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of seven years, Freda Warner, passed Pairs Green Point One Day Event, TW. Midland Flitch and Mixed Pairs. Apr 30,

Master Point away whilst on holiday in Cyprus in July13, Phillimore Cup, TW. Joyce Mixed Pivot Teams, CBC. May 7,

promotions January (see obituary on page 32).

In national events, congratulations to

Hyman Crammer Pairs, CBC. May 8,

League Meeting, LGS. May 13, Jones

Rick Irwin, fourth in the Swiss Pairs and

Lancashire Trophy Handicap Pairs, Glenfield. May

Club Master Advanced Master Sheila Evans – Bill Blackman, second in 17, Garden Cities Regional Final. May

Mrs J. Easton Mrs H. Havre

Mrs M.A. Kean Mr D.J. Jay the Open Pairs at the Lanzarote Congress. CONGRATULATIONS go 21, Stanley Trophy Heat 7. June 4, LCBA

Mrs P.C. Morton Also congratulations to Derek Oram and to Catherine Draper and AGM and Presentations.

Kent Mrs L.M. Williams Alan Kay, fourth, and Dave Dickson, fifth, Andrew Woodcock on win-

Life Master Master in the Men’s Pairs. At the London Year End ning the Mixed Pairs at the

Mr G. Pollack Mr M.M. Proto Congress, Celia and Derek Oram were


Mrs S.M. Sells

Blackpool Year End Congress

9 Star Premier fourth in the Swiss Pairs, Alan Kay – Dave and also the Swiss Teams with Dave

Regional Master County Master

Mrs V.A. Reeves Mrs J. Benson Walker were third and Martin and Bobbie Debbage and Edward Levy (Manchester). A REMINDER TO ALL

5 Star Premier District Master Rodney with Tim Dean and Sonia Southport will represent Lancashire members that the AGM

Regional Master Miss S.M. Briggs Griffiths were sixth in the ‘A’ flight Swiss in the Garden Cities Regional Final after will be held on Sunday

Mrs E. Butler Mrs C.E. Gibbons Teams. Meanwhile, Malcolm Rosenblatt, winning the Lancashire CBA’s Teams of 22nd June at Dunholme.

Mr M.C. Heigham Sally Chandler, Colin Holehouse, Simon

4 Star Regional Eight at Bury. The Southport team was The Lincoln Gold semi-

Mr P. Lehos

Master Mostyn won the ‘B’ flight Swiss Teams. Catherine Draper, Andrew Woodcock, finals are between the teams of Stuart

Mr J.M. Skinner

Dr P.J. Burville Local Events: Cadet Pairs: 1. Jill

Mrs M. Goacher Club Master Nick and Sue Woodcock, George and Knox and Alan Brown, and Ron Wall and

3 Star Regional

Mrs C.A. Hughes Mumford – Sarah Chapman, 2. Kevin Maureen McConkey, Vinay Bhushan and Maurice Ladlow.

Mrs P.A. Lacki Clarke – Paul Kemp, 3. Steve Southworth Bill Carr.

Master Mrs J.C. Newcomb

Jan 6, Bainton semi-final: N/S winners:

Mrs Y.R. Bowman Mrs C. Watson

– Fiona Patterson. Rose Bowl: 1. Andrew Lancashire Butler Pairs: 1. Ollie Burgess Mo Parsons – Maurice Ladlow; E/W

2 Star Regional Mr G. Watson Doye, Rob Cookson, Tara and Stan – Catherine Draper. Lancashire Evening Stuart Knox – David Caldow.

Master Harding; 2. Anne Flockhart, Vernon Post Pairs: 1. Andrew Woodcock – Cath- Jan 27, Bainton Final (Green-pointed):

Mrs S.C. Jury Lancashire

Gaskell, Celia and Derek Oram, 3. erine Draper. Lancashire CBA’s Champ- 1. Alan and Drene Brown, 2. Vic and

Regional Master 11 Star Regional Bobbie and Martin Rodney, Sonia ionship Pairs: 1. Mike Nicholson – Steve Mike Llewellyn.

