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Hackett and John Armstrong the $20,000 Plate. Joe and Chris Xuereb won the 30K

Master Point promotions first prize in the Yeh Bros Pairs in Taiwan. Pairs Cup, and David Sims, Tracey Tibos,

They had to be content with collecting John Dockerill and Barry Mercer won

Mr N. Hewitson Somerset Mr D. Willson Mrs C.E. Phillips $10,000 for second place. the 30K Teams. John Cruickshank and

Mrs S. Reay Mr G. Scrase David and Janet Drinkwater won the Tony Turnage won the Senior Pairs.

Mr A. Watson Life Master Surrey Mr P. Smith

Mr J.D. Durrant Mrs C. Xuereb County Simultaneous Pairs. Second were There was a first for Surrey in the

Life Master

Notts National Master Master L. Glasscock – R. Beasdale, third B. Marsh EBU Autumn Simultaneous MiniBridge

Mr M.E. Goddard

Mr T. Russ Mrs M.P. Roomes Mr J.A. Cumming – C. Wilkinson. Pairs event, where Scott Hobbs and Louis

1 Star Regional

5 Star Regional Premier National Mrs J.S. Joseph Paul Hackett’s team won the final of Bissex from Claremont Fan Court School


Master Master Mr D.R.W. Perrett the Open English Trials (report on page in Esher finished first overall with 67.5%.

Mr J. Smithies

Mr F.E. Coltman Mrs K.R. Street

5 Star Master Mr M. Gurney 21)and will be representing England at Diary Dates: Apr 13, County Mixed

4 Star Regional County Master

Mrs S.A. Axford 3 Star Premier the European Teams Championship in Pau. Pairs, Cobham. Apr 20, Newcomers

Master Regional Master Mrs A.E. Carlisle

Mr P.E. Dale Diary Dates: Apr 19-20, Shropshire Teams, Oxshott. June 8, Ladies Teams,

Mrs A. Harris Mr B. Carlisle

Mr H. Thomas Mr N.W. Browne

3 Star Premier Mrs V. Foster Congress, Shrewsbury. May 14, Ladies’ Richmond. Entries to Frances Trebble,

Mrs M. Thomas 1 Star Premier

Master Mr J. Greer Pairs, Stafford. May 21, Men’s Pairs,

4 Star Master Regional Master Mrs C.M. Haines 01252 679883 or f.trebble@ntlworld.

Mr R.H. Lister Mr A.R. Bamber Mr P. Roxburgh Stafford. June 4, Mixed Pairs and Flitch, com or directly on the website (click on

Mr M.B. Haines

2 Star Master Tournament Master Dr G. Walker Mr F. Taylor Stafford. Details for all events from Judy ‘Competition Entry’).

Mr K.M. Spencer Mr R. Bourke Mr S. White District Master Mitchell 01743 235374.

1 Star Master 2 Star Master 5 Star Regional Mr S.N. Das

Dr G. Ripley Mrs J. Davies Master Mr J.A. Hulse Sussex

Advanced Master

Mr M.D. Grogan

Ms S. Gudgeon

Mr D.F. Hickman Mr R. Middleton Suffolk

Mrs S.A. Ashtari 4 Star Regional Mr Z. Niznik

Mrs D.M. Whitehouse

1 Star Master Master Mrs S.R. Thorp

Mr G. Hogan Mrs K. Verwiel-Marks THE S.C.C.B.A. New Year

Master Mr K.A. White CHRIS Chambers is now

Advanced Master 2 Star Regional Mrs P. West Swiss Teams event took place

Mr T.R. Heald Mr P. West

producing an excellent Suf-

Mr D. Landon Mrs V. Adams Master on 13th January at Henfield

Club Master folk eNewsletter which is

Mr B. Radford County Master Mrs S. Birnage Hall. Forty teams took part

Mr S. Firth Mrs A. Binder both informative and inter-

Mrs S.C. Shah Regional Master and the winners won for the

Mr F. Turton Mrs D. Greatorex Dr E.A. David

Mr R.J. Carlier esting. Anyone not receiving it who would

Mr M.E. Emery second year running, so

County Master Mr B. Morrison

12 Star Premier like to, should send their e-mail address

Mr S.A. Oldham Mrs F. Wallace

to The newsletter hopefully will be trying for a

Mrs J. Glass Master

Mrs M.M. Kirk Mr J. Tidball

can be viewed on the website and a hat trick next year: 1. Mick Carrington,

Mr M.R. Oddy Sussex

Mr B. Plumb District Master Gerry Stanford, Richard Fedrick and

Mrs O. Belding

9 Star Premier 8 Star Premier Discussion Forum has also been set up.

District Master Master Mid Anglia Pairs: 1. Rosemarie Mascall Dave Franklin; 2. Chris Bainham, Eddie

