore 3 Star Master Mrs N. Yew Mr M. Green

came fourth in the Tollemache Final, thus

preserving their seeded status for next above are held in Romsey, unless otherwise

5 Star Master Mrs J.A. Berkley 1 Star Premier 5 Star Master

Mr B.K. Coe year; the County really has put in a noted. Please enter in good time if

Mrs G.M. Sommer Regional Master Mrs P. Phillips

3 Star Master Mr G. Finbow Mrs G.M. Harris 4 Star Master remarkably consistent set of results over possible, to Lillian Craigen, 02380

Mr M. Crelley Mrs A.G. Hunter 5 Star Regional Mrs J. Baker the last few years. The team, captained by 254276 or

2 Star Master 2 Star Master Master Mrs D.J. Sallis Judy Sanis, consisted for the final of John

Mrs J. Hutton Mrs C. Paget Mr T.F. Page 2 Star Master

Mr L. Spencer Mr B. Westwick 6 Star Premier Mrs E.J. Dinnen

Atthey, Richard Butland, Richard Cham- Herefordshire

1 Star Master Master Mr D.J. Gray

berlain, Andrew Kambites, John Rook-

1 Star Master

Mr J. Maynard Mr M. Braithwaite Mrs E.M. Stewart Mrs J.R. Miles wood, Derek Rue, Paul Denning, Tony

Mrs J.A. Moorman Hill, Graham Sadie and Keith Stanley. CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Paske for

Mr A.W. Sommer 4 Star Tournament Mr A.J. Morris

Mr G.E. Porter

Master Mrs S. Shore The County Pairs Championship was the award of Young Player of the Year, to

Advanced Master Mr S.R. Timmis

Mr W. MacIntyre Mrs L.R. Craigen 1 Star Master won narrowly by Richard Chamberlain – Ben Paske with Ed Jones for the award of

Mr G.R. Webber

Mr J.A.D. Rattlidge

Advanced Master 3 Star Tournament Mr R.B. Shutler Graham Sadie, just ahead of Tony Hill – the Young Pair of the Year, and to the

Master Master Advanced Master Paskes’ teacher, Richard Croot, for the

Mr T.A. Coggan Mr J. Crowe Alan Wearmouth.

Mrs A.E. Gold Mr L. Platt Mr R.J. Merrell Alex Salisbury Award for his outstanding

A relatively quiet time for County

Mrs B. Miller Mrs M.E. Wale 2 Star Tournament Mrs J. Eaton contribution to the development of youth

Mrs H.I. Shaw Master Master events sees both the major County Teams

Master bridge as a school teacher.

County Master Mr L. Burton Mr P. Field Mrs J. Kingston events, the Knock-Out and the League,

Mr P. Caddy 1 Star Tournament County Master approaching their crucial phases – more At the end of 2007, we welcomed a new

Mr B. Challingsworth

Dr M. Dalton Mr R.F. Cott Master Mrs K. Overens news of these next time. affiliated club at Much Marcle. During the

Mrs D. Gray Mr M. Maine Mr L. Davies District Master year, several of our clubs participated in

Mr I. Gray Mr C. Peden Mrs A.H. Matthews Simultaneous Pairs for the first time;

5 Star Master

Mr P. Stumbles Mrs B. Scogings Hants and IoW

Mrs M.A. Lay Club Master Wellington Heath (which regards itself as

Mr R. Watkins Mrs E. Turp Mrs E.M. Summerfield Mrs J. Davies an ‘improvers club’) got off to a good start

District Master County Master Mrs R. Stott

4 Star Master in the Children In Need event with Neville

Mrs M. Emmings Mrs G. Bresler Mrs D.J. Woods-

Mr D.E. Bessant TWO of our clubs, Basing-

Club Master Mrs S. Glover Mr D. Chambers Humphery

stoke and Newbury, are Shorrick – Daphne Whittaker coming

Mrs W.S. Cordrey Mrs B.M. Goddard Mrs M. Gale sixth nationally, and Phyllis Dudley –

Mr P. Mamelok Herts running bridge for begin-

Mr L.C. Hall Martyn Moxley coming seventh.

Direct Mr J.D. Ward Mr R.J. Munday Premier Life ners and introduction to

District Master Master duplicate bridge respectively. They have Agreement has been reached with five

3 Star Master 3 Star Master

Mrs B.S. Gamage Mr D. Bearman Mrs S. Griffiths both been delighted with the response, other Midlands counties to abandon our

Mr K. Carter

District Master Ms H. Jones

2 Star Master 7 Star Premier with 20 -30 attending weekly. I know that individual Open Teams competitions in

Mr T. Owen Mrs M. Pimm Regional Master favour of a joint competition for the Mid-

Mr A. Ranson Mrs M. Grasso other clubs, or individuals, are, or have

Mr E. Naughton Mrs J.M. Collier land Teams Challenge Bowl, to be held an-

Dorset Ms D.A. Smiles

Dr G.J. Pack Premier Regional been, doing the same thing, but those

Mr J. Sullivan clubs that are suffering from declining nually and hosted by the member counties

27 Star Regional Mr J. Pugh Master

Club Master Mrs J. Roffey Mr S. Budd numbers might be interested to know that in rotation; other counties will be invited

Master Miss A. Friend and a similar event for Pairs will be intro-

Mr J.A. Howitt Mrs W.M. Thomas 1 Star Regional there is a lot of interest out there if they

Mr D. McCarthy duced. Herefordshire will be the hosts for

18 Star Regional 1 Star Master Master are lucky enough to have someone with

Master Gloucestershire Mrs M.F. Blewett Mr G. Cowan

the time and energy to tap into it. the first teams event on June 8th.