Mrs J. Lawrence Master

Mr D.P. Stretton Mr G.D. Oliver

Griffiths and Tim Dean. The Humble Haley. Lancashire CBA’s Teams of Eight: Feb 10, Random Seeded Teams (again

11 Star Premier 4 Star Regional Cup Final will be between Evans (Sheila 1. Southport A. a low turn-out): 1. Peter and Brigid

Master Master Evans, Bill Blackman, Bob Turnham, Diary Dates: Apr 6, Sowerby Cup, Hughes, Roy Hughes and Keith Stewart,

Mrs L. Goldsmith Mr M. Rothwell John Leake) and Andijar-Romain (Arnie Lancaster BC. Apr 13, LCBA Ladies’ 2. Bill and Shirley Holmes, John Gaunt

10 Star Premier 25 Star Premier Andijar-Romain, Rob Teesdale, John Pairs and Men’s Pairs, Bolton BC. Apr 27, and Debbie Burton.

Master Master Phalp, Ron Howey).

Mrs J.A. Salvage Mrs B. McCann

Doyle Trophy (Swiss Teams), Southport Dairy Dates: Apr 20, Veterans’ Cup

Diary Dates: Apr 1, Seniors Pairs, BC. May 4, LCBA Swiss Pairs (Madeline (minimum age 60, with minimum com-

9 Star Premier 14 Star Premier

Master Master

Bridge Centre. Apr 6, Desmond Flockhart Berney), Brierfield BC. May 10-11, Green bined age 125). May 10-11, Annual

Mr A.K. Salvage Mrs H. Sutton Trophy, Bridge Centre. Apr 11, Cadet Point Weekend, Risley. May 18, Black- Championships; entry forms have been

Mrs C.J. Whyman 10 Star Premier Teams, Bridge Centre. Apr 13, Champ- burn Swiss Pairs, Blackburn BC. May 19, sent to all members.

6 Star Premier Master ionship Pairs Final. Apr 18, Marjorie


Annual General Meeting, Bolton BC.

Mrs D.E. Slater Lukyn Charity Cup Final. May 18, AGM

Mrs L.A. Trowell 1 Star Tournament

May 26, Bolton Swiss Teams, Bolton BC. London

followed by Mixed Pivot Teams. Please

5 Star Premier Master


contact Mike Minting at mike@mintingm.

Mr F. Thompson Leicestershire

Mr D.R. Ellerby to book these events. CONGRATULATIONS to

3 Star Master

Premier Master Mr E. Monaghan LMBA Treasurer Stefanie

Mr B.J. Pinto Dr D. Nicholls NATIONAL Pairs: just Rohan and partner Audrey

5 Star Tournament 2 Star Master


two pairs qualified from Hartley for ending a very

Master Mrs J. King the Leics qualifier: heat close second in the recent

Mr C.A. Manley Mrs M. Rigg CONGRATULATIONS to

3 Star Tournament 1 Star Master

winners Alan Langley – Women’s Trials, and to the team includ-

Captain Gerald Tredinnick Dick Pathan, and Mar- ing Peter Czerniewski, Gunnar Hallberg

Master Mrs S. Wilson

Mr D.E. Hilbourne with the Kent team of jorie Gilbertson – Pat Watson. Local and Ross Harper who are leading the

County Master

Mrs D. Hilbourne Mrs J. Driver Stuart Tredinnick, Jeremy interest in the Midlands regional final Seniors Trials after the first stage.

1 Star Tournament Mr A. Hedley Willans, Ian Draper, Derek will be increased as other local players Year End Congress: the Men’s Pairs was

Master Mrs M. Newman Patterson, Patrick Collins, qualified through out of county heats. won by Andy Bowles, with David Ewart

Mrs J.A. Gayton Mrs C. Wallbank Peter Law and Denis O’Donovan on

Mrs A.E. Kelly District Master

In the Midland Counties League the and Gunnar Hallberg second. Other

winning the Tollemache Cup. They are first team slumped, being heavily defeated London runners-up were: Richard Hill-

Tournament Mr J.K. Whitaker

Master Mrs L. Wilson National County Champions from an first 18-2 by Derbyshire and then 20-0 by man (Swiss Pairs), Dave Strawbridge and

Mrs F.A. Arnold Club Master original entry of thirty-seven counties. Warwickshire. Consequently they can no Cara Howard (Mixed Pairs), and Simon

Mrs J. Cooper Mr L. Cutler The George Griffiths Cup (Kent Senior longer retain the championship they Gillis (A Flight Swiss Teams).