Mrs H.J. Bevan Regional Master

Mr M. Edwards Mrs S. Butler Lucioni, Magnus Berger and John Murrell;

Mrs B. Emerson Mrs M J Dommett Mr A.J. Woodford – Norman Denny; 2. Alan and Elaine

Mr A. Etches Mrs C.A. Hannam 8 Star Premier 5 Star Premier Green; 3. Peter Markwell – Joan Spearing. 3. Joy Mayall, Andrew Willard, David

Master Regional Master Spencer and Peter Brown.

Dr T.F. Gettins Bury Swiss Teams: 1. Victor Milman,

Mr D.R. Short

Staffs & Ms G. Hanna Mrs M. Smith The Basic Bridge Pairs was held at East

Shropshire 6 Star Premier Nadia Stelmashenko, Rod and Sue

Club Master 1 Star Premier Grinstead on 20th January and fifty-

Mr D. King Life Master Master Regional Master Pakford; 2. Barry Davies, Peter Gemmell,

Mr R.M. Rule Andrew Lee and Tugral Kaban; 3. Robert eight pairs played and enjoyed a plough-

Mr G. Foster Mrs S. Bugden

Oxford Premier Regional

Mrs L.E. Scrivener

Premier Regional Green, Colin Bamberger, Jeff Orton, man’s lunch. Top places: N/S: 1. Reg

Mr R.A. Simpson Underwood – Julia Raymond, 2. John

Master Mr S. Whiteside Master Graham Beeton. Suffolk Singles: 1. Jyl

3 Star Premier Wrapson and Liz Beeston; 3. Ann Binder

Mr E. Levy Mrs A.M. Thorpe Marsh; 2. Rick Waters; 3. Peter Carlisle.

Regional Master 5 Star Premier

Dr R.H. Lawton-Smith 3 Star Regional Master 11 Star Regional Members are reminded that the AGM – Frances Wallace; E/W: 1. Valerie and

Master Mrs C.S. Chevalier Master David Barofka; 2. Bill Hensby – David

3 Star Regional

Mrs J.M. Matthews Mrs J. Hinden

will be held on Sunday, May 18th at

Master Mr J.A. Gould Stoke-by-Nayland golf club, starting at Harris. 3. Judy Taylor – Lynne Spooner.

5 Star Premier Mr J. Hinden

Mr K. Robbins Premier Master 3pm. Following the meeting there will Congratulations to Geoffrey Wolfarth

2 Star Premier

Master Ms A. Haring-Pedrocchi 3 Star Regional who came second with Gary Hyett in the


Mr D.G. Balsom Master be an AGM pairs event. Anyone intend-

2 Star Tournament Swiss Pairs at the Blackpool Year End

5 Star Master Mr D.C. Walker ing to play, please notify the Com-

Mr S.P. Harrison Master

Mrs P.M.J. Ayton Mrs P.E. Penny 2 Star Regional petition Secretary, Rick Waters, 01379 Tournament.

3 Star Master Master

Mrs H.. Kilpatrick

2 Star Master 1 Star Tournament 870291 or by e-mail Sussex plays a simultaneous compet-

Mr E.I. Storm Mr C. Reimoser ition throughout the County for local

Mr A. King Master Nominations for the Suffolk committee

1 Star Master 1 Star Regional

2 Star Master Mrs M. Cooper

Master should be sent to the Secretary, Pauline charities every year. This year the charities

Mr C. Wilkinson Mrs B.E. Money

Mr J. Cecil Mrs P. Hart Hanson, 21 Hardwick Close, Rushmere were the Sussex Air Ambulance and the

Mr N.S. Henry Advanced Master Mr E.G. Saunders

St Andrew, Suffolk IP4 5XB, pehanson@bt Knowles Tooth Children’s Centre. £1000

Dr J.C. Mitchell Mr C. Woodbridge Tournament Master 21 Star Premier

Mr M. Mullett Master These should be agreed by was raised. Eleven clubs took part with

1 Star Master

Suffolk Mr I.J. Rae Mr R. Gaylor the nominee, proposed and seconded. 194 pairs involved. Results: 1. Alex Hard-