Mrs M.E. Howitt Mr P. Dance 11 Star Premier Diary Dates: Apr 6, Multiple teams of

National Master Mr G. Evans Ros Concanon – Nancy Yew enjoyed a

2 Star Regional Mr M. Wignall Master four, Tarrington Community Hall. Apr 12,

Mr B. Johnston Mrs N.S. Moss successful congress in Lanzarote, winning

Master 6 Star Premier Mr R.F. Wilson Championship Pairs, Tarrington CH. Apr

Mr M.J. Groom 6 Star Premier the Ladies’ Pairs, and coming joint third in

Regional Master Advanced Master 21, Ace of Spades (for players with

22 Star Premier Mrs J. Otway Master the Swiss Teams, together with Ian and

Mr M. Hardy Mr J. Pond Clare Fearon. Master Point ranking below Advanced

Master 5 Star Regional Mr M. Witham

Mrs V.E. Bedingham Premier Master County results: Lincoln Mixed Pairs: Master), Larruperz Centre, Ross-on-

Master Master

11 Star Premier Mr P. Ford Mr J. Leake 1. Sula Turpin – John Carter; 2. Jacqui Wye. June 8, Invitation Event, Midland

Mr M. Dodd 4 Star Master

Master 2 Star Regional Mrs P. Dodd Bellinger – John Jones. Midwinter Mini- Counties Teams Bowl, Tarrington CH.

Mr J.S. Marshall Mrs R Tuch

Master Mr M. Hunt Swiss teams: 1. Barry Tobutt, Ros Con- June 21-22, Herefordshire and Gloucester-

3 Star Master Mrs J.M. Pryce 3 Star Master

Mr D. Hannon shire Green Point Weekend, Larruperz

Mr M.P. Caruana Mrs V.A. Cole canon, Rosemary and David Spencer;

Regional Master County Master Centre, Ross-on-Wye (21st for the Swiss

Mr P.J. Jeffery 2. Steve Tearle, Tracy Adams, John

2 Star Master Mr C. Smith Mr S. Cameron Mrs L. Peers Pairs and 22nd for the Swiss Teams).

Dr R.A. Fleury 12 Star Premier Mr A. Collier Shergold, Brian Anderson. Candlestick

Mr C.F. Sandford

Advanced Master Master Mr F.H. Collins

2 Star Master

Pairs: 1. Miles Cowling – Chris Kinloch;

Mr N.J. Craik 2. Mark Hooper – John Holland.

Mr J.E. Crewe Mr D.R. Atthey

Mrs W. Hutchings Ms M. Pike Hertfordshire

Mrs N I Willis 5 Star Premier Ms J.S. Turner Diary Dates: Apr 6, Pottage semi-final/

Mrs J.M. Lovegrove

Master Master Dr H. Millward-Sadler Ms R. Windler Bayer No Fear Pairs (+IOW heat). Apr 13,

Mrs J. Greenwood Mr D.M. Simpson 1 Star Master Philip Graham Swiss Teams. Apr 27, HERTFORDSHIRE has some very sad

District Master

Club Master Tournament Mrs J. Hole Mrs J.R. Brett news to report this month. Our secretary

Pottage final/Farley Trophy Pairs. May 4,

Mr R.D. Williamson Master Mrs M.J. Sweet

Club Master

Mr A. Lander Advanced Master

Essex Mrs A. Khan

2 Star Master Mr H. Tuffill Mr J. Hanlon

Premier Life


Mr R. Cornell

Mr J.F. King

Advanced Master

Mr P.W. Parkes


National Master

Mrs A.P. Kitson

Mr M.S. Rainbow

County Master


Mr A. Green Master Mr P. Watts Mrs B. Bramley

Premier Regional Mr D.N. Glover 7 Star Premier Mr L.H. Hughes

Master Mrs M. Sutton Regional Master Dr R. Katz

Mr L. Thacker Dr E. Kulinskaya

County Master Mrs D. Whittaker

Mr T. McCann

14 Star Premier Mr A.F. Richards 6 Star Premier Mr R.H.T. Wright

Master District Master Regional Master District Master

Mr B.A. Berkley Mrs R. Kaye Mrs G.E. Ogden Mrs A.E. Clare

Mr E.T. Field Mr M. McWilliam 5 Star Premier Dr J. Sissons

3 Star Premier Regional Master

Hants and Club Master

Master Mrs J.A. Shadforth

I.O.W. Mrs S.M. Arnold

Mrs S. Millins 6 Star Regional Mr E. Roberts

Tournament Premier National Master

Master Master Mrs J.B. Holder Isle Of Man

Mr P.J. Drewe Mr S. Hurst 3 Star Regional 1 Star Master

Mr K.A. Moore National Master Master Mr J.E. Druggan Kent’s winning Tollemache Team (left to right): Peter Law, Patrick

5 Star Master Mr A. Jenkins Wg.Cdr N. Shorrick Master Collins, Ian Draper, Derek Patterson, Denis O’Donovan, Gerald

Mrs L. Ricks 16 Star Premier 2 Star Regional Mrs J.A. Jowett Tredinnick, Stuart Tredinnick, Jeremy Willans. Surrey came second,

4 Star Master Regional Master Master County Master

Mr J.A. Cosgrove Mr W.R. Boswell Mrs C.E. Malim Mrs M.E. Morrison

and Cambs & Hunts third.

44 English Bridge April 2008


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