Mr J.M. Henderson Mrs P. Grant Pairs) was played in February: 1. David have held for the last three years. The Janet de Botton, David Burn, Nick

5 Star Master Beal – John Murrell; 2. Mike de Winter –

Mrs J.M. Butler

Leicester second team recorded 13 – 7 and 5 – 15. Sandqvist and Artur Malinowski have

Mrs E.A. Fox 4 Star Premier Mary Kendall. The third team scored only 3 – 17 and started the year strongly with wins at both

Mrs D. Pickles Regional Master The Chislehurst Golf Club team of 1 – 19, so losing their leadership in the the National Swiss Teams and the SBU

Mrs M.J. Studzienski Mrs M.E. France Brian Grimwood, Janne Green, Simon Markham Trophy, and now lie fourth Winter Fours. Graham Orsmond and

4 Star Master Regional Master Smollet and John Chapman won the with one match to play. Jackie Fairclough won the Mixed Pairs at

Mrs A.H. Carney Ms J.A. Hill first round of the Golfprint Trophy and

Mrs H.H. Ford

In the semi-finals of the Josephs Bowl the Baker Tilley Lanzarote Congress, Nick

2 Star Master will be going through to the final.

Mr P.L. Williams Mrs J.M. Hyslop

the holders, Ben Gibson (Osborne, Boss and Richard Johnson won the Nat-

3 Star Master

April 6th will see the Kent committee Heames, Brewster), play Pat Watson ional Men’s Pairs, and Helen Erichsen was

1 Star Master

Mr N.M. Allen Mrs P.R. Shah

playing against the Surrey committee. (Gilbertson, Bruce, Moncrief) whilst the second in the National Women’s Pairs.

Mrs G.M. Evans Mr R.P. Shah The match has been played twice in 2007 runners-up Simon Stokes (Haider, Clubs are reminded that there will be

Dr H.S.A. Fido previous years and the score is one all!

Mr G. Southgate Lincolnshire Glover, Neville) play former champions a meeting on the evening of Tuesday

Tunbridge Wells Club is thinking of Odams (Bowyer, Green, Happer, Harvey, 13th May at the Young Chelsea Bridge

2 Star Master 6 Star Regional holding a Junior Teach-in Day sometime Mason). Club to discuss the EBU’s final proposals

Mrs A. Balderson Master

Mr B.P. Brown Mr D. Stoddart during the 2008 school summer holidays. The top scores in the most recent with regard to ‘Pay to Play’. More details

Mr C.D. Bryson 14 Star Premier If you know of someone aged between rounds of the Butler Pairs Championship will be sent out in due course, but club

Mrs J. Kerr Master 10 and 18 years who would be interested,

Mrs B.A. Miller

were: Heat 3, Wojtek Charemza – Derek representatives are asked to keep that

Mr S. Waterworth

Mr H. Coates please contact the Tunbridge Wells Club, Deadman + 61 and Tim Glover – Peter date free to attend.

5 Star Premier 01892 530739, or go to www.twbridge Neville + 56; Heat 4, Ian Bruce – Mick County results: Ian Gardiner Trophy –

1 Star Master Master

Mr J.D. Burrell and send an e-mail. Mahoney + 61. Qualifying event: 1. Nick Boss, Richard

Mrs E.N. Herbert

Mrs E.M. Hart Diary Dates: Apr 13, Larsky Cup Final, Diary Dates: Apr 6, Midlands League Johnson, Greg Sokolowski, Jacek Sikora.

Mrs A.L. Holmes 3 Star Master

Mr R.S.G. Handford TW. Apr13, Junior Pairs, TW. May 11, v Staffs & Shropshire, away. Apr 9, Stanley London Championship Pairs: Final:

Mr E. Rochester

Mr H. Salmon 2 Star Master Green Point One Day Event, Canter- Trophy Heat 6. Apr 9, Amateur (Res- 1. Ned Paul – Brian McGuire; Con-

Mrs P.J. Warner Mr G. Grainger bury. June 8, Mitchell Salver, TW. June 8, tricted) Pairs, County Bridge Club (CBC). solation: 1. Rob Cliffe – Gitte Hecht

Brook Shield, TW. June 22, Butler Swiss Apr 13, Gimson Trophy Final. Apr 27, Johansen. April 2008 English Bridge 45


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