Mr J.P. Spencer

Mrs B.M. Watson National Master Mr A.N. White 10 Star Premier Please also forward to Pauline any pro- ing – Rick Stevens; 2. David Clifton –

Mr D.M. Gudka 5 Star Master Master

Advanced Master posed motion in writing by April 27th. Chris Jepson; 3. Jill Glynn – Monique

Dr V.C. Barber Mrs A. Hall

Dr K. Di Gleria 8 Star Premier Diary Dates: Apr 6, Pivot Teams, Jones. We hope more clubs will become

Dr I. Pearson Master Mrs M.C.M. Farquhar 7 Star Premier

Mrs J. Moxham Master Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club. Apr 20, involved next year.

Mr R. Sills Mr M. Bone

Master Mrs G.L. Page 4 Star Master Mrs J.M. Boydell Championship Pairs final, Stoke-by- The Final of the Devonshire Cup for

Mr H.M. Cath Mr G.D. Lock Nayland GC. May 11, Clare Swiss Pairs. pivot teams was played on 10th February.

Mr J.P. Briggs 7 Star Premier

Mr C. Martin Master Mrs G. Gilliam 6 Star Premier Results: 1. Leon Northeast, John Jackson,

Mrs B.L. Gumm Master

For more information regarding Suffolk

Mrs E. Nutten Mr J.R. Newton competitions please contact Rick Waters, Yves Lebrec, Philip Hunt; 2. Chris Bain-

Ms T. Scott Miss M. Jones Mr A. Vaughan

2 Star Premier ham, Eddie Lucioni, Magnus Berger, Jean

County Master Master

Ms M.H. Tamblyn 5 Star Premier Competitions Secretary (details above).

Mr M.A.. Lynch Mrs E. Butler 3 Star Master Master Smallwood; 3. Kathy Kent, Amanda

Mr P. Merrick Mrs A.J. Cruickshank Mr J.H. Arthur Bolton, David Municchi, Barbara Pinto.

4 Star Master Surrey

Mr J. Morgan Mr H. Figov 4 Star Premier

Miss E.M. Knowlson Mrs M.R.M. Nicholson

Mrs P.S. Morgan Master

Mr M. Neal

2 Star Master Mr B.J. Whitrow Mr Y.M. Lebrec Warwickshire

Miss H. Saysell Ms F.K.P. Waters 2 Star Master

Capt R..I. Waters 3 Star Premier CONGRATULATIONS are due to Martin

District Master Mr G.C. Coomber Master Garvey, Cameron Small and Jon Cook

Master Mrs P. Wheeler

Mrs S. Alden Ms S. Ebsworth who won the Swiss Teams at the London HEARTIEST congratula-

Mr N. Farr 1 Star Master

Ms C. Benzie Mrs J.M. Hill

Mr D.R. Heath-Brown County Master Mrs H.N. Davis Year End Congress. tions to Martin Jones and

Mr R.S. Emerson

5 Star Master

Mr P. Holland Mrs E.M. Goddard Mrs S.E. Eade

Also in the national arena, Graham Neil Rosen (Middx) on

Club Master District Master Mr C. Jordan Osborne and Jon Cooke, Jeffrey Allerton their Camrose success, and

Mrs M.B. Driver Mrs J. Monaghan 4 Star Master

Mr B. Atkins Mr T.J. Hunter and Frances Hinden were runners up in to Susan Stockdale and

Mr P.A. Barnes Mrs J. Holbrook Mr W.W. Taylor

Mr J.C. Milbourne Advanced Master 3 Star Master the National Swiss Teams. The Surrey David Cropper on winning

Mr S. Davis

Dr R.P.H. Gasser Mrs J. Price Mrs K..L. Chauhan Mr R.F. Medhurst Tollemache team again just failed to win, the Junior Camrose (U25).

Mr I. Raynes Club Master Mr P.D.H. Cobham 2 Star Master coming in as runners-up to Kent. More congratulations to Martin for his

Ms T. Reimer Mr N. Napier Mr E.J. Elliott Mrs K. Davies In County events, Wendy Miller and team’s win in the Lederer Trophy. Also very

Mr S. Robinson Mrs E. Ward Mr M. Morris Mr G. Freeman well done to Sue Goldman and Dodo

Varda Derwig won the County Pairs Cup,

and Peter Lee and Bob Rowlands the Georgevic who finished fourth of 2,100

48 English Bridge April 2008


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